Yes, We Do Want An Okami Sequel

Ōkami was never the most-popular game in the world, but its imaginative story, beautiful visuals, and clever drawing-themed gameplay made it a critical darling upon release. Now, Ōkami director Hideki Kamiya and artist Ikumi Nakamura say that the series is coming back.

A tweet by Nakamura shows her with Kamiya, who bluntly states "Ōkami is going to be back."

Nakamura then asks "Really?" to which Kamiya responds, "Really."

This is a bold and definitive statement seeing as how Kamiya now works for Platinum Games. Ōkami was developed by Clover Studio (Kamiya's former studio) and published by Capcom. Nakamura, as well, no longer works for Capcom, having left her position shortly after the release of the original Ōkami. She would go on to join Platinum Games before eventually teaming up with veteran designer Shinji Mikami at the Zenimax-owned Tango Gameworks. She announced her departure from the studio this past September.

These complications mean that Nakamura's announcement should probably be approached with cautious optimism. Fans of the 2006 action-adventure title should wait until one of the property's official owners makes an announcement before getting their hopes up.

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Ikumi, for her part, admits her ignorance with regards to these matters. In a tweet underneath her original post, she says "I don't understand budgets and politics" and that "I want to see simply great games and games that gamers want to play be developed."

Source: Twitter

Since she's an artist, it's easy to see why Nakamura considers Ōkami a great game that deserves a sequel. While cel-shading isn't an unusual art style these days, Okami's use of it managed to replicate a hand-painted look. It portrays a world filled with thick brush strokes and bold colors that remains unique even 13 years after its initial release.

Source: Steam

The gameplay remains similarly unique. Players control Amaterasu (the goddess of the sun) as they paint with a "Celestial Brush" to fight enemies, control elements, and repair the world around them.

The game was originally released on PlayStation 2, but it has been remastered for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. The enthusiastic response to Nakamura's original tweet shows there's a clear appetite for a sequel and Capcom would be foolish to ignore that.

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