Wallace And Gromit, Peaky Blinders AR Games Being Funded By British Government

The British government announced that it’s awarded £12 million in funding to augmented reality games based on Wallace and Gromit and Peaky Blinders.

The British government has announced that it’s awarded £12 million in funding to augmented reality games based on Wallace and Gromit and Peaky Blinders.

Aardman Animation, the British studio responsible for Wallace and Gromit, has been awarded £4 million to go towards an augmented reality project based on the Oscar winning clay animation. Aardman have teamed up with games studio Tiny Rebel Games, digital marketing specialists Potato, creative agency Sugar Creative and the University of South Wales for the project, details of which are currently still under wraps.

Aardman Animation were founded back in 1972 and have been producing animated movies and short films ever since. Their biggest success story so far is Chicken Run, which is the highest-grossing stop-motion film of all time.

While we don’t know much about the upcoming game Professor Andrew Chitty, from the national funding agency, UK Research, did give us an idea of the scale of the project saying "Their aim to revolutionise augmented reality gaming along with the advances in AI, haptics, audience interaction and film production technologies from our other competition winners means the public will be able to try out some truly groundbreaking experiences over the next 18 months,"

The government fund has also awarded £8 million to a project spearheaded by London-based VR Studio Maze Theory. Their aim is to produce a virtual reality drama game based on the television show Peaky Blinders.

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The BBC show, which has been running since 2013, is a period drama based in 1919 in the aftermath of the Great War. It has gained more international viewers in recent years, thanks to its inclusion on Netflix.

The funding for both augmented reality projects is part of a bigger initiative, known as the Industrial Strategy pot. The aim of the fund is to develop UK based creative industries, allowing them to grow and compete on a global scale as well as provide Uk based creative job opportunities. There is a demand for UK based creative projects and the government wants to make sure they get made.

UK business secretary, Greg Clark said “we're investing to build on this huge global demand for UK creative content and ensure we lead the world in the next generation of entertainment.”

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