Wario Has Completely Taken Over Nintendo's Online Store

To hype up the release of WarioWare Gold, Wario has taken over the Nintendo eShop and filled it with pictures of himself.

If you're a 3DS owner who wants to buy some digital content this weekend, you're in for a shock. That's because Wario, Mario's coin-hungry counterpart, has taken over the Nintendo eShop.

Every page is an advertisement for a game Wario features in, with him being the poster boy for each one. Mario Kart 7 has a picture of Wario with his yellow vehicle. Mario Tennis Open is invaded by a flexing Wario. Even Mario Party: The Top 100, which uses Mario as part of the logo, is being crashed by Wario. It doesn't end there, either. Even the scrolling text has been hijacked by Wario.

via: reddit.com

The takeover was discovered by Reddit user TechBlits, who posted a video of the new eShop menu to the Nintendo subreddit. To show the depth of Wario's presence, they scroll through each page of the menu. It seems that Wario also invaded the classic games section, as pages showcasing the old Wario Land games are prominently displayed as well.

The Wario-ification of the Nintendo eShop is probably a marketing tactic/celebration of the upcoming WarioWare Gold. The next entry in the barrage of bizarre microgames is releasing for the 3DS on August 3rd. It makes sense for Nintendo to put Wario in players' minds ahead of his new game's release. It's also incredibly on-brand to have Wario himself do the advertising, and in the most blatant and shameless way possible.

If the Reddit comments are any indication, fans are all about this change. As one user, named JacobZion28, put it, "It's like the Drake Spotify situation only we actually like it."

via: reddit.com

Others expressed surprise that the old Wario Land games are available on the eShop and fondly recalled childhood memories of them. Based on the general enthusiastic reactions, it wouldn't be surprising to see Nintendo get a slight boost to classic games sales thanks to this Wario stunt.

Say what you will about Nintendo's shaky online service or constant underestimation of demand, it's a company that knows how to advertise. Fun is always at the forefront in the House Of Mario, and the fans love to be in on the joke.

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