WAH-nnabe Villains: 20 Surprising Facts About Wario And Waluigi

Wario and Waluigi are everyone's favorite little trolly guys in the Nintendo universe. Mischief and bedlam follow wherever these two greedy rabble-rousers go. Whether they are causing grief to Mario and Luigi, their good guy counterparts, or raining bomb-ombs upon their foes in Mario Kart: Double Dashthese are the loudest, crudest, rudest dudes with 'tudes WAAAH-ever they go.

You know their faces, but you may not know too much about these crazy guys with hair spray in their mustaches (probably, I mean look at those staches!!! They defy five laws of physics at LEAST). Always in the shadows of their counterparts, Mario and Luigi, Wario and Waluigi do not get nearly as much spotlight, but that ends today. Wario and Waluigi have been fan favorites for a good while now, so I thought it was about time that they got some recognition and came out of the shadows.

Where do they get their overalls? When did they first show up in the Mushroom Kingdom? What is the history behind these two? Where do they come from? We are betting that there is a lot that our viewers do not know about these guys, so please sit back, relax and get ready to learn way more about Wario and Waluigi than you ever thought there was to know.

20 Wait... What's Wario's Weight?

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In 2003, Wario got his very own GameCube game titled Wario World, a beat 'em up platformer thats storyline follows Wario in his brand new castle. When Wario's treasure starts turning evil on him, you must take control of Wario to reclaim his precious treasure. Now seeing as 2003 me could never finish a game without an instruction manual to help, I got it and found an interesting tidbit in there. That tidbit was Wario's weight. According to the instruction manual, big boy weighs in at a whopping 308 pounds, which is even heavier than Donkey Kong! Wario claims it's mostly his clothes, but we know he's full of it. Wario is about 5 foot 3 inches tall, so with this information, we can extrapolate that Wario has a Body Mass Index of 51. This classifies him as morbidly obese. So I guess this fact is just that Wario is exceptionally fat.

19 Want Another Wario Fact? Too Bad Waluigi Time!

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Waluigi is one of Nintendo's claims to fame. Waluigi is perhaps one of the most famous villainous sidekicks in all of the world. However, Waluigi remains a bit of a mystery, so I think it will come as a bit of a surprise to most to hear the Nintendo did not even create Waluigi! Waluigi was created by Camelot Software Planning, a division of Sega, by employee Fumihide Aoki. I do not imagine Mr. Aoki would have ever thought his character would blow up to be what Waluigi is today. Contrary to his hat, Waluigi takes no Ls. Waluigi is my BOY! I would like to thank Fumihide Aoki for making this truly entertaining and fun character, who to me will always be right up there with Mario and Bowser as one of the greatest Nintendo video game characters to bless my childhood with his presence.

18 Wario Was Created Out of... Pettiness???

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The Mushroom Kingdom's resident anti-plumber, Wario, is the brain child of the late game developer and creator of the original Game Boy, Gunpei Yokoi, praise be his name, amen. Along with Hiroji Kiyotake, a Nintendo game designer, they brought to life the yellow shirted, purple overalled, zig-zaggily mustache-clad greedy guy that we know today. Word is that Wario was created by R&D1, the original development team for Nintendo, out of frustration with working with another developer's game series. To me, it kind of sounds like Wario was created almost out of spite. As if they said, you know what? You want a character? We'll give you a character that encapsulates all the crap we went through to create one for for you guys. That would explain the crotchety, "screw the world" demeanor I get from Wario.

17 Secret Origins? Perhaps?

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Waluigi bares a striking resemblance to the equally goofy and wacky Dick Dastardly, the Wacky Races villain who also appears in many other Hanna-Barbera cartoons opposed to many famous names such as Yogi Bear, Magilla Gorilla and Snagglepuss. Dick Dastardly has been around since about the late 60s, so it's entirely possible that Waluigi's likeness was modeled after that of Dick Dastardly. The lanky body type, the voice, the mustache, and the personality all give some credibility to the thought that there was at least some thought of Mr. Dastardly in the process of making our favorite pink nosed villain. Maybe we can get that answer from Fumihide Aoki. Yeah, that's right: my facts connect. I'm on that level.

16 Wario's IQ??? Mid-300s...Easily!

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It's very easy to look at Wario and think, now there's a guy who's not all there. That there is a man who drank bleach and was smashed on the head with an anvil as a youngster. It sure is easy to see this unassuming grease monkey and think that, but let's think about this: 1. Wario can fly a plane. Do you guys know how many buttons there are on planes? Knowing how to fly is an insanely impressive feat! 2. He has proved to be very adept at electrical and mechanical engineering, as he has made a teleporter capable of inter-dimensional travel and designed and built his own Mario Kart track, Wario Stadium. So once again, while it does make sense to stereotype this unassuming guy, (I mean, c'mon, he is a walking fart joke) maybe we need to give him the benefit of the doubt.

15 *Looks At Clock* "It's Waluigi Time" ...AGAIN!

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If you've made it this far, it's safe to assume you are one of two people. I have different things to say to to these people. The first, I would like to say hi Mom, thank you for your continued support, and I hope you'll let me come home for Christmas this year. The second, you're interested in Wario and Waluigi, in which case, I think it's also safe to assume that you have heard of Waluigi's catchphrase, "Too Bad, Waluigi". It is one of the most BM voice lines/emotes in video game history, ranking up there with Tracer's "too slow" and Trundle's marching dance. Well, this Waluigi line originates from "Brawl in the Family", a Super Smash Bros. fan made webcomic that was heavily crowdfunded. Fans can influence games, guys. If this is you, keep it up! You could influence the look of Link's next hat!

14 He's Swole

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As we have been over, Wario is undeniably obese, and frankly does not seem like he can touch his toes. Hell, he probably couldn't even see his toes without a complex array of mirrors angled perfectly. However, as we have seen in games such as Mario Kart, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and Mario Tennis, Wario possesses a great deal of dexterity, athleticism and strength. We know from his classification as a heavy character from Mario Kart and from the vision that comes with having eyes, that Wario is very heavy, but that does not encapsulate how strong he is. His strength rivals that of his fellow heavy characters, Donkey Kong and Bowser. Wario got swole carrying all that loot. Hey man, gold is heavy.

13 Smooth Criminal

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One thing you may have not known about Waluigi is that this man can bust a move with the best of them. Maybe this is the exact reason that Nintendo made him the main antagonist in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. In this game he absolutely slaughters everyone out on that dance floor with his Michael Jackson spins. Maybe if they bumped the rating up to T for Teen, we could have seen Waluigi do some of Michael Jackson’s famous thrusts and maybe even the moonwalk. Shroomwalk? Just to keep with the theme? Let me know if that was a good pun, I need your approval like I need oxygen. In retrospect, this should not have been a surprise. I mean look at him, he has a dancer’s body!

12 WWWD (What Wood Wario Do?)

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Wario's Woods, released for the SNES, was the first game that really seemed like it would star Wario. Released in 1994, this game turned out to be a disappointment for those hoping the titular character would star, because as it turns out, he was not the main character. He instead was the main villain of the game, and Toad was the playable character/protagonist. I guess that makes sense. It's called WARIO'S Woods. The woods that belong to Wario. I imagine Toad intrudes in there and trolls around for a little bit and then Wario gets mad at him and starts throwing bombs at him or something. No idea, because as you can tell I have never played the game and have no idea how to go about doing so. Where the heck would I even find a SNES?

11 Clever Word Play, Origin Of A Legend

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Okay readers, I know you did not sign up for this, but it is time for some simple math. Luigi = Luigi. Wa = bad (for some reason??) So Wa + Luigi = Waluigi, bad Luigi. This was the simple math that lead to the clever naming of Luigi's dark, evil counterpart. However, this is simplifying it. In Japanese, "warui" means bad. So, it seems Nintendo combined that with Luigi to create the name "Waruiji", which was later Americanized to Waluigi. However, it is interesting to note that Waruiji is an anagram for the Japanese word, "Ijiwaru", which means "cruel" or "ill-tempered". It was interesting to discover this breakdown of his name to uncover a much more rich and thought-out naming than just slapping on a random syllable as a prefix to Luigi.

10 Oh Cousin, Where Art Thou?

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There has been a lot of speculation as to who is related to who and who is not related to who in the Nintendo Universe. For example, Mario and Luigi are brothers. Who knew!?!? Also, another exa-- guys, I am definitely kidding about that last part. I know Mario and Luigi are brothers, don't kill me please. However, I was surprised to find out that Wario and Mario are cousins. Nintendo Power, the news/strategy magazine, confirmed this. I cannot imagine the magnitude of the falling out that resulted in Wario being so salty that he ran off and became a mega villain, but it must have been quite damaging psychologically to our boy Wario. Maybe Mario's family is secretly a bunch of jerks!

9 The Biggest Big Bad

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Waluigi has made strides as a villain in his own right. Coming out of Wario's shadow and into his own fame can definitely reserve its spot on Waluigi's curriculum vitae. Ain't that a funny thing to imagine? Evil guys applying for evil jobs? I smell a sitcom. Nevertheless, Waluigi has had his chance to be the main protagonist in a couple of Nintendo games. In 2000, Mario Party 3 gave Waluigi his first chance at villaindom when he kidnaps a star and leads Mario and company on a chase through his island. Secondly, in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, Waluigi is the main villain and best dancer. I still cannot believe that was a game. I am seriously reeling from the fact that I did not know this existed until recently.

8 Disorderly Platforming

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So, we've seen it before. It exists in anime, trading card games, and it exists in Nintendo games. What is it, you ask? Hold on, mama didn't raise no child who gave away the answer to his riddle only one sentence after proposing it. Three sentences is fine, though. I'm talking about censorship. Japanese versions of all these things have been notoriously lax when compared to the American version. Their anime shows things the dubbed versions would never, their trading cards contain images that get banned in the U.S., and in this case, in Wario Land 2 they show Wario getting inebriated, whereas he does not in the American version. In Wario Land 2, penguins fling a drink at Wario in order to disorient him and impair his platforming, but in America this has been censored to just be a ball thrown at him. That's one way to avoid a T-rating!

7 Waluigi = Thicc???

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Waluigi, unlike all those dudes you see at the gym benching twice their body weight, has never ever skipped leg day in his life. My colleagues said it was presumptuous to say that the gamers reading this would be at the gym, but I fought for you guys and said "NO! They'll understand it." Back to the point, Waluigi's leg strength is frickin' insane. Whether he's kicking heat in Super Mario Strikers or packing foes into the ground with nothing but the power of his left leg in Super Smash Bros., Waluigi's lanky physique proves to simply be a facade. I bet if you CT scanned this guy he is pure muscle from the waist down. Let's not forget when he punted Bowser into submission in Mario Party 3. Yeah, Bowser! The one-ton dinosaur monster! Nerf Waluigi's thiccness!!!

6 The Brain Child Of Creative Brain Fathers

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As I mentioned earlier, Wario was created essentially out of pettiness as a way for R&D1 to represent their frustration. If for some reason you just clicked on this and came straight to number six and understand none of this context, R&D1 was Nintendo's oldest development team that formed around 1970. R&D1 have some other little-known titles under their belt. Perhaps you have heard of MetroidNo? Then maybe Fire Emblem? Surely you have heard of Kid Icarus? DONKEY KONG? The list goes on... these guys are the real deal. The true heart and soul of the established Nintendo legacy. It's safe to say they are ultimately responsible for Nintendo characters being household names. This being known, we can now claim Wario has many brothers and sisters through his brain fathers, R&D1. Maybe now he won't be so lonely and mean!

5 Waluigi: A Lover, Not A Fighter

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If game and movie clichés can be trusted, then I am going to assume that Waluigi never wanted to engage in a life of crime and villainy. However, what was he to do? Always playing second fiddle to Luigi and never being able to establish himself as his own man probably drove him mad! Waluigi would like nothing more to settle down with Daisy instead of being despised by everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom. Waluigi has had a soft spot for Daisy and perhaps even has a crush on her. This has been confirmed the Mario Party 4 strategy guide. I can only imagine the hurt he feels when he sees his arch-rival, Luigi, with his love. I suppose its the kind of hurt that makes you hate the world, steal and harass everyone who has it better than you.

4 Wario And Waluigi: Loveless Losers

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In 2000, following the release of Mario Tennis, Nintendo Power conducted an interview with developers Hiroyuki Takahashi and Syugo Takahashi, the Takahashi brothers. This interview got onto the topic of why Mario and Luigi have girlfriends, but our beloved Wario and Waluigi do not. The Takahasi brothers pitched the idea of Wario and Waluigi having girlfriends, but Shigeru Miyamoto, the Nintendo powerhouse who has held a plethora of different positions within the company, joked that if they did have girlfriends, that he did not even want to see them. That is stone cold. I cannot believe they are saying that my mans Wario and Waluigi couldn't get some fine lookin' honeys! Wario's got brains! Women love brains! And Waluigi has the dance moves that make ladies swoon, so I don't know what Miyamoto is talking about!

3 No, They Are Not Related

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It's normal to suspect Wario and Waluigi to be related, maybe even brothers, but it has been confirmed time and time again that the two are not related. I was extremely saddened to hear this, as they do not get to share that special brother-brother bond that their good counterparts do, but I had to wipe away my tears and keep sharing these facts with you. When wiping away my tears failed, I typed through them and kept researching. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Waluigi's trophy is accompanied by an excerpt that explains that he is indeed "the same age as Luigi", but that "his relationship to Wario is unclear." Unclear??? Hmmm... you don't think that means... maybe that's why they don't have girlfriends. No... it can't be. Can it?

2 The Many-Voiced God

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Charles Martinet is the name of a man that may not ring any bells. However, I can guarantee an overwhelming majority of the world's population has indeed heard this man's voice. Yup, that's right. Charles Martinet voices Wario AND Waluigi! However, his impressive resumé is actually quite a bit longer than that. He not only voices the two characters to which this article is dedicated, but he also voices Mario and Luigi. It is funny to imagine a shouting match between Wario and Waluigi against Mario and Luigi. It is even funnier to realize that that fight would basically just be Charles Martinet talking to himself.

1 The News Heard Round The World

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So uhhh... This last one is really disturbing, but I will be damned if it's not the most hilarious thing I've read in 2017. So let us just say that, ummm... well, there was an interview with Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima and he was asked about the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildHis response was... well, off-topic. It mentioned Waluigi. I think it best that you just figure out what I'm talking about by looking up "Nintendo confirms Waluigi is"... Give that a little Google and then come back. So, it turns out this story was actually fabricated by thehardtimes.net, a parody news site. Even if that is so, nothing has made me laugh like a moron in public like this, so it definitely deserved number 1 on this list.

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