Watch: YouTuber Gets Doom 3 Running On A Computer Set-Up From 1998

A video game YouTube channel called Lazy Game Reviews was able to get Doom 3 to run on a graphics card set from 1998.

With all of the madness concerning Twitch Prime going on right now, the gaming community could use some fun news. Well, this qualifies as news about as much as anything concerning technology from 1998 can. Perhaps it's better to call it a technological marvel, or a feat of amazing persistence. Someone manages to get Doom 3, a game released in 2004, running on a 1998 computer.

That "someone" in question is Lazy Game Reviews, a YouTube channel that focuses on PC games from the era of floppy discs. Or at least that's usually the case. But a recent video from the channel focuses on achieving the odd task of making Doom 3 run on a machine that wasn't built for it.

"Ever wondered if Doom 3 will run on Windows 98 with a 12MB 3DFX Voodoo 2 graphics card? No? Well too bad, we're doing this anyway," reads the video's description.

It becomes apparent early in the video that it's not a simple task of plugging in the old graphics card, booting up Windows 98, inserting Doom 3, and blasting away. There's quite a few software patches and hardware needed to get the game running. For instance, two graphics cards are actually inserted and plugged into one another to share the processing load.

On the software side of things, a "potato patch" is needed to help things along. LGR also advises those who want to try this to install the version updates one at a time as opposed to immediately going for the latest version of Doom 3. The game used also has to be the original retail release of Doom 3 since later re-releases and the Steam version won't even respond to Windows 98.

And if it wasn't obvious, the game has to be put on the lowest graphical settings possible. The end result is this gorgeousness:

via: youtube (LGR)

That screenshot should be enough to give an indication of how the game performs. But that's what happens when you run a game on a computer that it probably shouldn't be on. Still, it's impressive that LGR was even able to make it happen. It goes to show that there are other, albeit unusual, ways to play with video games.

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