The Walking Dead Game's Final Season Will Be Finished By Skybound Games Using Former Telltale Staffers

Robert Kirkman told a crowd at NYCC that his company, Skybound Entertainment, will finish production of The Walking Dead game.

This past weekend saw the close of the New York Comic Con, and with it, good news for fans of Telltale's The Walking Dead series. During the panel for The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, Chairman of Skybound Entertainment, confirmed that The Final Season will see its conclusion by Skybound itself.

According to Kirkman, Skybound will work with some of Telltale's original team. Beyond that, there are not any details, such as release dates. When asked by a Twitter user to release the season on a physical disc (The Final Season has been available digitally only), Skybound responded with a wink emoticon. That is by no means a confirmation for a physical release, but something to keep in mind. At the very least, it looks like fans will be able to see the ending to Clementine's story.


This news will come as a relief to those who have been playing Telltale's The Walking Dead since the beginning, in 2012. This series had gone on to become Telltale's flagship, featuring the compelling story of a young girl named Clementine. When Telltale unexpectedly announced its closure, it sent a shockwave through the gaming industry. The Walking Dead's fate was left up in the air, with Clementine's voice actress, Melissa Hutchison, saying on her Twitter, "It hurts me that you, the fans, will not get to see Clem's journey through to the end." Telltale did say on September 24th that they were working on a way to release Episodes Three and Four "in some form." With Skybound taking over, we will see the story end.

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While nice news, it is important to remember that other stories from Telltale's library will most likely not be completed. The Wolf Among Us Season Two was highly anticipated, but will presumably not be done. Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman could have kept going, but that will likely not be the case as well. On top of all that, many people have lost their jobs due to Telltale's closure. So, while it's great that The Walking Dead will see a conclusion, it's important to remember what Telltale's closure means for a lot of people.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season has two episodes that are available. Stay tuned for updates on Episodes Three and Four.


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