Warframe To Debut Wisp And Release Jovian Concord Update Next Week

Digital Extreme is releasing the Jovian Concord update next week in Warframe, and most details have been laid out ahead of time to get people excited for what lies ahead.

Players can look forward to updated graphics, tilesets, and audio. As teased in the trailer, the before and after shots show the scale of work completed, and everything looks spectacular. While some changes have been made for purely aesthetic purposes, others have gameplay in min, as well as overall quality of life improvements.


For some people, the most anticipated part of the update is the addition of Wisp, a support Warframe that grants invisibility in the air as a passive effect. Unlocking this new Warframe will require players to defeat the Gas City boss, the winged beast Ropalolyst.

Gas City Redesign

Speaking of Gas City, there is a new enemy type that populates the area, known as Amalgams. These hybrid creatures made by the Corpus experiments blend Sentients with Corpus. In addition, the developers are telling players to "put your parkour skills to the test in the redesigned Gas City of Jupiter," so it will be interesting to see exactly what lies ahead for the acrobatically minded player.

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On Ganymede, a new endless Disruption mode has been added filled with these Amalgams. From their corpses, players collect keys to activate the conduits that need to be protected, and that hand out random buffs for you, but also the enemy. This will ensure that the mode is a different challenge with every attempt. This mode is being introduced with a Clan Operation, and the Node can only be played if players have previously completed the Natah Quest.

Via: Warframe.com

New Weapons and Cosmetics

Some of the more interesting or visually appealing updates are the release of the Sirocco Kavat armor, described as "fluid and aerodynamic, the signature Kavat armor of Wisp."

Via: Warframe.com

This new weapon of Corpus ingenuity takes Sentient technology to produce a high-capacity sniper weapon, firing a bursting Toxin round. Zoom in to reduce recoil, and zoom again to expand the burst radius and shot-power.

New Mod sets and a Reminder to set up 2FA

Four new mod sets have been added:

  • Aero Mod Set
  • Motus Mod set
  • Proton Mod Set
  • Various other new, individual Mods

Finally, there is a friendly reminder for players to set up their two-factor authentication (2FA) for the PC, not only to protect individual accounts from fraud, but also because in the near future this will be required to trade in-game items with fellow Tenno.

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