Warhammer Chaosbane: Character Overview

Warhammer: Chaosbane offers a choice of four different characters to play as. Each one has their own place in Warhammer lore and their own unique abilities and skills. From casters to axe swingers, there’s a class to suit your play style. So, which should you choose?

This guide will give you the rundown of the basics of the game, as well as an overview of each character's abilities to help you decide which you prefer.

Statistics and Energy

All characters work on an energy regeneration model. They each have a range of basic energy building attacks, as well as stronger energy consuming ones. Other advanced skills add further utility. Every class also has an archetype skill, unique to them.

Attack power and health pools are quite similar across classes. While the two melee fighters, Soldier and Slayer, have a slightly more defensive skill, allowing them more survivability in a melee, the differences are not vast. The game by design throws all players, regardless of class, into a weighted pile of enemies to ensure they all stand a chance of surviving.

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Gear and talents are the best way to increase your character's stats, and the game offers a good selection of choices for both. As you unlock more options, you’ll be able to better customize your hero. However, it’s a good idea to find a class whose core abilities match your preferred play style.

Konrad Vollen – Imperial Soldier


Vollen is a melee class with a standard sword and shield set up. He can take a beating as well as dish one out. The character is easy to understand and use. He’s a slow, but solid choice if you just want a simple soldier class.


Vollen uses his sword to deliver sweeping attacks, which damage enemies around him. He generates energy by swinging his sword, using Slash or Incisive Breakthrough to swipe at enemies in front of him.

His other skills include Whirling Slash, which damages enemies all around him and improves his chance to block incoming attacks. Other abilities include Shielded Charge and Break Through the Ranks, which are straight line charges.

Vollen’s Archetype Skill is Shield Bash. This sends a line of force in front of him, which has a chance to stun enemies in its path.

Prince Elontir – High-Elf Mage


Elontir is a caster, although he can hold his own in a melee better than you might assume. His attacks are magic based and many of them are directional. He is a versatile caster, but it can take a little getting used to before you can fully and easily control his spells.


Vollen’s basic attack is a fireball, confusingly named Aqshy Missile. It fires straight ahead at enemies in front of him. He also has another basic skill called Arcane Hail, which is a blue lightning AOE attack that has a chance to slow enemies.

His first advanced attack is Aetheric Orb. This is a blue ball of energy which will ricochet off walls and damages enemies it encounters. He also has a teleport skill, Step Between Worlds, and later, Blinding Light, which creates a blast around him.

Vollen’s Archetype Skill allows you to control the direction of the Aetheric Orbs and other similar attacks. It can be a little tricky to master, but is incredibly powerful, especially in the early game.

Bragi Axebiter – Slayer


Bragi is a melee fighter who shuns a shield in favor of more mobility. He combines elements of the soldier class with the mobility of the caster classes. He is a very powerful character and a good all-rounder.


Bragi’s basic attacks are just axe swinging (with style). Savage Swing will hit enemies in an arc around him, while Fury is more direct, but ignores armor.

His advanced skills are unique in that they can generate health. Shred is the first one you encounter, which deals damage and heals Bragi as you swing. Other advance skills include Avenging Charge, which is a straight line charge, and Strike of the Anvil, a leaping attack. He also has an area of effect buff, Last Bastion, which generates energy and rage as well as giving party members a health buff.

His Archetype skill is a grapple type move which allows him much greater mobility when compared to the soldier class.

Elessa – Wood-Elf Scout


Elessa is a wood-elf scout and her attacks are mostly ranged, although they can hit close targets. She has good mobility, which is important as she can take fewer hits than the other classes. Her abilities excel when in a group and on the edge of a fight.


Elessa’s basic attack is Sureflight Arrow, which sends a stream of arrows that ricochet off their target. It’s best used from a distance, but her mobility allows for this.

The master Archer skill sends arrows in an arc, hitting multiple enemies at once. The later skill of Eleven Shot fires arrows in a shotgun style blast. She also has a spinning blades ability, which launches a bladed weapon. She can even summon help with the Call of the Spirits skill, which summons a Dryad to fight by her side.

Elessa’s Archetype skill is a roll ability. This helps her keep her distance from enemies easily. She also has a butterfly which follows her around. Touching the butterfly when it glows will regenerate a small amount of energy.

Talent Trees

Whichever class you choose the game allows for great flexibility in how the skill trees work. The core skills are unlocked as you level, and you can choose the ones which you prefer. Each skill has a point value and stronger skills will require more points, making choosing a game of balance.

Further options are available in the God Skill Tree. This tree allows you to spend fragments which you have collected, along with points you acquire while leveling, to gain new skills. You can pursue different branches of the tree to unlock new abilities, specific to your class.

Overall, whichever character you choose there will be opportunities to adjust and adapt as you play, swapping and changing skills to find a combination which fits your unique play style.

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