VRotors Lets You Fly Real Drones And Race Against Others On Twitch

VRoters announced today its new mixed reality platform game that puts players in the cockpit of an actual drone.

Like something out of a science fiction film, vRoters, a company built by an Acclaim Games founder with a former Niantic creative pioneer, announced today its new mixed reality platform game that puts players in the cockpit of an actual drone. Players will experience flying on a real course, racing against and waging war on other players from around the world from the comfort of their own homes.

vRotors invites anyone with a PC or VR headset to experience the fun of racing drones without the challenge of finding legal locations, the fear of crashing, or finding others to race against. The drone mounted camera gives users a full first person and mixed reality cockpit experience, and Twitch spectators will be able to directly influence the action as it happens!

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For those watching the action on Twitch, viewers will have the ability to take charge of repairing the ship and providing weapons support. Since vRotors is new, they are seeking interested streamers to join the upcoming beta for this highly interactive experience.

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vRotors looks to offer the following for their users:

  • Mixed Reality: Augmented reality puts 3D objects seamlessly into a real environment, providing players the ability to pilot an actual drone on a real course with augmented objectives, weapon fire and enemies.
  • Twitch Integration: vRotors fully incorporates audience participation via Twitch Chat and custom extensions, where viewers can repair their favorite streamer’s ship as it takes damage from hostile obstacles or provide additional weaponry in the race to victory.
  • Weapons System: Launch missiles and fire lasers to reap destruction on enemy targets or fire flares to confuse their armaments.
  • Low Risk, High Reward: Purchase a 15-minute flight session where players can race against or buddy up with friends from around the world. Each pilot will receive a full video of their flight to share with friends and develop new strategies. vRotors’ technology limits the risk of crashes, but should it happen, the company fully assumes the risk. No more worrying about the repair and upkeep, vRotors’ drones are always ready for action.

The concept is an interesting one that seeks to blend Virtual Reality with Augmented reality. The drones will of course be real and piloted remotely by players, but the on-screen objectives are added by a program, including the rings, missiles, and triangular prisms in the sky.

Via: youtube.com (vRotors)

While the video above looks interesting, one must consider how this might remain engaging months down the road. Obviously, there will be no change to the physical race grounds where the drones are located, so any changes and innovation to keep players engaged would need to come from the augmented reality, though it is unclear what the might look like.

Source: vRotors Press Release

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