E3 2019: Watch Dogs Legion Doesn't Say It Exactly, But We're Pretty Sure You Play As The Queen

Contrary to prior reports of the next Watch Dogs game featuring a female protagonist, the upcoming title, which has since been confirmed as Watch Dogs Legion, will let you play as just about anyone.

So the previous rumors aren't completely false, you will be able to play as a woman if you want to; you just won't be restricted to one in particular.

The game, set in a post-Brexit London, won't feature a main character and players will be able to recruit and control any of the thousands of characters therein. Teams of up to 20 playable hacker operatives could be amassed and every member will come with their own perks, weaknesses, and personalities.

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While Ubisoft hasn't actually said so, you'll probably be able to play as Queen Elizabeth II. The monarch is one of the most famous people in London, so why not? If she's going to be in the game, you're going to have her available as she does fall under the category of "anyone".

As to whether you'll want to run around the streets of London with the most powerful woman in the world is something else entirely. Despite her outgoing nature and consistent public appearances, the Queen is already 93 years old. We imagine she'd have some attractive strengths but speed and agility probably won't come as part of the royal package.

Queen Elizabeth's Moveset

On the other hand, there could be plenty of amazing perks. Among many other powers, Queen Elizabeth possesses the authority to summon and command England's armed forces. She also has the power to start wars and to end them (hmm).

You know, it's actually beginning to seem like the Queen is probably going to be the most powerful character in the game - if she really is in there. Apart from being able to command the army, she also technically owns all whales, dolphins, porpoises, and sturgeons in British waters. We're not sure she actually knows how to bend them to her will or tell them what to do but she probably knows someone who can.

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