Try Not To Laugh Challenge Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Gamers Getting Destroyed

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has made waves in the gaming community from the moment it was released. Fans of first person shooters and survival games have been enthralled with the title as soon as they were allowed to play and for good reason; there’s nothing more challenging than being dropped into an arena where you have to fight to the death. Who doesn’t want to win an all out battle?

Of course, with a battle to the death comes fierce competition and, with the survivalist nature of the game, it’s often difficult to secure a win. While being a phenomenal gamer definitely helps, there is an element of sheer luck. If you can’t find the best weapons in mostly population free areas, you might not stand a chance. Then there’s the threat of the diminishing play area to contend with as well. All in all, there’s a lot going on in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and winning the game certainly isn’t for casual gamers unless, of course, they happen to get lucky.

Since the gaming atmosphere is so competitive, it does breed salty players and a lot of rage. After all, it’s irritating to end up with an awesome gun only to get shot right away. No one wants to finally get settled in with all their equipment only to die almost immediately. It’s easy to get discouraged when the competition in PUBG is so fierce. Thankfully, these players fails and rage quits have been live streamed for the entire world to see.