14 Dead Space (Series)

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An excellent survival horror series, the Dead Space games deliver on the violence and gore in spades. You would never suspect a game that literally has the message “CUT OFF THEIR LIMBS” painted on a mirror in blood to be one of the most violent ever made. Focusing on Isaac

Clark, an incredibly unfortunate space engineer, and his horrific war against a grotesque race of aliens called necromorphs, the game focuses on extremely violent gun play in space.

The main method to bring down enemies is to sever their limbs using a variety of repurposed mining tools. The blood and guts fly through the air as Isaac butchers his way brutally through swarms of mutated human abominations. The Dead Space series is one of the most outstanding, and violent, examples of survival horror in the last decade. Except Dead Space 3; that game really sucks.

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