Negan From The Walking Dead Is Coming To Tekken 7

Negan, a major villain from The Walking Dead comic books and TV show, is coming to Tekken 7 as a playable character.

Tekken 7 will be adding several new playable characters in its upcoming season, including franchise veterans and The Walking Dead's own Negan.

As the Tekken 7 finals wrapped up at Evo 2018, the game's designers teased a few more characters being added to the game shortly. Among them were familiar Tekken faces Lei Wulong and Anna Williams, as well as... well, the last character anybody was expecting. Negan, the barbed-wire-baseball-bat-wielding psychopath from The Walking Dead. It appears he's even being voiced by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the villain on AMC's TV show, but we're not sure yet.

No gameplay footage of Negan was shown, though we did get to see Lei and Anna in action. For now, we just have to contend with some a creepy pose and some dialogue.

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If Negan was one of the characters shown, it only makes the remaining three mystery characters that much more... mysterious. Are there more fan favorite Tekken characters on their way? It seems more likely they'd be loans from other fighting games - maybe a Street Fighter is bound to make their appearance? Or, in the same vein as Negan, a Mortal Kombat character?

This story is still developing...

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