25 Weird Custom Amiibos (That Shouldn’t Exist)

The Amiibo craze may have faded, but that hasn’t stopped many creative minds from taking Nintendo’s concept and using it to make figures of a slew of new characters. Amiibo have been the perfect canvas for many creative minds to stretch their skills and show off new figures and variations that would otherwise never get Amiibo.

Custom Amiibo have become quite a hot topic as well. Some of the most impressive designers have made Amiibo for Masahiro Sakurai, all eight of the Koopalings, and even Fierce Deity Link. There is no limit to what people can do with their own Amiibo, and it’s usually exciting to see what people come up with.

However, that comes with a bit of a caveat. There are many creative people who decide to create Amiibo that are just plain weird. While there’s certainly a logic behind their custom figures, we can’t help but wonder why these figures were made. They just strike us as odd. They’re not necessarily bad, on the contrary many are very well-crafted and realized. They’re just weird choices that leave us scratching our heads.

Custom Amiibo have led to some of the most interesting figures of all time, but they have also been the subject of a lot of weird characters too. Here are 25 weird custom Amiibo that probably shouldn’t exist. We mean no disrespect to the creators of these figures, though, as many of them clearly put a lot of time and effort into their projects. We encourage readers to check some of them out too, as some figures on the list are being sold.

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25 Watch Out, It's Dankey Kang

via cheezburger.com

This Dankey Kang Amiibo is based on the classic Jeopardy meme. In true Dankey Kang fashion, this custom Amiibo is blue and is holding rings in both of his fists. It’s just a weird choice for a custom Amiibo. Just look at his eyes and how they’re looking in different directions. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a well-made figure, but it’s just such a weird choice when people have used that Amiibo to make exciting characters like Funky Kong in the past.

Artist: superlegend

24 Frog Mario Looks A Bit Weird

via destructoid.com

Frog Mario is a power-up from Super Mario Bros 3, but seeing it work over the Super Smash Bros Mario just looks a bit off. The frog suit looked fine back in the NES, but it certainly has a weird aesthetic now. The figure has a notable lack of detail (a fault of the suit not appearing since the NES), making it look like our favorite plumber is wearing some kind of bizarre onesie. Those eyes at the top of the head are also a bit creepy.

Artist: penguins4peace

23 We Wouldn't Play Luigi Kart

via dorkly.com

This Amiibo would probably win the award for most creative use of an existing Amiibo. It takes the Super Smash Bros Luigi Amiibo and turns it into a go-kart. Driving said kart is none other than Luigi himself. Of course, he has the angry look from Mario Kart 8 that became such a hit meme. While the kart is certainly self-indulgent, it’s definitely a weird sight to behold.

This is why the game was never called “Luigi Kart.”

No one needs to see that.

Artist: StephenJPlant

22 Pikadorf Isn't What Dreams Are Made Of

via dorkly.com

When bringing two Nintendo characters together and mashing them up, Pikachu and Ganondorf probably aren’t high up on that list. Yet, there are some people who had the idea and went with it. Seeing Pikachu all decked out to look like the King of Evil is bizarre. It’s well-made, but we have to wonder what the thought process was behind it. Somebody not only came up with the concept but had to design it in a 3D space with custom additions and everything.

Artist: edjkamiibo

21 Shrek. Just, Shrek.

via dorkly.com

It was only a matter of time before Shrek got his own Amiibo. Based on a Wario Amiibo, one brave soul added some ears and painted it to look like a miniature version of everyone’s favorite ogre. While we have to admire the work that went into this one, this is clearly an Amiibo that happened simply because of a meme. It probably shouldn’t exist as a custom Amiibo, yet here we are. People are still wanting him to secretly be in Super Smash Bros someday.

Artist: The Game Changers

20 Joy-Con Puppy... Cute Or Weird?

via etsy.com

Many people have pointed out that the Joy-Con attached to the grip looks like a puppy face. Someone decided to go the extra mile with that joke and created a dog amiibo with a Joy-Con grip for a head. Based on the skeleton of the Duck Hunt Amiibo, it’s impressive to see so much work put into this. At the same time, it’s awfully weird to see a dog with a controller head as an actual figure. If you like it, though, it’s for sale at Etsy.

Artist: Akshop08

19 Finn And Jake, Perhaps?

via flickr.com

As lovable as Finn and Jake are, seeing them proportionally altered over Toon Link’s body is a bit odd. If you’re not familiar with the characters, it might look exceptionally strange if not a bit creepy.

However, we have to praise the work that went into this one.

Our favorite part is the shield turned into Jake complete with his trademark jowls extending from the face. Long live the wondrous Adventure Time, may its legacy last years beyond the delightful show.

Artist: NintendorkCorner

18 Samus? Is That You?

via forums.somethingawful

Imagine if you played Metroid Prime but unlocked a cheat where it would make her head and arm-cannon massive. It’d be a strange sight, but that’s about all there is to this custom Samus Amiibo. Altered with a massive head with nightmarish eyes and lips, there’s no unseeing this Amiibo once you’ve laid eyes on it. We’re not sure why this was made or what the reasoning was behind its design, but it’s weird and it probably shouldn’t exist. End of story.

Artist: edjka3

17 Dragon Kong Z

via imgur.com

Donkey Kong and Great Ape seem to be two children that come from the same family, so there’s at least a train of thought when it comes to this Amiibo. Turning Donkey Kong into Great Ape, it’s a bit of an odd transition with awkward proportions.

Furthermore, the face almost brings about some vibes from Alf.

It’s a fine piece of work, though, and Dragon Ball fans are sure to be happy with the results. It’s still weird to see such a sinister face on Donkey Kong’s body.

Artist: Mendizle

16 The Mighty Jigglypuff

via imgur.com

Of all the crossovers, you would never imagine that Thor and Jigglypuff would meet in the same world. However, that didn’t stop one artist from designing this Jigglypuff based on the Jane Foster Thor from Marvel Comics. It’s certainly a weird combination that doesn’t seem to have any reasonable thought behind it. At least with a Pikachu/Thor hybrid, they both share the power of electricity. Jigglypuff and Thor have no commonalities, which makes this Amiibo strange. At least we know she’s worthy of the hammer.

Artist: Pangotron

15 Mario Dent

via imgur.com

The reason this Amiibo made the list is mostly for its dark side. Stare into the yellow eye and twisted smile long enough, and you’ll probably have nightmares for a few days. Modeling Mario after Two Face from DC Comics doesn’t fit all that well. The execution is certainly impressive, but it’s a weird mix that probably shouldn’t exist. It’s also especially unsettling when you realize that it’s based off the standard Mario Amiibo, who is known for his happy pose and unflinching positive attitude.

Artist: DaEverP

14 Torbjorn

via imgur.com

Being one of the most popular competitive games, Overwatch was guaranteed to get its own custom Amiibo at some point. While basing Torbjorn off of Wario’s model sounds like the best fit, the result ends up feeling quite strange.

While all the details are shockingly accurate, Wario’s face doesn’t fit Torbjorn very well

It makes Torbjorn seem like some sort of treasure-hungry villain rather than a persistent builder who annoyingly gets extra eliminations every match.

Artist: Mordo85

13 Sneasel Mimikyu

via imgur.com

This custom Amiibo gets extra points because of how much farther it went from the initial concept. What we mean by that is there are plenty of Mimikyu Amiibo. Not only is this a Mimikyu Amiibo, but it imagines a new form for the character by modeling a shiny Sneasel of all Pokémon (not even a regular one). It’s a seriously strange choice. Pokémon fans might appreciate a new form for Mimikyu, it just seems a bit weird when all is said and done.

Artist: BrindleWookie

12 Sans Looks Strange

via imgur.com

A Sans Amiibo was always a matter of time. The reason this one made it to the list is because of how it is proportioned. While the colors are all accurate, modeling this Amiibo after Ness made the head for the character much larger than the rest of the body. It’s a bit unfortunate that Sans and Undertale have become memes, but that is the world we live in. Had the Amiibo been a bit more evenly proportioned, we might not have put it on the list.

Artist: KrysinColor

11 Trainer Mario

via imgur.com

While a creative idea, it’s a bit of a weird twist to see Mario as a Pokémon trainer with a Zubat on his shoulder. The joke written on the stand is funny, but we’re not sure the Amibo would work without that text. Without a proper Pokémon Trainer Amiibo, it makes sense that Mario would be used. That said, the mix is still quite strange, especially with Mario’s new eyes painted on. The Zubat model is nice, though, so we’ll give credit where credit is due.

Artist: Sai257

10 PG Bane

via imgur.com

Toad was always a nice, blank canvas for artists to design their own Amiibo. However, we didn’t expect that a mashup between Toad and The Dark Knight Rises would ever become a reality. Here we are with a Toad Amiibo that’s altered to look like Bane from the film. It’s a weird choice that makes us see Toad in a completely different light. Of all the characters to add to Toad’s design, this never crossed our minds as a logical choice.

Artist: Sai257

9 Sanic

via: twitter.com

With Sonic the Hedgehog already in Super Smash Bros with his own Amiibo, everyone was just waiting for the day that a Sanic Amiibo would be made. It’s bizarre that Sanic exists as a meme, and seeing it realized as an Amiibo is weird, to say the least.

Making the figure feel even weirder is that uncomfortable box art in the background.

At least the artist went for a custom figure to represent Sanic instead of trying to use the Sonic Amiibo as a base.

Artist: Tay.Kinja

8 Peridot

via pinterest.com

With Steven Universe being one of Cartoon Network’s most popular shows, we suppose it makes sense that one of its characters would eventually get a custom Amiibo. That said, the reality of a Peridot Amiibo designed with a Mega Man Amiibo as its base is a bit odd. The artist went for the limb enhancers of Peridot with Mega Man’s structure, but the shortened proportions make the entire design feel a bit unbalanced as a result. It’s just a weird choice for an Amiibo.

Artist: oddpenguinart

7 Spring Yoshi

via pinterest.com

As if a Five Nights at Freddy’s Amiibo couldn’t get any creepier, imagine Spring Trap’s head over Yoshi’s body.

This Amiibo is bizarre from top to bottom.

Not only is the head every bit as horrifying and uncomfortable as you’d expect but seeing it over the cutesy body of Yoshi makes it all the worse. It’s a weird Amiibo that shouldn’t exist. Amiibo based on those characters should probably use their own models instead of piggybacking off of colorful Nintendo characters.

Artist: edjkamiibo

6 Foxy

via polygon.com

Five Nights at Freddy’s made it as a seriously popular video game franchise, so seeing a custom Amiibo comes as no surprise. However, there’s something straight up odd about this Foxy Amiibo. Its eyes aren’t aligned, and its body seemed unbalanced at best. The whole thing feels not only like a bootleg Amiibo, but like a bootleg figure in general. Nonetheless, the artist still managed to give it its own box, which makes the whole thing feel that much weirder.

Artist: Captain_Wayne

5 The Electric Knight

via rainbowburst.com

For some reason, Pikachu has been a popular character to give outfits to. There is tons of art online showing Pikachu dressed as many different superheroes, but now we have an Amiibo where the electric mouse is dressed as Batman. As cool as it is, the idea of a Batman/Pikachu hybrid is quite weird. It’s a nice touch to see new arms be added over the Super Smash Bros Pikachu Amiibo, though. It’s a nicely done figure, but a weird concept to say the least.

Artist: Rainbowburst

4 Furby Of The Stars

via reddit.com

Of all the characters you’d expect to get a custom Amiibo, Furby was probably not anywhere on your radar. Nonetheless, someone decided that it was high-time this weird toy got its chance as an Amiibo. With a Kirby Amiibo as its base, it’s safe to say that the Furby Amiibo is weird and unsettling to look at. Furbys were never good-looking toys, to begin with (their Gremlin-like designs always being a bit uncomfortable to see), but this Amiibo takes it to a whole new level.

Artist: Captain_Wayne

3 Sonic The Mousehog

via technabob.com

Sonic and Pikachu have faced each other in the same game before, but never have they come together to form a single character. Let’s be the first to say that Sonic and Pikachu don’t make for an attractive design when combined. This Amiibo just feels weird and honestly like another one of those Sonic OCs that people seem to love and hate so much.

The figure itself is well-made, but it’s just a weird choice for an Amiibo.

It would be an odd addition to any display shelf.

Artist: Jin Saotome

2 Shulk Or Lucas?

via tumblr.com

If this were a ranked list, this Amiibo would probably make the top spot. Whereas a lot of the Amiibo on this list at least have some design work put into them, this one is just strange. It just takes the body of a Shulk Amiibo and slams the head from a Lucas Amiibo on top. That’s it. Not only is the Amiibo weird on a conceptual level but having those two characters in the same body make the whole figure feel disproportionate. That’s all without mentioning that someone had to decapitate a Shulk Amiibo to create this monstrosity.

Artist: Mother3Garbage

1 Bowsette

via twitter.com

The recent Bowsette character eventually made her time as a custom Amiibo using the Super Smash Bros Peach Amiibo as a base. Let’s all admit that the reveal of Peachette in New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe was taken too far by the internet. The whole Bowsette thing exploded beyond what anyone expected. The fact that such an Amiibo exists is just proof that the internet knows exactly how to take a joke too far. If Nintendo makes her an official character, that’ll be a dark day.

Artist: GandaKris

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