Warframe: The 10 Most Powerful Warframes, Ranked

Warframe by Canadian company Digital Extremes is a bit of an odd game. Players get to play a space ninja WMD surviving against waves aliens, criminals, and monsters. And while surviving these waves you're supposed to be constantly grinding in order to unlock new weapons, frames, and cosmetics.

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Each frame has its very own backstory, plays completely differently and has their own unique style. There are 64 to choose from! Because of all this, it's hard to tell which are the strongest. So, let's see if it's even possible to rank the most powerful ones, shall we? 

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10 Rhino: The Tanky Beginner Frame

First off is the heaviest frame. The Rhino is one of the tankiest frames in Warframe. It can be unlocked early in the main quest and it's a great frame for new players. This is because its four abilities are relatively simple: a charge move, an armor-increasing buff, an AOE damage ability and a move called Roar, which gives a multiplicative buff to everyone's total damage.

The keyword there is multiplicative, because usually, buffs are additive, so as not to make the players more absurdly broken than they already are. But nope, not Rhino, which is why it's on this list.

9 Inaros: The Undying Frame Of The Sand

Next is Inaros. This uniquely-designed frame is only available from a line of quests obtained from the monthly merchant, so it's a bit harder to nab, but oh boy, is it worth it. Inaros goes inside a sarcophagus and drains life around it to revive instead of relying on team-mates, but players won't have to worry about that, because a correctly-utilized Inaros will never go down.

Inaros has an entire kit focused on keeping its health at max. The higher the enemy health pools, the more it can heal, meaning that the longer and more difficult the mission, the better this frame does.

8 Octavia: Stationary Frame Blasting Funky Beats

The Octavia is probably the most unique frame of them all. It's a deceptive frame in every sense of the word. At first glance, it seems like a pure support class, but if Octavia is set up correctly, it'll carry the squad without moving an inch.

Octavia's four abilities, Mallet, Resonator, Metronome, and Amp, are all dependent on each other. Mallet is the aggro/damage ability, Resonator works with Mallet to amplify the range, Metronome buffs damage as well as making everyone invisible, and Amp is an overall amplifier to the other three. It's a bit too much info to summarize succinctly, but basically: blast music, stay invisible, rinse and repeat.

7 Titania: Bite-Sized Woodchipper Of A Frame

While we're on the topic of unique frames, Titania is one of the strangest. This Warframe is an embodiment of nature's wrath and has the ability to turn into a pixie. Doesn't necessarily strike fear into the hearts of the Grineer or anything, but maybe it should. Titania is the Archwing-inspired Warframe, because of its fourth ability called Razorwing.

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While small, Titania uses two machine pistols called the Dex Pixia, which shred through enemy health. Especially quickly, too, when built for critical hits. Basically, build Titania purely to keep Razorwing Active, and to crit with Dex Pixia, then watch as this space ninja Tinkerbell bathes in the insides of its enemies.

6 Ash: The Sneakiest Of Frames

Speaking of edgy things like bathing in insides, let's talk about Ash. This Warframe is the Batman frame. It's edgy, gloomy, and might have family issues. That aside, Ash's bread and butter is also its fourth ability, Blade Storm. When used properly, literally every enemy glared at will get axed by one of Ash's shadow clones.

The basic gameplay of Ash is to mark enemies, pop Blade Storm, take them all out, rinse and repeat. Oh,  it can also turn invisible, throw down smoke bombs, and teleport around the map. So, if any of that sounds like a blast, Ash is the right choice for you.

5 Mirage: This Overpowered Jester Must Be A Joke

So far, we've mostly been looking at the tankier frames. Next, let's move on to one of the glass cannons: Mirage. This is one of the newer Warframes released and has been absurdly overpowered since its arrival. Mirage is all about creating light clones and playing around, hence the court Jester aesthetic.

Basically, anyone can follow a rough guide to get Mirage to peak damage, but it's all about two abilities, Hall of Mirrors and Eclipse. Eclipse is an absurd damage buff, but only while bathed in light, while Hall of Mirrors creates four clones made of light that quadruple the damage dealt. 

4 Gara: Glass-Focused Frame That Isn't So Fragile

While on the subject of glass cannons, let's talk about the glass-based Warframe, Gara. No, not the Naruto character Gaara, this Gara is a bit less gloomy. Remember how Rhino was centered around its buff? Gara is too, considering it can keep buffing itself endlessly and the scaling for said buff is shockingly high. Plus, resetting the buff cooldown is quick and easy too. 

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Gara is obtained from the open world Eidolon quests, so it's a decent amount of work to unlock for yourself. If you're into the idea of using shards, barriers, and chunks of glass to decimate enemies, though, Gara is a perfect choice.

3 Chroma: The Draconian Eidolon Hunter

Speaking of the open world area in Warframe, there is a certain frame that's miles above the competition when it comes to hunting giant monsters known as Eidolons, and that's the Chroma frame. This dragon-like Warframe is a must-have when it comes to farming Eidolons. It's just that good for the tougher bosses.

Outside of that purpose, Chroma is also just a neat frame. It's tanky and can be built for each of its elemental forms. If you're playing it purely for damage, though, there's a standardized build to follow for maximum results. 

2 Mesa: Intergalactic Gunslinger Frame

If you're into the whole Wild West thing, here's a top pick for you. Mesa stacks bullets to shred enemies like paper. The Mesa is one of the top-class frames both in terms of design and damage. It's a Warframe that fits into the "quickdraw" or "gunslinger" category quite well.

Their first ability is called "Ballistic Battery," which turns the damage they're already doing into bonus damage when activated again. There's a cap for this bonus damage, but even still, it's quite the high cap. However, the fourth ability, Peacemaker is where it's at. Mesa strikes some stylish poses at mach speed mowing down everything in sight, with frankly staggering damage numbers to boot. 

1 Saryn: The Viral Epidemic Frame

Finally, we have the Poisonous Powerhouse Saryn. This Warframe is an absolute hoot to play as because it's all about keeping the poison damage spreading from enemy to enemy. When used correctly, Saryn can melt entire waves before they even leave their spawn.

Essentially, Saryn uses its first ability, Spores, to inflict corrosive poison on the targeted foe. If they die with the poison still on them, it passes on in an area of effect. The longer it's passed, the more damage it does. Saryn also has a decoy and health regain ability, so it's got an excellent tool-kit all around. That said, just poisoning them all tends to get the job done. 

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