Who Does Princess Peach Really Love

Princess Peach has been around pretty much since the beginning of the Mario franchise and she’s gone through quite a few interesting and complex relationships in the 30+ years of her existence. That’s why we decided to come up with some of our own theories of who Princess Peach might really be in love with. Mario is the one that always saves the day and he gets a kiss from her at the end of many games but is this enough for her to fall in love with him? After all, she spends more time hanging out with Bowser than she does with Mario. Perhaps, it’s Bowser who is her true love. It would make sense if Stockholm syndrome caused Peach to fall madly in love with her kidnapper. Luigi got a kiss from Peach in the same title Mario first gets a kiss. Maybe Luigi’s jealousy is actually because Nintendo doesn’t use him as a love interest for Peach. It’s also entirely possible none of the staple characters are Peach’s true love. There was an anime which had Peach marrying Prince Haru of Flowers and it’s possible the two are still together today and Mario is just the hired knight in shining armor to save her and reunite the two together.

Maybe, Peach was bored by Mario’s goodness and decided to go with the bad guy. Especially if that bad guy could offer her the most magical castle in all the world (which Wario could definitely provide with his love of treasure). Peach could just be in it for herself though, join us as we take a look at Peach’s complex love life!