Video Games In North Korea That Won't Get You Arrested


North Korea is a place like no other country in the world. Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, citizens are controlled and limited in almost every aspect of their life. This also includes a huge restriction on video games. While we can enjoy any title available, the whole country has a very limited selection and a majority of the titles are only available at arcades.

One of the more popular games available for citizens in North Korea is Super Mario Kart. No, not the newest version, the original SNES version. If you’re a North Korean seeking a violent game, then Terminator: Salvation is your best option. The shooter is available for play in an arcade. For an outdated soccer game, children can play Tecmo World Cup 1998. One of the more advanced games available is Sega’s Let’s Go Jungle. The arcade adventure game has a lot of things to do and is one of the more modern titles available. Alpine Surfer allows citizens of North Korea to emulate snowboarding on a standing arcade cabinet. There are multiple versions of the game available there, but nothing better than the original Playstation graphics. One of the rare original games created in North Korea is an app entitled Boy General. The game is based off an animated series by the same name. Bootleg games are common in the country and children attending camps can play an old school Micro Genius system filled with rip-offs of your favorite games. Watch to see all the video games legally allowed in North Korea!