Walmart Is Breaking The Street Date On Link's Awakening Amiibo

There's a whole slew of new amiibo due to be released on Friday, September 20– or today, if you're one of the lucky people who shopped at Walmart stores that either didn't get the memo about the release dates, or simply didn't care.


Across the Twitterverse, people have been posting pictures of the new amiibo, which include Link from Link's Awakening, Solid Snake, Ivysaur, and Squirtle, all on store shelves at what are presumably multiple different Walmart stores.

Other retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy, still have the release date set for Friday, so there doesn't appear to be any change in the originally-announced release date.

Fans of the games are, of course, delighted at the chance to get these amiibo early, and plenty of them have posted pics of their early purchases online to gloat about their good fortune.


Most of the new amiibo are for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, letting players train "amiibo fighters" which are essentially AI that copy your fighting style. The Link's Awakening amiibo, however, is different– it lets you add Shadow Link to custom dungeons, and can be used to store and share the custom dungeons that you make in the game.

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Walmart seems to have recent habit of releasing Nintendo merchandise too early– just last week, a fan reportedly managed to buy a new Switch Lite, despite the fact that those also aren't supposed to be available until September 20.

Walmart isn't the only retailer who has broken street dates lately, however. Several game stores were involved in releasing Gears 5 several days before its official brick-and-mortar launch.

There has been no official response from Nintendo or Walmart about the early releases, though one can imagine that Nintendo is none too happy about the state of affairs.

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