VoltEdge Wants To Change The Way PC Gamers Hear Their Games

VoltEdge's 3D Sound Array promises to make game sounds come from all around you, which is as cool as it is unsettling.

VoltEdge is a competitor in the gaming headset space, but it wants to make (audio) waves with a new sound array made just for PC gaming. Most gamers tend to rely on headsets, especially if they're gaming online with friends and need a microphone. Those who enjoy the single-player experience might instead invest in a system comprised of multiple speakers to deliver epic sound. VoltEdge hopes to serve both purposes with one device, the 3D Sound Array.

via: VoltEdge

The 3D Sound Array is a small box that can fit right under the monitor in a typical desktop gaming setup. Inside of that box is a line of small speakers called an array. VoltEdge says that the device uses "signal processing techniques" to make separate audio signals for your left and right ear. That's where the "3D" part comes in. The array will render the sounds of your game as if they're nearer or farther from you, coming from your left or right, and even from above and below you.

“3D audio involves the virtual placement of sound sources anywhere in three-dimensional space, including behind, above or below the listener. Now sounds can come from every direction, greatly enhancing situational audio awareness. It’s a truly remarkable and exhilarating experience," said Perry Teevens, CEO of Dysonics, who partnered with VoltEdge on the 3D Sound Array.

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via: VoltEdge

VoltEdge was offering tests of the 3D Sound Array, and its other products, at its E3 2019 booth. While TheGamer didn't get a chance to stop by, VoltEdge's social media paints a picture of a busy booth.

We can't say we're not interested in seeing what the 3D Sound Array can do. If a device really can deliver such immersive audio in such a easy-to-store package, it could innovate its field. That being said, it's also a little terrifying. If it can really make it sound like something's coming from behind you, all those ambushes we suffer in battle royale games will only be more surprising.

Here's a list of features according to the official website:

  • Eight 30mm Temper Tuned Drivers
  • Built-in Subwoofer (with options for an external subwoofer)
  • EQ and personalization settings
  • Shared and Immersive audio modes
  • Headphone jack that provides the same personalized 3D rendering
  • Full “off the ear” chat support with spatial controls
  • Works with all PC system audio (Games, Movies, Music, Communication, etc.)
  • Works with all content types (stereo, surround sound, Ambisonics, object-based)
  • Sleek, Unobtrusive Design

It will be out sometime in the near future, with the current suggested retail price of $299.00. We'll be keeping tabs on it, and hopefully get a chance to hear how it sounds for ourselves.

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