WB Montreal Tweets Batman Video With Hidden Images, Confirming Next Arkham Game

A recent tweet from WB Montreal included hidden images linked to the Batman mythos, teasing a new Arkham game.

Warner Bros. Montreal has been on a roll lately in the lead up to what many are expecting to be the reveal of the next Batman game in the Arkham series, or else, a massive prank that has developed over the past year. Following Batman Day on September 21, @WBGamesMTL tweeted their support of the character with a Bat Signal lit up against their building in Montreal.

While the tweet first appeared to be another celebratory message of the fictional character, like the thousands of others that flooded Twitter yesterday, keen observers noticed four distinct images appearing for the briefest of moments. Screen caps from patient viewers reveal four images that appear to be connected to the Batman universe, though it is not yet completely clear what they all represent.

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Via: Twitter.com (@WBGamesMTL)

The final symbol displayed, which occupies the bottom right corner of the image above, is almost certainly representative of the League of Assassins, led by Ra’s al Ghul. This fictional villain has been one of Batman’s most challenging and persistent adversaries, and grandfather to Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne.

The symbol that occupies the upper right space of the image above appears to be close in design to another organized crime group known as the Court of Owls. While the goals of the Court of Owls are drastically different than those of the League of Assassins, the former has attempted to destroy Batman on a large scale, unleashing their full might of trained assassins, known as Talons, on Gotham City with the sole purpose of killing the caped crusader.

Via: denofgeek.com

Their involvement, or a team-up with the League of Assassins, would surely have the potential to be a fantastic story. While Ra’s does not often find the need to team up with others in the comic books, he is apparently willing to team up with anyone if the plot calls for it, as we have seen in the recent animated film release of Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this past year.

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Further supporting this idea of a Court of Owls organization serving as the antagonist in a new game is this tweet by a WB Games producer last year, with the symbol leaving little doubt that it could be for anything else:

Since the Warner Bros. Montreal tweet was made, the most significant clue has come from Scott Snyder, an American writer known for numerous Batman stories. His tweet was only up briefly before being deleted, but not before screen caps were taken:

Via: Twitter.com (@Ssnyder1853)

The message continues to reinforce the involvement of the Court of Owls, and there is little doubt that they will be one of, if not the main antagonist for Batman to overcome in the next game.

With that said, all this speculation should be confirmed, or left floating about the internet, following Sony’s next State of Play on September 24. These are similar to the popular Nintendo Direct videos showcasing new and upcoming titles for the console. Viewers can catch the stream for the State of Play at 4pm ET and 1pm PT, and as usual, should last about 20 minutes.

Source: Villains.fandom.com

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