10 Ways How To Make An Overpowered Cleric In Dungeons And Dragons

Clerics are the messengers of the divine or if you so choose, the malevolent. Granted powers by deities and charged with spreading their word on the Prime Material Plane, Clerics are a healing and support class.

They can grant buffs to their allies and debuffs to their foes. They can also be stout combatants as well, generally wielding shields and martial weapons such as maces and long swords. They can wear heavier forms of armor so they are quite sturdy so they can survive to protect and heal their teammates. If you’re looking to make the best Cleric possible, here a ten ways to craft one that is certainly overpowered.

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10 Grave Domain Subclass

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When you create a cleric, you get to choose a domain of power. Your role in the party is to keep your teammates alive with healing and buffs. The Grave Domain is hands down the best subclass for an overpowered cleric. The Grave Domain gives you many necrotic based spells as you level up.

From level one, you gain the ability to heal people with zero hit points the maximum amount the healing spell allows. You can single out an enemy so the next time they take damage, its doubled. Furthermore, you can cancel critical hits on yourself and allies and at level 17, you can heal yourself and your team when an enemy dies.

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9 Loxodon


If your Dungeon Master allows Ravnica content in the game, one of your best bets for a race is the Loxodon. These elephant humanoids get a Constitution boost of two and a Wisdom increase of one.

Wisdom is the stat that will give you a bonus to your spellcasting so that is the main reason you want to choose this race. The Constitution boost is helpful too as that will keep you alive to help your allies. In addition, you have an advantage against being charmed or frightened which could mean the difference between you being able to aid your team and being put on the sidelines.

8 Golgari Swarm or the Orzhov Syndicate


Once again, this section applies only if you are playing a campaign set in the world of Ravnica. Your Grave Domain cleric will gain the most perks from being a part of either the Golgari Swarm or the Orzhov Syndicate. Being a part of the Golgari will give you more necromantic spells but you will end up doubling down on a few.

On the other hand, the Orzhov will give you more spells to help you maintain control over the battlefield. The only issue is that if you pick a Loxodon as your race, you’ll have to come up with a creative explanation as they normally would not be a part of either guild.

7 Human or Half-Elf


If material from the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica isn’t available for you to use, your next best bet would be the Human or Half-Elf race. Humans get one extra point to all stats. They don’t gain any other traits but this all-around boost is helpful for shoring up any low numbers you might have rolled.

The other option and possibility, the better one depending on your preference, is the Half-Elf. This race gets a two-point bonus to Charisma (which you’ll need if you are casting control based spells) and you get to choose the other two stats to increase by one. In addition, you can have many of the benefits granted to elves such as dark vision and fey ancestry.

6 Elven Accuracy Feat


If you choose a Half-Elf you can take the racial feat Elven Accuracy found in Xanathatr’s Guide to Everything. This feat allows you to add one point to either your Dexterity, Wisdom, Intelligence, or Charisma.

For this build, you’ll obviously want to pick Wisdom. In addition to the welcome stat boost, whenever you can get an advantage on a saving throw in any of the mentioned categories, you can re-roll one of the dice for the chance of getting a higher roll. By choosing a Half-Elf to get this feat, along with being a cleric, you will automatically get an advantage on Wisdom and Charisma throws.

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5 Healer Feat


Another feat you’ll want to take when you get the chance is the Healer feat. This feat allows you to use a healer’s kit to not only stabilize a downed ally but get them back on their feet with a single hit point.

Or, if your ally is already up but in need of healing, this feat allows you to use the kit to restore their hit points by a bit. This is a key feat to get as a cleric because while you have healing spells, you only have a limited number of spell slots. If you’re saving your slots or if you’ve run out, having a healer’s kit and this feat gives you a backup plan for emergencies.

4 Ioun Stones of Fortitude and Insight


Ioun Stones are magical gems that float around your head and give you various benefits as long as they are in your possession. They vary in rarity from rare to legendary. The two gems that will benefit your cleric the most are both very rare so they’ll either cost you a bit of money or they could be found as loot in a tough dungeon.

First the Stone of Fortitude. This pink rhomboid will give you a two-point boost to your Constitution. The Stone of Insight is a blue sphere and it will give you two extra points to your Wisdom stat.

3 Keoghtom’s Ointment


This item is a good thing for a cleric to carry around. It not only heals a few hit points but it also removes diseases and poisoning. The spells lesser restoration and greater restoration, as well as a few others, have the power to cure disease and nullify poisons but that requires preparing them for the day and using a spell slot to cast them.

As a cleric, you are the pillar of your party. Any way that you can conserve slots and spells is vital. The best part is this item is not uncommon so it won’t be outlandishly expensive and should be simple to find.

2 Talisman of Pure Good


The Talisman of Pure Good is of legendary rarity. This means that you certainly aren’t going to find it in the local shopkeeper's inventory. If your cleric is going to get this item, it’ll either be a prize for surviving an extremely difficult dungeon, a gift from your diet, or some other extraordinary means.

However, if you can get your hands on it, it will only serve to enhance your abilities. As long as you are good, you’ll get a bonus of two to your spell attacks and when you target an evil creature a large fissure opens beneath them. If they are unable to get out of the way, they fall in and are instantly killed.

1 Ring of Regeneration


Last but not least, is a Ring of Regeneration. This and all of the other magic items on this list are useful to your cleric but they all require you to attune to them. You can only attune to three items at once but considering that the Talisman of Pure Good is legendary, it’ll be a bit before you get it. So this ring, while very rare, is more obtainable.

The ring will regenerate your health every ten minutes and if you happen to lose a limb, it will regrow over the span of a few days. Remember, if you go down, the party has little to no healing so it's important for you to stay alive.

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