Watch: Tetris 99 Streamer Returns From The Brink Of Death For Clutch Victory

The title insane 20 kill clutch victory royale is not something I’d ever thought to associate with Tetris, but yet that is exactly what YouTuber Daniel Lee has achieved.

In this insane video, which he posted to YouTube, Lee can be seen playing what looks like a standard game of new Tetris battle royale title, Tetris 99. However, almost as soon as he begins he starts to get heavily targeted, and those other players don’t give up. What follows next is a rollercoaster ride to victory, well worth 8 minutes of your time.

Things really heat up around the 6:00 mark.

Tetris 99 was first announced at last week's Nintendo Direct event and became almost immediately available to download and play for free, assuming you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

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The game, unsurprisingly, involves 99 players simultaneously playing a game of Tetris. Just as in a normal game, you need to rotate and move tetrominoes, in order to complete lines and clear your board. Once your stack of blocks hits the top you are out.

The new aspect of Tetris 99 is that players can target others and sabotage them by clearing lines and throwing “garbage” to fill their opponents play area. The last player standing claims the victory.

Players can choose their own targets or ask the computer to do it for them, based on the criteria of their choice. There are four separate criteria to choose from; random players, those who are targeting you, those who are close to being defeated or those who possess badges, which are earned by knocking out other players with garbage.

What makes Lee’s victory so sweet is that more than once he almost hits the top, and instead manages somehow to break down huge towers of garbage blocks, and reclaim the board.

via YouTube.com (Daniel Lee)

This is no mean feat for any player, let alone one also providing a coherent commentary for viewers. When I play Tetris all I can manage are a few choice words I wouldn’t want to put into print.

Simple and quirky, Tetris 99 appears to have been a hit with Switch gamers. If you want to jump into the fun you can download the game for free from the Nintendo eShop. It requires a Nintendo Switch Online Membership to play.

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