20 Weird And Wonderful Thoughts About Destiny You Won’t Believe

Destiny and Destiny 2 have been some of the most memorable games that have been released in the last few years, but not always for a good reason. The one thing about these games are the fact that the player base is seriously strong. While this game series might not be the MOST popular out there compared to other franchises, their fanbase is rock solid and will do anything to make this game get to the top. But one quality about these fans is the fact that they really do express their opinion about the game in a very constructive and respectful way. Most of the time the developers will actually listen to this game’s fan base and they will make changes through patches and updates. It’s actually quite refreshing to see this kind of back and forth behind the players and the developers.

But there are some corners of the internet where Destiny players have come to really express themselves without their feedback attached. Many of these people have gone to Whisper Confessions to express themselves in secret, and some of them are quite frustrated. But we’ve also made sure to include some of the positive points as well, because many people have positive things to say about the series. We even happen to agree with some of the things people are saying about the game franchise, because we want to know why Destiny gets so much hate like these people do! Why!?

In this list you’ll see the good and the bad, and honestly you might even learn something about the game! Let’s get started.

20 Stop With This!

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Why do people have to constantly make it a big deal if someone is a girl when playing games? It’s not some kind of competition. It’s an insult and it really just makes girls want to not talk or get involved with certain games. Instead of constantly insulting girls that are on your fireteam, just try to play fair and don’t treat anyone different than a teammate or fireteam member. You’re seriously not funny and no one will want to play with you if you keep acting like that. Girl gamers deserve respect just like your other buddies, don’t believe anything else. All you’re doing by being like this is making a separation in the gaming community that really isolates two huge groups of people. Try being nice for a moment and realize the world has no space for your stupid jokes.

19 It's Bad If You Don’t Have Friends

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One thing about Destiny I think we can all agree on by now is how much it sucks to play when you don’t have a serious group of friends that you’re comfortable gaming with. Not only do you really need to feel comfortable talking on mic to play this game the best you possibly can, but you also need to have a core group of people if you ever want to be able to do any of the raid game options. This game offers so many different play styles and end game events, but for literally most of them you need to have a group of people to even join them. Even being able to gear up high enough it’s insanely difficult to do so if you don’t have friends to play with. Plus the game doesn’t make it easy to even find people to play with, you usually have to use a website or some other group finder online, NOT EVEN IN THE GAME. When will this game fix this? Who knows honestly.

18 Hunters Are Underpowered

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Out of all the classes in the game, hunters are the most underpowered. Their specials are usually very hit or miss and it takes quite a while to actually get to the point where you can get your special. A hunter gets 3 shots from a gun, a very close up knife for combat, or a bow. But the titan has a huge hammer that is seriously overpowered, a protective bubble safe from any attack, and a huge slam that will kill anyone nearby. While the warlock gets a huge bomb, self revive, or the lightning power where you just hold down a button and you don’t even have to aim! The hunter is lacking and it’s not fair at all! The gun is very hard to aim and runs out quickly before you can even find anyone to shoot. The close combat makes you very open to being ended quickly, and the bow is one shot and VERY hard to even aim accurately.

17 TTK Is Pointless

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Yes, we know. TTK came out almost 2 years ago, but we had to include some whispers about it because they were just too much to ignore! Many people had 3 characters, the max amount of characters you can play and they usually would all be maxed out with their light level, but without having the DLC everything was basically pointless, which is quite unfair to make a game that makes it impossible to play unless you buy something to expand it. With some games it’s expected, but it seems a bit unfair with this game in particular. Many people like this individual refuses to play the game because of how it somewhat just turned into a pay to play and you can even see them leaning towards this in the newest game in the series as well. Just because someone doesn’t have the money to drop on the DLC doesn’t mean that they basically can’t even play the game anymore. How is that even fair?

16 He Had A Hoarding Problem

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Have you ever found yourself storing away duplicate items even though they are just repeats of the rare guns and armor you already have in the game? WHY? There isn’t even a reason to do this in Destiny unless you’re saving it for another one of your characters, but even then, you can only have three characters! Back when the DLC was launched for the first game in the series, it really pushed a lot of the most popular guns away because they were no longer the most powerful, basically they’re useless. In this case, this individual kept all 17 exotic weapons because he refused to get rid of them! His vault is seriously full of all of these guns, and he just refuses to dismantle them. Maybe he has some attachment issues? We know we would be annoying if this was our partner!

15 Teamwork Is Key

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When you’re new to a game it can be very intimidating to get your foot in the door. This person recently started playing the game for the first time and they never really were great at FPS games in general, and they even assumed they wouldn’t be able to stand a chance in end game raids, but after a few friends invited her to play with them and do a raid, they realized that there was tons of support send their way. They were understanding and patient with them, encouraging them to keep playing and to get better at their own pace. It’s definitely a magical moment you can experience in any game, when people are actually kind and eager to help you succeed in the mission you’re all working towards.

14 For When You Have No Friends

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Like we mentioned before, it can oftentimes be quite hard to actually play Destiny without a close knit group of friends. Many extra features of the game require you to have 2-3 people in your fireteam to even be able to access them. For many people who don’t feel comfortable getting out of their comfort zone or meeting new people to play with, The Iron Banner has been a great option for them when it comes to leveling their character. The Iron Banner is a PVP mode in the game series. It allows the player to play the game and have fun without going out of their way to make connections with new people. We personally love this game mode. We really believe that the game series should aim to include a grouping system they use in the PVP aspect of the game to make it much easier to find people when trying to do raids.

13 You Don’t Need To Use Those

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There are guides upon guides all over the internet that tell you how to play Destiny and what loadout you should be using if you want to be the best of the best. In both of the games in the series, people have always given their opinions on this matter. But all this does is limit what people will be willing to try. There are so many combinations you can use within the game that will probably feel more comfortable when it comes to your gameplay style. Everyone is different! There are so many options for your loadout, and honestly it will probably feel so much better to find exactly what works for you and your own style. Make your character your own! That’s one of the best parts of the game.

12 This Is A Serious Issue

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We promise this is the last time we’re going to mention this, but the reason it comes up so much is because of how annoying the grouping systems are in the game! Like we mentioned before, this person is quite upset that there still is a major lack of game grouping systems in the game except for PVP modes. But even when it comes to PVP, there are even some game modes that you can’t even play if you don’t have a group of friends. This individual is very upset that you can’t easily join up with a raid fireteam without knowing people that can join with you. Some people don’t have friends they know to play games on the console or PC. This puts them in a bad spot because they don’t want to go out of their way to make friends just to play the end game material.

11 Festival Of The Lost & Candies

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This is probably one of the most fun aspects when it comes to the Destiny series. When the Festival Of The Lost is active around October for Halloween, Destiny turns into a candy hunting game that encourages you to collect glimmer giving candies to earn masks from special vendors. These masks range from crazy skulls that glow blue with fire to pumpkin jack o lanterns! They’re funny and scary, and the whole game turns into a spooky theme that really is fun to explore. The community areas turn dark with scary flags and candles everywhere, how could you not want to join in on the fun. Festival Of The Lost is a ton of fun. If you haven’t experienced it, it’s a wonderful time and it really will make you wish that Bungie would do more events like this in the near future!

10 Roleplaying, Even In Destiny

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In the gaming community, roleplaying is a very unique aspect of many games. But because of the strict lore in Destiny it’s very interesting to see how people use this to make their characters really come to life. In this Whisper confession, the individual has been playing with a group of friends and they’ve always been roleplayers, they have played this game to the point where they’ve made up an entire storyline revolving around their guardians. They have even figured out ways to have history between them. We personally think that they should go out there and publish the story somewhere. If they happen to be reading this, go write that story because we want to read it! Not to mention, it makes us want to go out into the game and develop our own roleplaying history too!

9 Let Her Play What She Wants

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Once again, the prejudice needs to end here! Just because someone is a girl on mic doesn’t mean you can just mansplain to her why she should be playing a different class! Plus, who do these guys think they are? Why would you ever just tell someone to switch their class? It’s a personal choice and how they want to play the game. No one should be telling anyone how to play the game unless that individual actually asks for advice. In any other case, people should let people just do what makes them personally happy while they’re playing a game. Just like the tone of this confession, why can’t people just let people play how they want to play in the first place? Obviously they played that class because that’s what they wanted to play the game as! Just be supportive of everyone!

8 I Will Always Miss Destiny

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It always sucks when life seems to catch up with you and you never have enough time to play Destiny or any other game for that matter. Destiny is a game that really brings a sense of peace. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is seamless. It is a very relaxing game even with the combat. Plus if you’ve been playing since the first game was released, it’s very comforting to be able to keep playing more stories in the same universe. It sucks to feel like you’re just missing out on all the hype and fun because of any reason. Especially since games play a huge role in many individuals lives. Video games can bring so much joy to people who really need it in their life. What games do you wish you could make more time for? What games bring you this same kind of feeling that this person is missing in this Whisper Confession?

7 Anything With Three Eyes, Bye

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Honestly, not that anything was that cute or friendly with three eyes before, but that doesn’t change the fact that this game has really made a ton of people creeped out because of the creatures that are in the game. Just as this person has confessed, this game has really ruined anything that has three eyes. Even the innocent character in Steven Universe is ruined, because she has three eyes! Anything with three eyes just makes us think of the hive and honestly makes us want to scream for help! What kind of creatures or areas of the game creep you out? Have you ever had a nightmare based on something you’ve seen from the game? We would honestly bet money that people have been freaked out so bad it’s driven them to night terrors, because of this game does one thing right, it creates the best creatures and monsters out there!

6 Destiny Is Fun... Period!

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Even though this confession is quite simple, we wanted to include it because of how much fun this game can be. So many people constantly hate on this game series and while some of the individuals do actually have legit concerns and complaints, sometimes you just have to learn how to take a game as it is. Sometimes you just have to learn how to not overthink a video game. It is what it is! If you don’t like a game, be constructive and non-hateful about it, have your opinion and discuss it, but don’t bring it down with negativity and toxic comments. Destiny is fun, and it offers a ton of different ways to play the game a whole as well. It’s very open, and in our opinion a fresh way to play through a game that has very heavy themes with lore and storylines.

5 The Scary Nerf

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It’s a fear we’ve probably all felt in any game we love that has PVP and different classes to play. The nerf. In this specific Whisper confession, this individual was nervous about their class being nerfed. They feel like their nerf is going to be next. This person probably didn’t even realize how overpowered they were compared to the other classes. If you play hardcore with games like this, it can actually cause you a ton of worry because it can completely change your gameplay and how you use the character. Usually one class excels more in either PVP or PVE but they feel like their class excels in both, so they probably are next up in line when it comes to a nerf. Let’s just all say a quick good luck to them!

4 The Taken King Stole Destiny

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Even though biggest DLC TTK came out back when the first game in the series was going strong, we just had to include this Whisper confession because this just goes to show how they change the Destiny games so much with the extra content that it actually pushes away a fraction of the fanbase. Some people can not afford the DLC content, which means they won’t be able to play more into the game and their gear and weapons are basically useless. Other people simply believe that you shouldn’t have to play the DLC or buy it to be able to progress to end game activities. While we love these games, we don’t really appreciate the condition of the end game when Bungie releases new content. It basically turns the game into a pay to play game! Not fair.

3 The Best Team RP

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We just had to include another RP Whisper Confession to this article because of how important it is to build your character. This individual actually writes out different short stories for each of their three guardians. They’ve come up with unique personalities and even replied to this Whisper with what their characters are. They have an overprotective warlock that really watches out for the whole team. There’s an airhead titan, and the third character they’ve created is a calm and shy hunter. These characters are so unique and they work together. They’re an awful fire team when it comes to the actual gameplay, according to this confessor. But they’re all best friends. We’d love to create a massive story for our characters!

2 Luck Is Never On Our Side

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It always seems to turn out like this. You grind all day and night for weeks for a specific exotic weapon or armor piece, and when you finally get it or actually save up and buy it from the rare NPC XUR, luck decides to laugh in your face. You suddenly get a ton of duplicates of the item you grinded for. Talk about frustrating! This has also happened to us countless times, and it gets to the point where you just have to learn how to laugh about it, otherwise you might just continually scream at your TV. We promise that no one ever wants to hear that. This person experienced it multiple times. What a joke!? Even one of the rarest items in the entire game, the Gjallarhorn! What would you do if this happened to you?

1 Hawkmoon Is No Longer Rare

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Remember back in the early days of Destiny, when the Hawkmoon was one of the best weapons you could get in the game!? We sure do, so we totally understand how frustrating it would be to constantly grind repetitive gameplay in the game just to get this gun, then the following week to literally get three of them in a row! That’s one thing about this game we might never understand, not only does this situation happen to a ton of people, but the grinding in the game is so hard because of how repetitive it tends to be. How could you stand to play the same exact thing over and over just to get one gun. Granted ,at the time it was the best gun in the game, but still!

Overall, we hope you had some laughs and relatable moments when reading through this list. Knowing how people really think through confessions is quite interesting and really gets you thinking about how you play the game yourself! What confession was your favorite?

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