Ecstasy Pills Shaped Like Wario Have Been Seized In Japan

Wario Ecstasy Cover

A man was caught trying to smuggle drugs into Japan, which included MDMA tablets that were in the shape of Wario from the Super Mario Bros. series.

According to Asahia suspect named Satoshi Kishimoto was attempting to smuggle drugs from the Netherlands and Spain into Japan, which included one hundred and thirty-two MDMA pills in the shape of Wario. A search of Kishimoto's home also revealed a stash of dried cannabis and liquid cannabis.

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It's common for MDMA (better known by its street name of Ecstasy) to come in different colors and shapes, some of which are imprinted with famous fictional characters, such as Mickey Mouse. It's odd that someone would choose to make a pill in the shape of Wario, considering that he is a character who is intended to be gross and unpleasant.


The laws concerning drug use in Japan are incredibly strict in comparison to other countries, with a marijuana charge being enough to end someone's career. The laws are even more strict for foreigners who bring drugs into Japan. The penalties also exist for celebrities who try drug shenanigans in Japan. Paul McCartney spent nine days in a Japanese jail because he tried to bring marijuana into the country, and he's a Beatle. The only reason he was allowed to leave was because of his celebrity status.

One only has to look at the recent example of Pierre Taki, who played a prominent role in the upcoming Judgment game for PlayStation 4. Taki was arrested on drug charges, which led to Sega halting production of Judgment and the appearance and voice of his character being changed in the final product.

The idea of being caught with so many drugs in his possession means that Kishimoto will likely face a long jail sentence. He will have plenty of time in jail to create drugs in the shape of other prominent Nintendo villains, such as purple-colored Waluigi cocaine or black tar heroin wrapped in an orange peel, which he can pass off as being endorsed by Ganondorf of The Legend of Zelda series.

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