Violent Monsters: 15 Pokémon That Want To Rip You To Shreds

Adorable and packed with fuzzy-goodness, the world of Pokémon offers some of the cutest character designs ever conceived in a franchise. After all, this is what allows the series to appeal to people of all ages and demographics. Visit a Pokémon Center in Japan, and you can see children and children-at-heart clamoring over Pokémon plushies, and other merchandise feature the franchise’s cuddliest, such as Pikachu and other starter Pokémon.

Like in the animal kingdom, not all Pokémon are warm and cuddly. Some probably want nothing more than to inflict harm on others, because they have the power to do so, or that they are plain-and-simple, jerks. While some are good-natured or caring of their owners, there are just others who are more than willing rip anyone to shreds. Quite honestly, they are weapons of mass-destruction. I am more surprised buildings, forests, and mountains stay intact in the Pokémon world.

With the introduction of Mewtwo, it proves that there are Pokémon that utilize their powers for personal gain. With all that power comes great responsibility, or just the impetus to cause mayhem. There are good creatures and bad creatures. For some, the power allows them to protect and save the world. For others, the power transforms simple creatures to vicious beasts. Here are 15 powerful Pokémon capable of destroying everyone and everything.

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15 Aerodactyl

via deviantart (LindseyWArt)

Aerodactyl shares a lot of similarities to the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. Why humans would revive a giant extinct creature that can fly and contains serrated teeth is beyond comprehension. In its first appearance in the anime, Aerodactyl abducts Ash and flies off. Likely, this Fossil Pokemon saw the plucky little Pokémon trainer as lunch and was planning to eat him if it wasn’t for the intervention of Jigglypuff putting everyone to sleep with its lullaby. Aerodactyl was probably a prime predator on the top of the Pokémon food chain in prehistoric times. With all the characteristics of a capable hunter, it would appear more than happy to grab a bite to eat by tearing our flesh from the bone. If you see a wild Aerodactyl, run and hide.

14 Giratina

via comicvine

Known as the Renegade Pokémon, Giratina is a Legendary creature with the power of antimatter that resides in the Sinnoh region in Generation 4 and part of the creation trio. Giratina’s actual place of origin is in the Reverse World and possesses the ability to move freely between dimensions. Essentially a ghost and specter, Giratina is aggressive and violent. Based on its design, Giratina’s main purpose is that of a reaper or demon of death. Some legends say that it was banished because of excessive violence. Clearly, if given the opportunity, this extremely powerful Pokémon is more than willing to attack and kill anyone, man or Pokémon, for the sake of revenge, such as when it attacked Dialga, another Legendary. Stay away from this Pokémon, because it is definitely not friendly.

13 Groudon

via comicvine

A Ground Legendary Pokémon named Groudon lives to do two things: expand the continents and fight Kyogre. It is extremely powerful and has the ability to cause natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions and droughts. That sounds quite terrible, but it actually gets worse. If Groudon sees its mortal enemy, Kyogre, the battle will be cataclysmic and likely kill anyone in the surrounding area. Both Legendary Pokémon are weapons of mass destruction and are treated as such. Given the opportunity to battle Kyogre, Groudon could care less about the well-being of any living organism, whether it be man or Pokémon. Looking like a creature that just climbed out of the depths of Hell, this is one monster you should purposely avoid like your life depended on it.

12 Charizard

via zerochan

As one of the most popular Pokémon in the franchise, Charizard is a symbol of power and strength. Before Charizard was Ash Ketchum’s go-to battler, the flying dragon was highly-disobedient and refused commands, often putting his trainer and other Pokémon in danger. On Mandarin Island, Charizard goes on a rampage by burning Ash and threatening the entire city before finally being pacified by Lorelei, a member of the Elite Four. While Ash’s Charizard does become loyal to his trainer, it is likely that other wild Charizards are not so willing to be commanded by weaker beings such as humans. With so much firepower in its arsenal and resembling mythical dragons in lore, Charizard can set entire towns on fire and destroy everything in their path. If not, it has very sharp teeth and claws that can tear into anything.

11 Duskull

via deviantart (thegamingdrawer)

Duskull is the grim reaper in Pokémon-form. Motivated by the abduction of disobedient children and their cries, it acts as the proverbial Boogeyman Pokémon. As a ghost, I wouldn’t expect anything less. But what kind of creepy monster kidnaps children and enjoys their cries? Obviously, all Duskull have some sort of psychopathic tendencies that would land them in an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. In the tradition of Pokémon lore, many types of ghost Pokemon have very dark and unsavory backstories and origins. Duskull is one of them. Kids, make sure that you have been a good boy or girl this year. Not only will you get coal in your stockings, but a psychotic monster will carry you off to oblivion

10 Electrode

via nocookie.net

Don’t let that silly grin fool you. This reverse-colored Pokéball-looking Pokémon takes the joy out of blowing you and everything else into Kingdom Come. It isn’t nicknamed “Bomb Ball” by mistake. Though not as easily agitated as Voltorb, Electrode actually explodes to expel excess electricity or merely to entertain itself. You read that right. In Pokemon Stadium 2, Electrode’s Pokedex entries reads as follows: “It is dangerous. If it has too much electricity and has nothing to do, it amuses itself by exploding.” What kind of creature finds satisfaction in exploding itself? Obviously, a homicidal and suicidal one. Nothing is more annoying that going to the Power Plant to catch Zapdos only to mistakenly battle several of these crazy bastards thinking they were useful items.

9 Tyrantrum

via deviantart (mark331)

Again, why are there so many scientists in Pokémon willing to resurrect extinct dinosaur monsters, vis-à-vis Jurassic Park? Tyrantrum is a Tyrannosaurus-Rex Pokémon that throws a tantrum. In the ancient times, its incredible jaws allowed Tyrantrum to rule over the world. Its jaws are so powerful that it could rip through thick metal plates with minimal effort. Since it was nearly-invincible, the Pokémon acted as the prehistoric king. Given the chance, it would eat other Pokémon and people for the sheer enjoyment of shearing flesh from bone, or crushing its prey and swallowing it whole. Why would you bring a monster like this back to life? A death wish? Have you ever seen a T-Rex in a film that wasn’t evil and didn’t try to eat someone? Didn’t think so.

8 Volcanion

via mynintendonews

Possessing the intense heat of an active volcano, the Steam Pokémon known as Volcanion is a monster filled with destructive powers of an impending natural disaster. This Pokémon even looks grumpy. It is so hot that it can turn water vapor into boiling steam in mere seconds. Then, Volcanion can use that high-pressure steam to level mountains and practically anything else it sees fit. In an issue of CoroCoro, a Japanese comic magazine, Volcanion is revealed to hate humankind. Amazing powers and hatred, that is not a good combination, whatsoever. Will this Pokémon bite you in half? Probably, not. Likely, it will blow you away with high-pressure steam and remove your head clean off the body. Volcanion is likely to commit genocide against humans when given the chance.

7 Donphan

via battle-institute.tumblr.com

Phanpy is a super-cute elephant. Donphan is a super-grumpy killer tire. The Armor Pokémon attacks by rolling itself into a wheel and flattening everything in its path. Once rolling, the rampage is unstoppable. Sounds like Juggernaut as a Pokémon. Could you imagine a car tire that rolls around town and crushes everything? It would be mayhem. That’s exactly what you get with Donphan. An elephant that turns into a tire of death for fun. Elephant stampedes are no laughing matter. Just imagining a stampede of rolling armored tires could lead to some sleepless nights. Fortunately, Ash’s Donphan is quite obedient and righteous. But I am sure there are some unsavory Donphan that are looking to run over humans for sport or to impress their mates. Terrifying thought, indeed.

6 Pangoro

via pokemon wikia

Pangoro is one angry panda bear that has 'resting grump' face. It is perpetually pissed-off for some unknown reason. Pandas are calm and lazy. Thus, it is nothing like the real-world animal that it is based on. Known for its berserker behavior, it is best to keep your distance from this very aggressive creature. Pangoro is extremely ill-tempered and combative. Given the chance to fight, it will rip arms from sockets. Any human choosing to train this Pokémon should be considered an error in judgment. Pangoro makes Ursaring look like a Pokémon that is taking Prozac. Luckily, there are some virtuous characteristics in this creature, but most likely it will act like a thug, chewing its stick of bamboo like a delinquent on a murderous rage.

5 Feraligatr

via deviantart (arvalis)

Sure, Totodile is adorable and cute like other starter Pokémon, but as it evolves, it gets increasingly fearsome and vicious. Appearing as a giant bipedal crocodilian Pokémon with extremely dangerous jaws, Feraligatr is not a creature to mess around with. As crocodiles and alligators are relatively slow compared to its prey, Feraligatr is like one that is on steroids. All characteristics of this Pokémon, from its sharp claws, powerful jaws, and strong legs create a creature that is a bona fide hunting machine. It must be difficult for a Feraligatr to battle another Pokémon and resist eating it. How it doesn’t munch on the corpses of its newly-killed trainer is beyond me. But if there was a poster-Pokémon who can tear us limb from limb, it would be Feraligatr.

4 Gyarados

via pokemonbyreview.blogspot.com

If Gyarados was a real-life entity, the military would be called upon to battle it. Resembling something from a science-fiction nightmare, this giant flying water serpent is probably the most intimidating and fearsome Pokémon in the first Generation. Many years later, Gyarados is still a beast that haunts us in our dreams. Evolving from the hapless fan-favorite floppy fish, Magikarp, Gyarados takes a complete-180 in terms of power and intimidation from its base form. It is said that the evolution scrambled its brain cells causing it to become an enraged beast that is attracted to destruction and violence. It is the equivalent of a wrecking ball in Pokémon-form. How not more towns are reduced to rubble in the Pokémon world is surprising. With fangs that can puncture steel, Gyarados will seemingly bite any human in half when given the chance.

3 Genesect

via: pokemon.wikia.com

Yet another extinct Pokémon resurrected through the usage of science, Genesect are ruthless hunters that were given cannons by Team Plasma to create the ultimate Pokémon. Once again, the experiment went awry, and the Genesect escaped from the laboratory by destroying it. Apparently, people in the Pokémon world never learn from their mistakes. In Genesect and the Legend Awakened, the rogue Genesect Army goes on a rampage only to be stopped by the anti-hero Mewtwo. For most of the film, the Genesect lack compassion and view human and Pokémon as enemies. Even reasoning with them didn’t prevent their attack on Pokémon Hill. Eventually, the Genesect Army is redeemed, but not before causing collateral damage and almost killing several Pokémon in the process.

2 Mewtwo

via redbull.com

The bad-ass. The weapon of destruction. It is no mystery that Mewtwo might be one of the most powerful entities in the Pokémon world. Given that it was able to plot an entire scheme like a comic book supervillain only cements its place as one of the true baddies in Pokémon fiction. Wherever Mewtwo goes, destruction is sure to follow. Until its redemption, Mewtwo lacked compassion and was true evil. Within its heart is savagery and hatred. Mewtwo could telepathically rip you to shreds or turn you into stone. Just ask Ash. Luckily, this Mewtwo does turn towards the light side and becomes an anti-hero. As a creature with huge parental issues, Mewtwo needs a shrink than anything else. Maybe it will figure that out one day when it finally stops chasing that Mew around. It’s all about priorities.

1 Yveltal

via alphacoders.com

Given the title of Destruction Pokémon, Yveltal is a Legendary that embodies death itself. Besides appearing as something out of your worst nightmares, Yveltal has the ability to absorb life energy. Right before it dies, it can steal the life energy of everything around it and reverts into a cocoon state to hibernate for a millennium. That is a wicked power, and it probably uses it indiscriminately. Just imagine it stealing the souls of everyone around it. It is like the Pokémon version of Shang Tsung. If any creature is named destruction, be sure to steer clear of it. It might not rip you to shreds, but it will likely steal your soul. That might be one of the creepier ideas ever conjured up in the series.

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