Warframe's Old Blood Update Will Let You Become Kirby


The next Warframe to be added in the upcoming The Old Blood update is basically a ninja version of Kirby.

Warframe is getting its first fat frame. While some characters have been described as “thicc” or “phat,” Grendel is unabashedly chunky. And while most other Warframes are loosely based off of Japanese samurai or ninjas, Grendel’s look is pretty obviously modeled after Sumo wrestlers. Just look at the way he stomps.

While his look is very Sumo, Grendel's abilities are taken from a very different gourmand: Kirby. Let’s go over them one by one. Kirby can:

A) Consume his enemies and store them in his round bodyB) Fire consumed enemies out at opponents as a projectile attackC) Digest consumed enemies to regain healthD) Tuck his little arms and legs and roll around like a ball

via Digital Extremes

And now for Grendel, using numbers this time in keeping with Warframe’s numeric nomenclature for Warframe abilities.

1) Consume enemies, storing them in Grendel’s mouth/belly/thing2) Digest stored enemies, turning then into a radial buff for both Grendel and nearby allies3) Shoot stored enemies as a bile-soaked projectile (gross)4) Turn into a ball and roll around

As you can see, Grendel is basically Warframe’s Kirby. A grosser, more murderous version of Kirby to be sure, but he’s still just Kirby with a scarier face. Which is sort of in-theme for Halloween, now that we think of it. That’s not to say that Grendel will be bad, per se. Kirby is a beloved character, after all. Just that Grendel might seem a little uninspired.

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On the plus side, we finally have a big boi represented in Warframe, which is a huge boon to the body acceptance movement. Developer Digital Extremes gets huge kudos for that at least.

Grendel will arrive with Warframe’s upcoming The Old Blood update, which also brings a bunch of new features. The Kuva Lich promises to be a player’s personal nemesis, acquiring whatever abilities were last used against it to turn them back on the Tenno. Melee 3.0 will finally finish with a phase 2 rollout that brings new heavy attacks, mid-air attacks, and lift and juggle attacks, making Warframe’s melee combat even more satisfying.

Additionally, Warframe’s two most maligned frames are getting reworked. Ember will gain a new “immolation” passive ability that keeps track of how many fires she’s set, while Vauban gets a general buff and a new fourth ability that allows him to call down an orbital strike.

The Old Blood arrives on PC “soon,” with consoles usually getting it a little bit later.

(source: Digital Extremes)

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