Warning: Apple's iPhone 11 Is Triggering Peoples' Trypophobia

Apple's newest design for the iPhone 11 features three camera lenses, a big no-no for people with Trypophobia.

The designs of the newly announced iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have been triggering trypophobia in some individuals. The new iPhone design, which supports a triple-camera system, was debuted at Apple Event 2019 on September 10, 2018, alongside the standard iPhone 11, which more closely resemble the previous generation of iPhones.

For those unaware, trypophobia is an intense reaction to small clusters of holes that are bunched closely together. Most people who are afflicted by trypophobia are usually aware of their fear and undergo reactions that range from anxiety to repulsion. A large portion of reactions are being shared on Twitter have fueled an aversion to the new iPhone (TRIGGER WARNING: do not click on the link if you're trypophobic!).

The iPhone 11 was designed to have a better processor than its predecessor that will allow the phone to perform better while using less energy.  The iPhones 11 Pro and Pro Max have an ultrawide camera lens that offers wide optical-zoom out alongside the telephoto and standard lenses that were a part of the XS and the XS Max.

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Trypophobia, despite its irrationality, is a fairly common phobia that may have biological origins to back it up. The phobia triggers a primal fear in observers who unconsciously associate these holey items or images with danger. (again, click at your own discretion!) This makes sense once people realize that many dangerous and venomous creatures in the wild also possess these triggering patterns. Some harmless objects with triggering patterns include lotus pods and honeycombs found in beehives.

While Apple hasn't made a statement responding to peoples' reactions, it should be noted that trypophobia creates a legitimately disturbing reality to those perceiving its patterns. While some may observe trypophobic patterns with a perverse fascination, others may find themselves taking a few minutes to calm themselves after seeing these upsetting images. It will be interesting to see how Apple will respond to peoples' reactions -- if it even does so at all.

Alongside the iPhone 11, Apple also introduced an onslaught of new information including a free year-long subscription to Apple's original streaming service Apple +TV to those who purchase any new Apple device. Also introduced were an upgraded seventh-generation iPad and the new Apple Watch Series 5. The biggest ripple in the gaming community, however, pertains to the announcement of the Apple Arcade, which is posed to directly compete with Google's Stadia service. An Apple Arcade subscription will start at $4.99 a month and is set to launch on September 19.

The iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max will be available starting on September 20. Preorders begin September 13.

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