Details Leak On Visceral's Mysterious Star Wars Game

Visceral Games has been working on a Star Wars game for ages, and details have just recently leaked.

New details on Visceral Games new Star Wars game were leaked the other day by Making Star Wars. This article will go into potential plot points and details for the upcoming game. Thus, be advised that there might be spoilers ahead.

Visceral Games first announced their intentions to create a Star Wars game back in 2013, listing a job posting in search of a creative director for the project. Four years later a trailer for the upcoming title was released and the leaked details provide us a fresh insight into the project.


The new Star Wars game currently has no official title, but it is referred to as Project Ragtag. Amy Henning, who is known for her work as the head writer and lead creative direction of the Uncharted series, was brought on as a lead writer for Project Ragtag. Jade Raymond, the head producer of Assassin’s Creed, is working as the producer of Project Ragtag. Portal designer Kim Swift was also brought on as one of the developers. Todd Stashwick is rumored to be playing the voice of the game’s protagonist Dodger, as well as writing it and performing motion capture. The first trailer showcases concept art and early game footage. Unfortunately, it does not feature any gameplay.

According to the rumors, the game is set to to take place between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. Dodger, named so because he dodged the draft for the Imperial Service, is a charming and fast talking criminal. Shortly after his homeworld, Alderaan, was destroyed, Dodger’s name was placed on the “survivors list.” As a result, the Empire redoubled their efforts to capture him. Dodger decided to enter Jabba the Hut’s service after the destruction of the Death Star. His main goal is to get enough money to bribe his way off the “survivors list.” Much of the game's central plot is supposed to revolve around Dodger as he navigates the unfolding chaos and confronts his own demons. Dodger’s signature weapons are a lightwhip/grapple stick and a blaster. However, players will be able to customize his weapons to their tastes.

Much of the details leaked by Making Star Wars are rumors. There is no official confirmation about the validity of the claims. However, the article goes into extensive detail. Project Red is set to release sometime in 2018. We are likely to hear more in the coming months.

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