Indie Hit Wandersong's Steam Reviews Are So Positive That Valve Assumed It Was A Bot Trick

Indie darling, Wandersong, appears to be continuing the same trend as Rimworld, gaining popularity and acclaim through near-perfect positive user ratings. In fact, the game’s most recent reviews have been so good, that it appeared that Valve thought something funny was going on.

According to a tweet from the game’s official Twitter profile, a staggering 100% of 43 Steam user reviews within the past 30 days have posted positive reviews. The achievement is a rather odd one (especially considering the trolly nature of Steam’s user reviews). So much so, that it was believed that Valve’s algorithm assumed a bot was somehow involved, creating fake reviews.

“Wandersong's steam reviews are so good that Valve doesn't necessarily believe it's a real game, and still haven't enabled many basic features for us in case it's a bot trick. BUT IT'S REAL,” the Twitter post states, accompanied by screenshots of the positive ratings.

However, a follow-up tweet was posted to affirm the belief in Valve and the Steam platform.

“Please don't take this to mean that Valve is working against small games! Many games that are far less successful than us have been verified. And it's good to take precaution to protect buyers from scams. We're just so good it's statistically improbable that we're real.”

All’s well that ends well, though.

Valve emailed the game makers directly and confirmed that there was a bug that perma-restricted Wandersong, as well as many other games, by mistake and that the issue would be fixed as soon as possible.

The issue was brought to Valve’s attention thanks to Wandersong’s tweet. However, it was likely resolved in a more timely fashion thanks to the manner and tone in which the tweet was presented. A hostile tweet towards Valve wouldn’t help anyone and could potentially hinder future collaboration (not to mention would honestly be surprising considering the positive nature of Wandersong).

Wandersong was released in September 2018, following a successful Kickstarter campaign (and was the number two title for September based on Metacritic score). The platformer takes players on a “whimsical, musical journey across the globe” as they use music to solve puzzles in an effort to save the world. The game is available on PC and the Nintendo Switch.

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