Wargroove Devs Outline Plans For The Future: 'You'll Be Pleasantly Surprised' By DLC

Wargroove dev Chucklefish has plans for its new game, and it includes immediate addressing of fan feedback and surprise DLC.

Wargroove, a grid-based tactics game for Advance Wars fans, launched this past weekend to mostly positive reviews. I'm still working my way through the game to write The Gamer's review, but like many I'm heavily enjoying Wargroove apart from a few small gripes. The developers are already well aware of these gripes, and shared their plans to fix them as well as surprise us with DLC.

The developer of Wargroove, Chucklefish, made an update post on its blog entitled "What's next for Wargroove?" After thanking fans for a "incredible launch weekend" the writer shared the wonderful news that Wargroove's sales have already covered the cost of development. What the team brings in now can spur them on to continue working on the game.

via: Chucklefish

As for what Chucklefish plans to do next, the work is broken down into three categories: Really Short Term, Short Term, and Long Term.

The Really Short Term is a simple patch to fix small bugs the team was aware of, but unable to fix before launch. I actually already had an update for Wargroove download onto my Switch, so it could very well be that patch.

For the Short Term, the team plans to address player feedback. They made a note to say they do check social media as well as their own forums often, so players who wish to leave feedback should definitely reach out to them. The changes they announce so far have a lot to do with the pacing of the game. As charming as Wargroove's sprites and animations are, I definitely noticed the game can drag during enemy AI turns. Chucklefish hopes to alleviate this by allowing us to make "fast map movement" a permanent option as well as provide ways to skip through battle scenes faster.

Also coming in the short term are ways to better manage your strategy, such as more detailed information on unit strengths/weaknesses as well as how to get S rank on missions. The online lobbies will also undergo some minor tweaks.

Finally, Chucklefish hinted at a "larger content update" and DLC in the Long Term. No concrete plans were announced, but we are apparently going to be "pleasantly surprised."

via: Chucklefish

Wargroove is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. I definitely recommend it for fans of Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, as it's a faithful (sometimes too faithful, but I'll get to that in my review) look back to the Game Boy Advance tactics experience.

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