Why Is Animal Crossing Not On Nintendo Switch


With the recent release of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo fans are eager to see what titles will make it onto the new console. Fan favorite titles such as Mario and the Legend of Zelda have already been added to the lineup, but what else does Nintendo have in store?

Animal Crossing has been a fan favorite game since the first title was released in 2001. While Nintendo has released six Animal Crossing games in total, the series itself has basically gone nowhere as none of the spin off can compare to the first title. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was released for mobile phones at the end of 2017, but fans want more. Do you want to see Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments section below!


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The Nintendo Switch hit the market in 2017 as Nintendo’s newest console release and fans instantly fell in love with it. As usual, the usual characters are making appearances in all new titles for the Switch. From Mario to Link, fans are being treated to new games with better graphics on an all new system. What’s not to love?

Fans of Nintendo, however, have noticed that some of their staple title have fallen through the cracks. Most notably, Animal Crossing hasn’t had a major release in years. Sure, there were spin offs and 3DS titles to play in the meantime, but fans of the franchise would love to see another full scale Animal Crossing title in the spirit of the first game. After all, isn’t Tom Nook ready to take all of our bells?

While the Animal Crossing game certainly isn’t competitive, it is a relaxed game that’s fun for all ages. For awhile, it did seem as though Nintendo completely forgot about Animal Crossing other than pushing out a quick title every now and then. However, Nintendo recently released Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, an app version of the game, right on the cusp of their other popular mobile venture, Pokemon Go. The app itself has been wildly popular, crashing servers and timing players out of the game, so it makes sense that Nintendo should explore releasing the Animal Crossing title on the Nintendo Switch as a full title, instead of as a mobile app. There is certainly enough interest in the franchise that creating a new title shouldn’t be an issue for Nintendo.