WB Montreal Developer 'Accidentally' Leaks Batman Court Of Owls Game

A Warner Bros. Montreal assistant producer has potentially teased a DC video game. Based on the image, it could be a Batman: Court of Owls game.

Court of Owls, the critically acclaimed Batman comic arc, may be getting a video game adaption. The Assistant Producer at Warner Bros. Montreal, Valerie Vezina, tweeted an intriguing picture with the tweet itself potentially teasing a gaming project.

The t-shirt logo is obviously an owl, and Warner Bros. Montreal is no stranger to developing Batman titles. WB Montreal developed Batman: Arkham Origins, a prequel to the critically acclaimed Arkham series from Rocksteady Studios. However, it is also possible that this is a Harry Potter title. Owls are a notable thing in the Harry Potter universe, and the films have been distributed by Warner Bros. However, in the podcast Humans of Gaming, WB Montreal senior game designer Osama Dorias was quoted two months ago as saying there are a "couple" of projects being worked on at Warner Bros. Montreal, with one of them being an open-world DC Comics title.

Via dccomics.com

With The Game Awards 2018 coming up, one would think that Warner Bros. would unveil whatever game is being teased. But, that doesn't seem to be the case. On Twitter, WB Montreal Creative Director, Patrick Redding, said that the team will be talking with its Warner Bros. partners, and asks for fans' patience.

That's disappointing, but it's good to know something from the studio is being worked. DC fans would surely anticipate a Court of Owls adaption. With Rocksteady recently confirming that it is not working on a Superman game, fans could use another core DC title. Court of Owls would be an interesting choice to adapt. The comic arc was the first in The New 52 Batman run from Scott Snyder in 2011. In it, we learn that Gotham City is secretly run by an underground group called The Court of Owls. The entire tale is one of the best modern Batman stories, with Issue #5 being particularly interesting. That issue's trippy visuals would be fascinating to see in a video game.

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Court of Owls has already been adapted into other media. Concepts of the story were used in the animated film, Batman vs. Robin. The Court also appeared in the TV series, Gotham. The story is definitely long enough to be adapted into a multi-hour game. Of course, this is just speculation based on previous statements and the t-shirt. Warner Bros. could very well be working on something else. Hopefully we'll learn more sooner than later.

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