Watch: Marvel's Avengers Gameplay From SDCC Panel Leaks

Someone recorded the gameplay footage of Marvel's Avengers shown at SDCC, watch it before it gets taken down.

Someone managed to get six minutes worth of footage of Square Enix's upcoming Avengers game, footage that was supposed to remain behind the closed doors of SDCC. The original plan was reportedly to have it be an exclusive treat for all of the Marvel Gaming panel attendees, with a public reveal set for sometime next month. A fan with a phone had different ideas. The video is weirdly-angled and partially cut off, as you'd expect a sneaky recording to be, but it gives us a showing of Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk in action.

Our earlier report on the panel will give you some context for the footage. To sum it up, the Avengers are in San Francisco to publicly introduce a new west coast Avengers Tower. The celebration is cut short when terrorists attack the Golden Gate Bridge. Most of the team splits off to deal with the threat while Cap stays behind to defend the Helicarrier. The gameplay shown is that of the heroes fighting through various sections of the bridge attack.

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Many viewers have compared the combat to God of War, particularly in the way Thor uses his hammer. Iron Man'sections give a slightly different vibe with lots of lock-on shooting. Hulk, meanwhile, offers the opportunity for laughs as he throws foes around and recreates his iconic "puny god" smash from the first Avengers. We also know, from our report on the panel, that Black Widow's combat is agility based, drawing comparisons to Marvel's Spider-Man.

The leaked footage cuts short of the end, which shows Captain America meet his supposed end. Also of interest is that the story introduces Kamala Khan, an Inhuman known as Ms. Marvel. What role she will take is unclear, but her inclusion means a greater chance for characters that aren't necessarily huge in the movies. Multiplayer also got a brief trailer, showing skill trees and plenty of costumes that reference both iconic and bizarre comics storylines.

Marvel's Avengers is due on May 15th, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

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