20+ Weird (And Wonderful) Thoughts From YouTubers Who Are Hiding Something

We live in a wonderful time, there's no doubt about that. At this point, if you have half a brain and a little bit of charm, you can make a fairly healthy living simply by being a YouTuber. Sure, there are more failure stories than massive successes, but we currently live in an age when people can actually support individuals in a way they never could before. Instead of buying a cable package where you inadvertently help the careers of multiple useless shows, you can lick on a specific individual you want to see more of, and they get rewarded for it. That is as close as we have ever gotten to capitalism actually working, that I can think of. And what makes it beautiful is that as long as you can afford a computer, webcam and an internet connection, any person might become a YouTube sensation.

So with the availability to be internet famous occurring all over the world, it stands to reason that there are going to be a lot of secrets from these YouTubers. And as we have discussed countless times before, the best way to tap into the thick, meaty vein of human secrets is to scour through Whisper Confessions. So if you are one of those folks who think that all YouTubers lead easy and fruitful lives without doing much work, allow me to guide you through the dark underbelly of internet personalities. Maybe this will make you think twice about starting up your video blog.

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36 Maybe When They Grow Up

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If you are at a point in your life where you still worry about whether you have your mother’s permission to do something, you might be a little too young for the something. Or you are Buster Bluth, in which case, you have a lot more problems than I can properly attempt to address. Either way, if you fear your mother’s reprisal about starting a YouTube channel, either ask yourself if you are too young, or be honest with her.

How would a headless YouTube channel even work?

If it’s a drawing tutorial channel, that might actually work. Or maybe you like to unbox stuff, or try on outfits. But seriously, if you need to keep your face hidden on your channel, you might not be ready for the channel at all. You shouldn’t have to hide yourself away from the stuff you create in fear of reprisal. Unless you draw weird fan art.

35 Get A Job!

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It seems like the older a generation is, the more they distrust new technology. You could put as much evidence as was humanly possible in front of their eyes explaining the benefits and successes of that technology, and they would call it a fad. Sometimes they are right, and technological fads fly right out the window. Other times, when something like YouTube has been around for over a decade, they refuse to admit that they were wrong about their prediction.

So when you start making money on something that doesn’t make sense to them, they instantly start saying it isn’t a valid career. You could be pulling in more money than them, but because it isn’t a “legitimate” job, they think that you are just briefly lucking out. Fortunately, you don’t need your parent’s approval to be making fat paycheques, so I would suggest this person just cries all the way to the bank.

34 An Unqualified ...

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People passing away from their own stupidity is one of those weird things where you need to wonder if it is ok to laugh. The loss of a human life is never a funny thing, but someone learning a lesson about their own ignorance is something to be celebrated. So I’m going to go ahead and label this story as bitter sweet.

Unfortunately, people confuse having listeners with having something to say all the time. Having a popular YouTube channel is a great power, and with great power comes great responsibility. You don’t get to go ahead and make outlandish medical claims to further your own agenda. So I don’t know if they genuinely believed they cured their own cancer, or if they were just trying to get more vegans on the Earth, but whatever the reason, using misinformation to get your way is one of the most villainous things I think a person can do.

33 Doesn't Sound Like A Problem To Me

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Funny enough, there’s actually a precedent for entertainers not wearing clothes more than they have to. During the filming of the awesome third installment to the franchise Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, there is a scene where Harrison Ford and Sean Connery have a heart to heart while aboard a zeppelin. The heat was so hot on set for that specific scene, which both Harry and Sean were only filmed from the waste up while they were completely without pants.

There’s a persistent rumor that newscasters do the same thing.

That is genuinely the beauty of moviemaking, that from a completely different angle, the magic is ruined. So if you can make videos while going sans pants, I say go for it. It’s not like I write a majority of these articles while fully clothed. The Internet is a wonderful place where we can create gleaming pieces of art while looking completely disgusting, and our fans are oblivious to all of it.

32 What's The Opposite Of "Public Displays Of Affection?"

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Some internet personalities live out their entire lives in front of the camera. For some reason, huge swathes of the internet are enamored with watching people live out their lives in the most mundane way, all in real time! We get to watch people cook, eat, play video games, review movies, do their taxes, wonder if ghosts exist and contemplate the emptiness of existence, and this all counts as entertainment now.

I couldn't imagine breaking up on camera.

I am not a pleasant person during a breakup. it is never a stoic farewell why I trudge off into the sunset, there's usually a lot of shouting and some regretful words said. I feel vulnerable and emotional during breakups, and that is definitely not something I am confident enough to do in front of thousands of viewers. That being said, I would totally watch somebody else's break up occur on YouTube.

31 The Curse Of Beauty

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We tend to view beautiful people as having easier lives, and most data tends to back that up. So whenever classically attractive people bemoan how hard it is being as good-looking as they are, the complaint tends to fall on deaf ears. But a common complaint amongst the stunning people is that they tend not to get taken as seriously as they uglier counterparts.

You can see how this would be frustrating for a YouTuber.

If you have something to say, and you desperately want to be heard, but people can’t get past how awesome your face is, it can be frustrating. You might even accrue a huge fan base, thinking that you were actually touching the lives of all these people, but they were only tuning in to ogle your good looks. And truthfully, I don’t have a legitimate solution to this kind of problem, apart from keeping your good looks and your message separate from each other, to see if it can survive on its’ own merits.

30 Secret Support

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I’m not sure how to feel about this kind of confession. On the one hand, it is adorable that a girl is dedicated to preserving their boyfriend's dream enough to go through all that trouble. I have difficulty managing my real life accounts on the Internet, so it’s gotta’ be a huge pain to manage fake ones. And sure, seeing positive results will probably motivate her boyfriend to keep making videos, and they will probably increase in quality the more he does them.

But he isn’t getting realistic feedback.

When you create something and you don’t get the results you desire, you look at what might have gone wrong and attempt to fix it. Maybe as a YouTuber, he would try to be funnier, or change the kind of video games he plays. If the girlfriend is skewing his numbers to make him seem more popular, he isn’t going to learn from his mistakes, because he won’t be aware he is even making any.

29 A Pleasant Distraction

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This is a little different from most of the other “lonely” Whisper Confessions you come across. Most people actually just spend endless hours looking at YouTube videos to distract themselves from the crushing pain of feeling all alone in the world. It’s a nice change of pace to see someone actually putting themselves out there as a distraction, which seems like a slightly more healthy outlet for that kind of emotion. Slightly.

You still can’t help but feel bad for them.

Some people just aren’t lucky enough to be able to have a close social circle to surround themselves with. Most people don’t realize how much of a privilege and luxury it is to have loved ones. So I genuinely hope that this YouTuber finds someone, or even a few people, to help alleviate that lonely feeling, but in the meantime, creating art is actually a pretty good way to deal with those dark feelings.

28 Why Would They?

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Somebodies orientation is a huge part of their identity, there’s no arguing that. But it isn’t the kind of thing that needs to be said, unless you feel the need to. I feel like I have no idea what my favorite Internet celebrities prefer romantically, and I’m ok not knowing. I know that huge sections of the Internet can be bigoted and small-minded, so it makes sense that you might want to keep your orientation to yourself so as to avoid any vitriol from those jerks.

I guess my biggest question is why this person thought it would be important for them to not know? Is their fan base made up of people who would be less than accepting of their lifestyle, and if so, is that the kind of fan base you really want? Or do they play it up as a straight girl just so they can pull in male viewers who think they have a shot with her. Actually, that makes a lot of sense.

27 Why Can't Life Be Easy?

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There’s a lot to unpack from this confession, so I’m just going to dive right in. This person has an unhealthy obsession with being famous. This person doesn’t even want to be successful, or entertain people, they just want to love of strangers. I feel like they were probably not hugged enough/hugged a little too much as a kid. Fame and notoriety always seemed like such a weird thing to want, because it seems so one-sided and intangible.

There’s also the fact that they turned to Whisper Confessions to ask why it’s so hard to get that kind of fame. Which means that going into their foray as a YouTuber, they thought it was going to be easy to delight thousands of people. Notice how they only asked about becoming famous on YouTube, not as a television actor or a musician. No, they specifically thought that YouTube rewards any old dummy who slaps themselves in front of a camera.

26 On The Cutting Room Floor

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As someone who experienced a small amount of success while at film school, I can tell you that the actual filming of a movie makes up a small fraction of the actual movie making process. Most of the time is spent in the editing room (in my experience) since you will probably have multiple good shots that you need to pick from. Plus there will be tiny imperfections, sneezes, sniffles, coughs, background noise, etc. that need to be cut from the finished product to make it glow.

The editing of the footage controls the narrative.

Many YouTubers have the rare honor of having to edit their own work, which mostly consists of them, so they will be extra careful to remove any footage that makes them look less than perfect. So unless it’s the kind of YouTube content that requires very little editing, like a Let’s Play, you may find yourself spending hours snipping together the perfect shot.

25 They Just Don't Understand

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Technology has been advancing in leaps and bounds in these past few decades, so there are always some weird generational gaps when it comes to jobs. I personally have a tough time explaining that I can actually make a living writing for a video game website, and then linking those people to an article I wrote that has nothing to do with video games. There are so many failure stories of people trying something new on the Internet that you just sort of assume that every time someone takes a risk, it means they are an idiot.

The truth of the matter is that people on YouTube who find some actual success actually manage to pull in a decent living for themselves. But good luck explaining that to a career salesman who thinks that this whole “Internet” thing is a bubble that is about to burst. Which we all know could never happen, right?

24 Kids Are Weird

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All right, this was a weird one for me. For one, it made me feel really old, since when I was twelve YouTube didn’t exist. Second, it also reminded me of how stupid I was at twelve, and how much I would pretend to be a marginally successful adult. Also a pirate, I definitely had a pirate phase right around that time.

What’s super weird is how low the kid set the bar.

This kid isn’t even dreaming of being movie famous, he was dreaming of being YouTube famous, And I’m not saying that is an invalid notion, I’m just shocked at how different the priorities of the kids are these days. Since the people that wow them the most in their day-to-day lives are YouTubers, that’s the kind of person they fantasize being, which is actually kind of cool. It’s neat watching priorities change along with technology, and it makes me excited for the future.

23 Change With The Times

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This is one of my favorite confessions in the whole list. It shows how advances in technology change how we view our entertainment, our goals and our priorities. I grew up watching a lot of television, but now I don’t even own cable, and frankly, I don’t miss it. Between YouTube, Netflix and streaming old movies, I have all the media I need. This is a person, who realizes that they had a goal, but all they needed to do was tweak it slightly to match the modern era, and they could achieve it easier.

Maybe YouTube will replace television altogether.

I don’t know what the future has in store, but I can tell you that people are getting increasingly fed up with having to pay for channels on their television that they never watch. With the Internet, you get a certain amount of data, and you can spend that on only the stuff you find worthwhile, and that seems like a better system to me.

22 The Look Of Disappointment

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It’s a right of passage that your family is going to be disappointed in your life choices. Of course, I could be showing a bit of bias here because my parents never pictured me making a living off of list articles. That being said, history is full of people who found success by insisting they go their own way and not just walking along the path set before them by their family.

If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.

I’m not suggesting you fill your life with blind optimism, but it is important to truly follow what you believe, otherwise, you will always be resentful of the choices you never got to make for yourself. Of course, you should still acknowledge when things are not working out, and if you are still making YouTube videos while living with your parents at the age of forty, it may be time to hang up your webcam and get an office job.

21 A Marriage Of Convenience

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People will always do wacky things for money. Gold diggers of many genders have existed for millions of years, and I truthfully don’t think it’s that awful of a thing. If you are willing to sacrifice a happy, actual relationship in order to further their career, that seems like a valid transaction. So in the burgeoning world of YouTube couples (which I am assured is a thing) there are bound to be a few people faking their chemistry just to get more viewers.

If both parties know it’s fake, seems like a good idea.

I mean, how is it different from anyone else sacrificing their time and happiness to make a paycheque? I think a huge chunk of the world debase themselves to make ends meet, so why should that end at pretending to be in love? Although I suppose it is morally questionable to lead your audience into believing something false.

20 The Fame Game

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Wow, this is the kind of confession you would expect from old Hollywood stories, full of betrayal. You don’t really picture zany Internet personalities being the kind of people to feign friendship and intimacy just to further their careers. But the sad fact of the matter is that there will always be manipulative, awful people in every profession, and you shouldn’t assume that any walk of life will be devoid of that kind of evil.

That being said, you should also have a bit of a thicker skin when it comes to the entertainment industry. For a YouTuber, you are your own brand, so you need to make a lot of deals and compromises in order to further develop that same brand. Sometimes that means putting on a brave face and pretending to be someone’s friend in front of a camera, just so you can get a few more clicks. Maybe they can just be a little more upfront about their motivation for the collaboration, though.

19 Get Off My Back Already

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The greatest thing about YouTube is that for the most part, it is free. Sure, we have to sacrifice some of our time to adverts (someone once told me that when something is free, the actual product being sold is you) but that seems like a small price to pay for billions of hours of free content. Still, people can be awful and entitled, so when you are told you are getting free content on a certain day and it doesn’t show up, you may feel the need to lash out at the content creator.

This is known as being a brat.

What makes these people feel like they deserve free content at all, let alone quality content from a specific artist in a timely manner? Just be grateful you live in a time where you get these kinds of awesome treats at all. If you really feel the need to say anything at all, why not just check in with the artist and see what it is that is making them miss their deadline. You know, out of concern, not out of entitlement.

18 A Digital Community

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If you've spent more than four minutes on the internet, you've noticed that whole communities can forge unhealthy attachments to complete strangers. And while this may not be overly rewarding for the fans, for the person being admired, it must be a huge boost to the ego. And much like a superhero's secret identity, there can be a huge discrepancy between who you are to your close circle of friends and family versus who you are to the public at large.

It's always nice to be appreciated.

I think this can be a huge boon, especially when people are way more awkward or reclusive in real life than in front of a camera. To feel accepted and cared about is a great feeling, and is missing from a lot of people's lives, so if you can find a way to substitute it in a healthy way, I say go for it.

17 The Classic Self Doubt

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It’s pretty cliché at this point to point out that most great artists end up hating their work shortly after they are finished. And yes, I very much consider being a YouTuber an art form, since they create their own content from soup to nuts. It takes a lot of bravery to put yourself out there, and it takes a combination of bravery and skill to put yourself out there in a way people will enjoy.

So I’ll give advice that absolutely nobody asked for: go ahead and hate your own art. You can doubt yourself until the cows come home. Consider yourself the worst entertainer. But under no circumstances do you ever let that stop you from making the art. Be worried people will hate it, and then put it out there for them to hate. Let people make up their own mind, because more often than not, you are your own worst critic and you will be more rewarded than anything for getting that art out into people’s minds.

16 Color Me Skeptical

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Despite someone who also makes their living on the Internet in a career that most wouldn’t consider profitable, I shouldn’t be so cynical when I hear about success stories from YouTube. It is entirely possible for people to become millionaires simply by running a channel with consistent output. But those success stories did not happen within a couple of months, and required establishing a huge fan base.

Hearing this kind of immediate success almost seems like a con.

Is this person trying to sell us on becoming YouTube content creators ourselves by throwing up fake stats? Do they work for YouTube? What do they have to gain from this kind of deception? And could they have chosen a more annoying and pretentious picture for their background? And why does this constitute a Whisper Confession? How are you ashamed of this, unless, of course, it is an obvious and transparent lie?

15 Personal Brand

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I’ll admit I’m one of those people who hate when someone on YouTube tries to self-promote their own stuff. And I’ll admit that makes me a jerk, because I’m trying to dictate how I want my free content to be run, and for wanting people to succeed less. It also makes me a hypocrite since I self-promote all the times, since half of the links I provide in my articles lead to other articles I have written. I’ve done it elsewhere in this article, and I’m doing it right now when I tell you to check out my latest article about superhero logic.

YouTube is a brand new beast where the only way to get a modicum of success is to shamelessly try to get people to watch as much of your stuff as possible, and we should be more forgiving. If you agree, feel free to like and share this article with your friends!

14 What A Confession

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When I make these kinds of articles, I usually like to have the list full of juicy tidbits of people’s darkest secrets. But then you come across a user that clearly has no idea how to properly use Whisper Confessions. This is supposed to be a digital space where you get stuff off your chest anonymously, not waste everyone’s time talking about how wonderful your life is. Seriously, there is a 100% chance that the person who posted this will not shut up about how great their career is in real life.

There’s no need to whisper this.

The only conceivable way I can picture someone whispering this is because they couldn’t say it to the people they know, because their immediate friends and family know that they aren’t actually all that successful. If that’s the case, then this whisper is a lie and the poster should go take a long, hard look at their life if they need to anonymously lie to strangers on the Internet.

13 The Best Revenge Is Living Well

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We all love an underdog story. To hear about someone who got bullied in school eventually find the kind of success that makes the bullies of the past turn green with envy, that encourages everyone who was ever bullied. It also allows us to be slightly petty, because we all know that revenge is wrong, but when you achieve revenge by acting like a good person, well, that’s eating your cake and having it too.

Rub your success in their faces.

They tell you it isn’t nice to gloat, and for the most part, that’s true, but when the other person was a poor sport from the get-go, it might be forgivable to revel and bask in the fact that they go what was coming to them. Although, hear me out, 2001 views on YouTube seems like an awfully low number for someone to be lording over the heads of their enemies.

12 What Was That?

via: whisper.sh

When I started this list, I was not expecting to come across a low-key horror premise. And as someone who absolutely loves horror, I gotta’ say, this is a frightening experience. This kind of thing happens in movies all the time, where someone will go back over old photographs or footage, and see or hear something they didn’t notice at the time. It’s a cool plot twist in a movie, and it is absolutely horrifying in real life.

Was it a ghost?

As someone with a soft spot for the supernatural, my immediate reaction was to think that it was a ghost. I didn’t entertain the idea that it might be someone being heard through a wall, or even the far more logical conclusion, that this Whisper Confession was completely made up. The dreamer in me likes to imagine that a weird and fantastic story unfolded as this YouTuber delved a little deeper into the mystery.

11 The Magic Of Editing

via: whisper.sh

Some people are meant to be performers, but only for a specific art. We wouldn’t expect a master ventriloquist to win an Oscar, and we wouldn’t expect a break-dancer to paint the Sistine Chapel. There’s also a wide array of different kinds of actors. Some actors are built to get something done in one take, which makes them ideal for live broadcasts or low budget films. Other people can’t help but flub their lines a few times before they land on the perfect take.

It’s ok to make mistakes.

Pre Recorded performances are extremely forgiving, allowing you to make multiple mistakes before you land on the perfect finished product. This isn’t to say that you are worth more or less than someone who gets it right on the first take; art is subjective, and whatever road leads you to something masterful is the right road for you to take. Trust me.

10 A Meteoric Rise To Fame

via: whisper.sh

I really do appreciate the self-awareness of this kind of confession, because you can genuinely feel the sarcasm in that last line. Sure, it feels good to have thousands of views, but the world is huge, and those views mean next to nothing unless you can replicate them over and over again. So an over-inflated sense of self-worth is always funny when the success is so minuscule.

Still, the joke is something of a cautionary tale. I have seen a lot of Internet personalities walk around with an undeserved sense of accomplishment because they don’t realize how small of an audience they actually have. Seeing the number 1000 is a huge boost to the ego, despite the fact that means very little, especially when you monetize those fans with a fraction of a cent per person. So it is always a good idea to not let fame go to your head, but it’s an especially good idea to actually appreciate how little fame you have.

9 The Adoring Crowd

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Elsewhere on this list, we find people who are desperately trying to find their way to stardom. They want nothing more than to become Internet famous and to have millions of people they have never met adore them constantly. This is not one of those people. This is someone who realizes that fame can sometimes not be all it is cracked up to be. It isn’t easy being idolized all the time (some of the time can be nice, though.)

Be careful what you wish for.

When you get bombarded with people who adore you because of your online persona, you tend to feel like nobody is actually seeing you. It also doesn’t help when you need to unwind and not be in character, when you get mobbed with people who only want to see you as your most famous self. Fame is all well and good, but it can be quite a burden.

8 Keep Your Eye On The Prize

via: whisper.sh

Judging by this person’s inability to pair their sub-par Whisper Confession with an interesting image, I don’t have a lot of confidence in their ability to create a worthwhile YouTube channel. I know that makes me quick to judge, but that color of green is an assault on the sense, and what they wrote is so painfully boring it borders on insulting.

Of course, you wonder if you are going to make it.

Any healthy person that isn’t a raging narcissist wonders if they are going to make it. Sure, you can have confidence and tell yourself that if you put in the hours, the brains and the talent, you’ll get when you are going, but those doubts exist in anyone. They exist so commonly and so openly inside the hearts of every artist, that it is pointless to suggest that yours are unique. This isn’t a Whisper Confession, this is a person trying to admit they don’t have what it takes, without having the courage to call it quits.

7 Not A Success Story

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Fame is a fickle mistress, with some people stumbling into it easily, while others bust their hump for ages only to come up empty-handed. It’s hard to predict what exactly is going to tickle the fancy of the masses, so you can try for ages without ever breaking into the world of being a celebrity. So at what point is it acceptable to give up on your dreams?

Maybe try a different approach.

Maybe YouTube fame isn’t for you. Or maybe you work better as a writer instead of in front of the camera. Or maybe the opposite is true. Or maybe, and this is incredibly sad to say, you don’t have what it takes. That’s an incredibly hard lesson to learn, and it flies in the face of everything we learned from uplifting movies, but honestly, not everyone is cut out to be incredible. Sure, you can be incredible in your own way, but you may never be incredible in the way that gets you a hoard of fans or money.

6 Life Isn't All Fun And Games

via: whisper.sh

Having a career you love is always the end goal when trying to plan out a career. After all, having a passion for what you are doing will usually result in you doing a better job. The thing of it is, though, is that job satisfaction tends to have highs and lows, so you shouldn’t just pack up and leave the moment something stops being fun. I like making fun of people on the Internet, and I love being paid for it, but sometimes, you need to write an article about The Big Bang Theory.

It’s fine to occasionally be frustrated with a job you like.

Maybe it’s different for a YouTuber, and maybe they were never looking to make YouTube a source of actual income, but I still think it applies to art. You may not be making money on your art, and you may be getting frustrated with how much work it is taking to crank out a new piece, but giving up seems like the easy way out.

5 The Pain Is Too Much

via: whisper.sh

I love the insincere comparison this Whisperer is using with their picture. The supreme loss of hope that Furiosa felt in that scene in Mad Max: Fury Road has to be miles more excruciating than the loss of a single subscriber on YouTube. I’m not saying it doesn’t suck, of course, it’s a blow to your ego, but it’s a pretty small blow.

How few subscribers did they have to begin with?

I don’t have much of a YouTube presence, I mostly just have a few short horror films on there, and I don’t think I have any subscribers. That being said, I don’t even think you get alerted when you lose a subscriber. This person has to be actively watching the number of subscribers they have, in order to notice the loss of a single one. Which means they are fairly preoccupied with being famous or seen, which isn’t exactly a motivation I respect or feel bad for.

4 A Secret Identity

via: whisper.sh

I’m going to level with you, I genuinely identify with this fear all the time. There have been countless times where I wanted to work on a new art project, but I get entirely too worried that people I know will see the finished product. And it isn’t so much that I worry about being made fun of (although I absolutely do worry about that) but I worry about them seeing a side of me, my artistic side, and viewing me differently.

Creating art involves putting yourself out there.

Of course, this is so much worse when you are younger, because children are all psychopathic monsters who prey on the first sign of weakness. Schools are breeding grounds for bullies because the world has fewer consequences, and most people haven’t grown into having a working conscience yet. So, of course, there are going to be YouTubers who want to try something new, put a piece of themselves out on the internet, but they fear the backlash that the awful people of the world might throw at them.

3 Haters Gonna' Hate

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Getting teased is a truly awful experience, especially when you can’t fully understand why you are being teased. For someone to create a YouTube channel, they must think that they have some videos that people will like. But when they put them out there, they get teased by the people they know, so where did they go wrong? Sadly, the honest answer is that kids will tease people for completely arbitrary reasons.

I shouldn’t even say it is only kids that do this, most adults do too. If you ever show a passion for something that another person doesn’t enjoy, some people see that as an opportunity to mock someone. They lose sight that almost everything under the sun that people enjoy is arbitrary, from video games to football, and to focus in on something that you don’t understand just shows how insecure you are. Of course, I’m not saying every YouTube channel out there doesn’t deserve to be made fun of. Making fun of things is half of my career.

2 Honesty Is The Best Policy

via: whisper.sh

While I can totally get behind the notion of creating YouTube content to simply pay the bills, I do think that this confession has a small problem with it. There is nothing wrong with being an entertainer for money. As long as nobody gets hurt, I don’t have a problem with literally any profession. The world is a complex, weird and difficult place, and having money makes it less difficult, at least in this day and age. So if you have a talent for charming people over the Internet, tap into that and pad your bank account.

But who “needs” fame?

Maybe it was just poor wording, but it seems like this YouTuber is claiming that they actually need fame, which actually sounds like a really unhealthy attitude to have. To be dependent on the adoration of others, especially strangers who have no impact on your life, is the sign of some serious emotional baggage.

1 A Small Miracle

via: whisper.sh

I think we have all been there. Where the stars align and some miraculous thing prevents you from looking like a complete idiot. We all get emotional when we have imbibed too much, so combine that state of vulnerability with access to the Internet, and you have a recipe for disaster. There are countless videos already out there of people at their lowest people, which people then turn into gifs and remixes for the delight of the masses.

I should probably start turning my Wi-Fi off on Fridays.

I have to imagine that the temptation for a YouTuber to get in front of the camera while drinking has to be pretty strong. Most of the equipment you need is already right there in your home, and now you suddenly have a newfound sense of confidence that is missing during most of your filming sessions. There’s nobody to stop you from making a career-ending mistake.

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