There's A Whole Line Of VR Safety Mats Meant To Stop You From Punching Your TV Or Friends

Have you ever had issues with keeping yourself in the right place when playing VR games? Do you have broken ornaments and a hole in your bank balance from replacing the TV? From the number of VR fail videos on YouTube, we’re assuming that at least some people find it a problem. So, as always, an enterprising company has found a solution. Proximat have launched a range of safety mats which are designed to help you stay aware of your real life location, while immersed in a VR world.

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The mats feature anti-fatigue sponge and a unique design which helps users identify with their feet the front, back and centre of the mat. The idea is that the mat is placed centrally to the room and the player can use it to keep check of their real life position, allowing them to stay inside a “safe zone” of play.

They liken it to the marks on the F and J keys on your keyboard, tiny tells which enable you to get back to your “home space.” They help define your location and provide accuracy while you focus on your game. The mat is also made from anti-fatigue sponge so can help you feel comfortable for longer while standing.

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Now there is no excuse for wildly flailing around, punching your friends and your TV while trying to explore Skyrim.

Gaming safety is something which has been identified as an issue in recent years due to the advancement of interactive games. VR based damage is just the latest in a long line of gaming related mishaps. Way back in the early days of the Wii, gamers were telling tales of broken TV sets and friend’s noses from far flung Wii remotes.

While safety is important, it remains to be seen if this solution will help gamers or if it ends up being perceived as just another gimmick.

If you’re at E3 this week then you can always go check out Proximat’s stand for yourself where they are apparently offering visitors a chance to play Vadar Immortal on the Occulus Quest or Trover Saves The Universe on the Rift S.

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