What Majoras Mask Teaches About Grief

MAJORA’S MASK AND THE FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF. The Legend of Zelda has tackled a lot of issues and has referenced great works of art, culture and literature. However, Majora’s Mask has always been the black sheep of Zelda games and that might be because it has a more sentimental undertone than most.

Today on TheGamer, we’ll be looking at the theory of how Majora’s Mask illustrates the five stages of grief.


Do you agree with the theory about Majora’s Mask?

What other theories should we look at?

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The Legend of Zelda is a work of high fantasy and one of Nintendo’s greatest franchises ever. It’s series that needs no introduction. So many people know it by now, all you need to do is arrange three equilateral triangles in a pyramid formation and you have people calling it a triforce. We have seen Link go on a multitude of adventures from deep forests to soaring plains and mountains. We have seen Link and Zelda take on Ganon in so many forms, it’s a tale as old as time and, sometimes, that’s taken literally.

However, one game stands out from the rest, one that seems to stray from the traditional formula that Zelda games are known for. Majora’s Mask. This game, said by many to be the Black Sheep of Zelda games for introducing a lot of good mechanics and a storyline that’s almost in a world of its own as far as originality goes. Instead of Hyrule, we are in the land of Termina and, instead of Ganon, we are fighting Skull Kid, or rather Majora’s Mask. And instead of large monsters to fight, we’re left to deal with something a little more troubling, but all too real. Grief.

Denial, Anger, Depression, Bargaining and Acceptance are all the stages of grief one goes through and, in Majora’s Mask, Link sees this happening to all of the people in Termina in one form or another. Now, what we’re about to talk about is a theory, but it’s one that we feel is valid enough to discuss seriously. So buckle in as we talk about the Grief theory in Majora’s Mask. If you enjoy this video, give it a like and subscribe to The Gamer for more exciting gaming content.