10 Things We Already Know About Watch Dogs: Legion

Some new information about Watch Dogs 3 has leaked ahead of E3... and here's everything we know from it.

E3 2019 is on the horizon, and this week Ubisoft has had some trouble with leaks, ahead of the convention. The first part of leaked information is a screenshot of a Watch Dogs 3 summary that appeared over on Reddit.  It includes details about the setting, weapons, missions and release dates.

As if this wasn’t enough, a game listing also sprung up on Amazon’s UK website, naming the game as Watch Dogs Legion, and seemingly confirming some of the leaked details. We won’t find out for sure if these leaks are correct until Ubisoft’s E3 press conference but until then here are the full details of what has been leaked so far.

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10 The Game Takes Place In London

This is a rumor which has been floating about for a lot longer than the leak. It partially came about due to the fact that Watch Dogs 2’s ending was changed to include dialogue about Dedsec groups popping up all over the world. Alongside this conversation are some coordinates which point towards London.

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This particular leak has been reiterated in several different places, including the imageboard post, Reddit thread, and the Amazon game page. Combining this with the in-game clues from Watch Dogs 2 means this one is likely true.

9 It’s Set In The Near Future

According to the Amazon leak, the game is set in a near-future, dystopian version of London. It’s said to be a post-Brexit setting in which society, technology, and politics have changed the landscape of the city.

The Amazon listing goes on to say “London makes total sense for WD, as the city has one of the highest surveillance levels in the world making this the perfect playground.” Other sources suggest the setting is a cyberpunk-esq near-future version of the UK’s capital.

8 The Main Protagonist Is Female

According to the Reddit leak, the main protagonist for the new installment of the series is a half-Asian,half-English woman named Sarah. This is a departure from the previous two games, both of which put you in control of a male hacker.

The first game’s protagonist was Aiden Pearce, who uses his smartphone to hack everything from security systems to cellphones. The follow up involved a similar premise but with a hacker named Marcus Holloway. Having a woman take center stage would be a new move for the franchise, although an anonymous imageboard post suggests players may have a choice of character with both a male and female available.

7 You Can Play As Anyone You Meet

This leak is based almost entirely on the Amazon entry which reads “Play as anyone, Every individual you meet in the open world, has a full set of animations, voice over, character traits and visuals that are generated & guided by gameplay systems”

If true, this could bring a whole new dimension to the game. While there are no other direct leaks confirming this a Kotaku journalist cryptically mentioned “I’ve heard the same” before suggesting that “this system is so ambitious that it’s been causing the developers a lot of headaches." If this one is true it’s set to be a real game changer.

6 Sarah Works For A Counter-Terrorist Organization

In another disruption to the Watch Dogs norm, the leaked memo states that Sarah works for a counter-terrorist organization and the branch she’s involved in help stop cyber attacks.

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Rather than being a hacker herself working outside the law, she is instead charged with infiltrating a hacker group. She must find out who is in charge and bring down their operations. Again, this is another big turnaround for the franchise so it remains to be seen if this one is true. If this rumor is to be believed then Watch Dogs 3 is shaping up to be a very different game when compared to its predecessors.

5 There Won’t Be Guns Or Knives

One leak claims that there won’t be any guns or knives and instead the weapons will be batons, tasers, and other non-lethal weapons. Another suggests there won’t be larger guns but instead a focus more on knives or small firearms, due to the fact that guns are much more difficult to come by in the UK.

Both leaks emphasize a focus on hacking, rather than fighting. While we’ve seen non-lethal mission approaches in the franchise in the past, a focus on this as the primary objective is another departure.

4 Parkour Will Return

Parkour is set to make a return to the franchise but has allegedly been revised so it feels more fluid. Fans of Watch Dogs will no doubt be delighted with this, as the controls have previously been criticized.

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Players will also be able to skateboard and graffiti tag. Assuming this leak is true, it looks set to give a much more urban and gritty feel to the game. The leaks are combining to paint an image of a street-based title with plenty of character.

3 There Will Be Side Missions

Every good game has side missions and Watch Dogs 3 is said to be following suit. The Reddit leak suggests that some of the will also come with a backstory.

Our protagonist Sarah has a brother who sadly passed away after a drug overdose. In his memory, she now hunts down and closes down drug dens across the city. There are no further details about how this links to the rest of the narrative or the wider game.

2 There Will Be Mobs And Riots

As you may expect in a dystopian society the game is said to feature mobs and riots. This is mentioned in the Reddit leak, which also suggests you will be able to participate. If anarchy isn’t your style, there will also be the option to shut down the riots and restore order to the city.

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This is one feature which will no doubt bring some color to the game. Combined with the setting and protagonists, deciding if you stand by or join in may not be a simple choice. We’ll have to wait and see why these riots are taking place, assuming they take place at all.

1 Watch Dogs Legion Will Be Released In November 2019

The source suggests that the game will be teased two weeks before E3, although we are now past that and have yet to see anything from an official source. Rumors also suggest we will see a full gameplay reveal at E3 which will give way to a November release date.

We will find out for certain what is true and what's merely speculation at Ubisoft’s official E3 press conference on Monday June 10. The livestream is scheduled to take place at 12pm PT/3pm ET with the press conference kicking off properly an hour later.

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