25 Weird Custom Nintendo Consoles (That Shouldn’t Exist)

Over the years we have seen plenty of fantastic custom modifications done to various video game systems. Even though I personally prefer my consoles to maintain their sleek and modern design, I can’t help but be impressed by some of the incredible ways that modders have recreated a console's look. Retro consoles are certainly the most popular systems to modify and Nintendo has been no stranger to having complete console design overhauls from gamers around the world.

Specifically, older consoles tend to be more drab and boring when compared to their more modern counterparts, so earlier Nintendo consoles have definitely gotten their fair share of love from custom designers. While earlier consoles tend to get more attention from the modding community, plenty of newer Nintendo systems have gotten a decent amount of attention as well, including the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, just because someone can redesign a video game console does not necessarily mean they should.

Even though we have seen plenty of great custom designs in our time, some of these custom systems are a complete eye sore and make us wonder what was going through the person’s head when they designed it. Sure, true art is in the eye of the beholder and while some people might like these strange off the wall designs, we can’t help but think that these Nintendo consoles should have been left alone. With that said, here are some of the weirdest custom Nintendo designs we’ve seen.

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25 Toasty!

via: orderoftrinityblog.wordpress.com

In the world of custom console designs, I have seen plenty of bizarre creations. I’m just not sure why somebody felt the need to insert an NES into an old Sunbeam toaster. It actually works out pretty well as far as the design goes, and if Nintendo went this route originally, I probably wouldn’t have any complaints. But knowing that a perfectly good toaster was ruined for the cause is a little bit disheartening. If the game cartridges eject like toast popping out, however, I might change my tune.

24 Redefining Portable Gaming

via: onextrapixel.com

Speaking of combining old NESs with other random objects, this Nintendo and sneaker hybrid gives a whole new meaning to portable gaming. I get that packing up your console to take on the go is the absolute worst, but these kicks look absolutely gross and I can’t imagine running around in this fragile hardware would do much good for your video game system. Maybe if the second sneaker had a portable television screen on it, we could consider these useful.

23 Because Black Is Just Too Dull

via: dorkly.com

Who ever said that all video game consoles need to be colored black? It’s not even a real color! While some consoles have debunked that trend over the year, specifically the Nintendo 64, we haven’t seen many companies take big risks as big as this one. Credit must be given to the excellent paint job on this console… we just don’t really see this vibrant floral design meshing well with technology and the subject matter of most video games on the consoles. Regardless, I’m sure that there are plenty out there that would adore this!

22 A Combo We'll Never See


Have you ever wished that your old consoles could combine together to create one big retro console? Well, it seems like that is completely doable with the right Lego set on hand. Simply by stacking an SNES on top of an Xbox and enclosing the two in a Lego fortress, the two different brandings can finally become one. Too bad that the design looks gross. At least Nintendo and Microsoft would be able to share Rare video games on the same box!

21 More Bling For Your Rupee

via: onextrapixel.com

Admittedly, I don’t want to hate this Legend of Zelda Wii mod. I’m all for Nintendo products being decked out in that traditional Zelda gold and this design might actually work if it were done with just a solid gold plate and logo. Unfortunately, it looks like someone time traveled back to the 90s and went a little crazy with a bedazzler. I understand the appeal of gold looking items, but in reality, these shimmering gold devices just look gaudy. Let’s keep the gold for the jewelry.

20 This Deserves To Be Smashed

via: onextrapixel.com

There are a lot of custom mods out there that like to turn their systems into living breathing dioramas. Sometimes they work, but I would vouch to say that most of them don’t. This Hulk inspired Wii is the latter. Putting a Hulk action figure on the side of a painted cityscape on a Wii just looks like a bit much and like a waste of a perfectly good action figure. Hopefully, the Hulk smashes this  old thing to smithereens.

19 You Definitely Don't Want This Purse To Get Stolen

via: onextrapixel.com

This seems like one of those bizarre inventions you might see take off it Japan fashion but would leave most consumers over in the west confounded. While I love being able to take my video games on the go, I don’t think it’s necessary to chug along an entire NES with me wherever I go. Besides, the purse is already a bag which is more than enough to carry a Nintendo Switch in. Plus, it wouldn’t scream “steal me” with the giant screen on the side.

18 Our Princess Is In Another Console

via: dorkly.com

Well, this seems a little extra. In a way, the design of this custom Nintendo 64 looks pretty cool and you can tell that a lot of love went into it. Also, being able to remove the castle top to unveil the system was a nice touch. Unfortunately, this console looks a little too big for our tastes and ultimately, the whole thing looks like it’s a cake from a bakery waiting to be eaten. My home entertainment center is small enough. I don’t need this behemoth taking up the whole thing.

17 Not Quite As Sleek


I feel like the generation of the PlayStation 2 was when consoles really started to look sleek and futuristic. Plus, I just loved Sony’s emphasis on black and blue which gave it a very modern and technological design. It makes sense that someone would want to take the eye sore that is the original NES and make it more like the competition’s later console. Unfortunately, the NES still seems too bulky to sit on its side like that and still fails to look like a more modern version of hardware.

16 At Least It's Not A Terrible Idea...

via: nintendosoup.com

I always kind of admired the design of the Sega Dreamcast. It didn’t feel like it was a system that was trying to look cool and modern. It looked more like some sort of alien spaceship that was there to say “Look at me! I’m a toy and I’m fun. Come play with me!” Still, adult me would probably take a system that looks like that today and do my best to conceal it on my entertainment center. This Nintendo Switch mod really captures the spirit of the Dreamcast, but could really only be for Sega’s biggest fans.

15 An Uninspired Fest


The GameCube had a really weird design for its time. While other systems were trying to look less like a children’s toy, Nintendo disregarded those trends and opted for a big purple box that you could carry like a lunchbox. I suppose this designer was trying to make the little Nintendo system look more mature, but there are definitely ways to do that other than coating it in stuff. This console itself has more on it than we’ve seen altogether through the catalogue of more family friendly games available on the system.

14 When Life Gives You Legos...


People sure do seem to like making Lego mods for their video game consoles. While I wasn’t necessarily liking the SNES and Xbox hybrid that we took a look at earlier, it certainly was more creative than this uninspired block. It’s like someone had a surplus of extra yellow Legos and simply didn’t know what to do with them. The console looks way better in its original shell and doesn’t need to look like this boring mess that was designed around it.

13 Wii Can't Even Play

via: weburbanist.com

At first, upon looking at this, I was furious that someone would gut the beloved Wii just to mod the console with yet even more Legos all playing tennis with one another. Wii Sports was great, but it definitely wasn’t that great despite being the game that defined the machine early on. Then upon closer inspection, I realized this wasn’t even a modded console at all but yet a pretty good replica of the Wii made in Legos complete with a Wii Sports diorama. Touche, Lego designer. Touche.

12 The True Guitar Hero

via: mentalfloss.com

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play Guitar Hero on the original NES? Me neither, definitely not with those chiptune sounds. While I’m unsure why someone would want their original NES to double up as a guitar is definitely beyond me, but of course someone went ahead and did it. Whether it actually works well or not is the question. At least music and gaming enthusiasts will never have to pick sides on a hobby ever again.

11 Maybe Not The Best Company To Honor

via: gameduge.com

If you played games in Nintendo’s earlier years, you might remember a company called Tengen that produced games for the original NES. Unlike most game companies, Tengen created unlicensed games for the console and bypassed Nintendo’s lock-out chip to do so. Because of this, Tengen and Nintendo had their fair share of legal conflicts. Even though Tengen made a few popular titles such as Pac-Man and Gauntlet, the company was otherwise pretty unmemorable and was out of the picture by the mid-nineties, though this strange mod will serve as a reminder of Tengen’s legal battle against Nintendo.

10 Super Nintendo Chalmers


If you ask a random stranger who their favorite character from The Simpsons is, they will most certainly have an answer. They also will most certainly not say Superintendent Chalmers. While I appreciate the clever play on words the designer was most likely going for and even though I also love the relationship between Chalmers and Skinner on the show, I don’t know if anyone cares about the character enough to plaster his face on an SNES. At least it gets rid of that gray I hate so much.

9 It Never Did Have The Best Design

via: stevivor.com

Have I mentioned how much I hate the design of the original NES? Yeah, well just in case. I hate it. It’s big, clunky, and gray. Why anyone would want their current systems to look like that is beyond me. Nintendo has already capitalized on creating 3DS versions that look like the original NES, but it seems like custom designers have taken liking to the design as well. So here is your brand new Switch looking like an original NES. It certainly looks the part, but it personally has me saying “Ew.”

8 At Least It's Not As Bad As The Sequel

via: cheezburger.com

Only the biggest fans of the movie Clerks will remember that the movie was followed by a short lived cartoon series and after that an even lesser than stellar sequel. While the cartoon didn’t really get much time to shine, it still had its devoted fanbase. So devoted that they would actually go ahead and mod a Wii after characters from the cartoon series. Much like the Hulk Wii we looked at earlier, this particular cast of characters doesn’t really do much to make the Wii look any cooler.

7 These Guys Are Everywhere

via: scoopnest.com

Admittedly, this design is pretty clever and really captures the image of Despicable Me’s Minions quite well on the Nintendo Joycons. While this might be a fun design for the little ones that can’t get enough of DreamWorks banana loving critters, most older generations are absolutely sick of seeing these guys everywhere. Make a pair of Minion Joycons for the little ones if you have them, but be sure to keep a pair of a solid color for yourself as well.

6 Pretty Dull For An Action Game

via: gameduge.com

Because I actually find the original NES to be one of the ugliest video game consoles in existence, I have to admit that I like this Contra modded console more than the original. The shiny black coat makes it look way cooler than the original gray. With that said, for a console that is trying to exude the image of the game Contra, it kind of falls flat. Simply putting a game’s logo on a console is pretty uninspired and doesn’t really make us want to gear up with our spreadshot.

5 It's Time To Let These Decals Go


This technically isn’t a custom mod, but I feel like I need to share my opinion on those decals that you can plaster all over your sleek gaming machines. They look absolutely gross, and the idea that someone would want to plaster characters from the Disney movie Frozen all over their Wii U is baffling to me. They look cheap and I feel like most people would regret putting decals like this on their systems moments later. Unless you’re under the age of ten, you really have no reason to be putting stickers on everything.

4 Giving Us The Munchies

via: dorkly.com

I had to take a minute to really decide whether or not I liked this pizza coated Game Boy or not. After a while of flipping back and forth, I just found myself hungry and with a pizza at my door half an hour later. It certainly has the look to get us craving that greasy, cheesy goodness, but I don’t know if I need to order a pizza every time I pick up my Game Boy. Although it might go well with playing my old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Games.

3 Speaking Of Munchies...


Looking back to the earlier days of Nintendo brings back some fond memories of my childhood and The Legend of Zelda was an important part of that. Because of that, I hate to see it corrupted with this gross design with the lead characters looking doped up on mostly illegal substances. Something about the design and the subject matter just makes the console look tacky and this is definitely a version of High-rule that I could probably pass on visiting.

2 People Really Like Toast


We already took a look earlier on in this list at a toaster version of the original NES. For some reason, people seem to really like having their toast with their video games too. Admittedly, this design looks a little bit cooler than the earlier edition and the extra detail such as the lighting where you insert the games and controller give it a little something extra. But much like the other Nintendo toaster, we just can’t but help to wonder why.

1 Not So Pocket Friendly Anymore


I have to give some credit to the designer of this Pikachu version of this Game Boy Color. It looks just like the little critter all within the palm of your hand. It’s unfortunate that this design ruins the best part of the Nintendo portable…. Being able to slip it in your pocket. Those big ears and zig zag tail probably make it a little too big to travel with comfortably on the go. Oh well. At least the design looks cool.

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