24 Weird Mistakes In Spider-Man PS4 Only True Fans Noticed

We had all been waiting for a good Spider-Man game after Spider-Man 2 blew us all away so many years ago. While the combat left quite a lot to be desired, and the graphics look bad by the standards of today, the web swinging mechanics were brilliant, offering a chance to actually see what it would feel like to swing through a huge and imposing city at speed.

This is why we were all so excited when the newest Spider-Man game was announced, as it seemed that the developers were finally listening to the fans, working to make sure that the web swinging gameplay lived up to the legacy that had been laid down by the earlier Spider-Man 2. Needless to say, we were not let down, and the game was a lot of fun in so many ways.

That being said, there are still issues with the game, little problems that only the major fans and people who have played the game a lot will have noticed. We've gone through the game and we want to show everyone the little mistakes that were made in the development of this brilliant superhero game.

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24 How Did He Have Time To Make That Final Suit?

via: gamesradar.com

This is a warning right now that anybody who doesn't want the game spoiled, they should skip to the next entry in the list now!

For anybody who has played and finished the game, where did Peter Parker find the time to put together that final suit?!

It was the only way he could stop Doc Ock, who at that point was already getting on with his diabolical plan.

23 Where's His Gadget Money?!

via: gamespot.com

One of the main narrative arcs throughout the entire game is the fact that Spider-Man is constantly struggling to juggle both his secret and public life, including making money when he's always so busy! This manifests itself in being unable to ever pay his rent and having to rely on friends and family when he needs somewhere to stay. However, the player is constantly working on new gadgets, and making more when he runs out. How is that possible when he doesn't have any money left?!

22 Why Is MJ So Obsessed With Danger?

via: ign.com

We can understand why the developers wanted to put civilian missions into the game, and we can also understand why a lot of players didn't like them, but we don't think that it worked narratively.

MJ wants to be taken seriously as a journalist, but even she would have to admit that she has a weird obsession with danger.

She should listen to Peter when he tells her to let him handle the criminals, and she can be there to write about it afterwards!

21 The Trailer Gave Too Much Away!

via: screenrant.com

One of the most annoying things about the modern world is that people rarely think about covering up spoilers, especially when discussing video games, but we would've thought that we'd be able to rely on the company not to do this! Anyone who has played the game knows that a major character ends up turning into a villain, but it takes a while for this to happen and it's played as a twist. However, it's not much of a twist, as Insomniac let us all know that he was a villain in the main trailer they put out before the release of the game.

20 The Harry Osborn Arc Makes No Sense

via: nocookie.net

We're not going to spoil the ending, as we actually felt the Osborn reveal at the end was interesting, something that definitely got us ready for the next installment in the series. That being said, we thought it made no sense that Spider-Man was swinging from rooftop to rooftop, completing science experiments for his friend who didn't even know that Peter Parker was Spider-Man before he left on holiday! The whole narrative arc was just a mess to be honest...

19 Spider-Man Has Definitely Broken His Ethics...

via: vox.com

We understand that it can be hard to create a video game about a superhero, as these are characters that try to make things better with violence, but draw ethical lines of their own. For example, Spider-Man refuses to take someone out, always trying to make sure that he takes criminals out without actually taking them out, making sure they serve their time behind bars. That being said, it looks like a lot of the moves he uses would do some hefty damage!

18 So, Fisk Will Be In The Sequel, Right?

via: playstation.com

Look, it's a generally accepted thing that Spider-Man doesn't have the best villains, apart from Kingpin, which is why it's such a surprise that he barely got looked at throughout the entire game!

Surely, they must be setting him up for the next game in the series, right?!

We spend the beginning of the game taking out Wilson Fisk, before rarely hearing about him and only getting a few moments of Kingpin action, before we're straight onto the rest of the villains!

17 These Puzzles Aren't Exactly Made For A Genius...

via: cloudfront.net

One of the best things about Peter Parker is that he's a pretty remarkable person without the special powers, being a very intelligent man that uses his expertise to try and make the world a better place.

However, why is it that the puzzles don't reflect this?!

Obviously, not everyone playing the game will be at a genius level of intellect, but they should be a lot harder than they are if we're to believe they're worthy of a man as smart as Peter Parker.

16 Why Didn't Anyone Take The Backpacks?!

via: vox.com

One of the many things that gamers get to do when they're playing as Spider-Man throughout the game is look for various backpacks. We're supposed to believe that Parker left these behind over the past few months, maybe even years, and we're given a look at various different items that add to the lore of Spider-Man. However, we can't understand why somebody wouldn't have found and taken some of these backpacks?! Some of them only Spider-Man can get to but others, they would've been gone within days!

15 Tombstone's Arc Was Definitely Rushed

via: reddit.com

The narrative surrounding Tombstone was actually pretty interesting, as it followed the man as he attempted to figure out a way to give his henchmen the temporary ability to have his borderline unstoppable power and inability to be hurt.

However, the last two missions seemed to completely stop the slow build of the missions, rushing everything to the end.

If we had to guess, we'd assume that this particular set of missions ended up being rushed to get the game finished in time.

14 JJJ Knows Things Way Too Quickly

via: imgur.com

Anyone with even a small amount of interest in the Spider-Man universe knows that one of the main components of the narrative is that the friendly neighborhood superhero is actually a lot more dangerous than he is good. However, when listening to the podcast that JJJ has in the video game, it seems as if he's finding out about what we're up to a lot faster than we think he should be able to! It's never explained by him either. What is JJJ up to?!

13 Forced Stealth Sections Are Always A Mistake

via: inverse.com

Okay, so there are a lot of places in the game where Spider-Man can decide to be sneaky or jump straight into combat, and that choice makes it all okay!

That being said, there are some places where he's forced to be sneaky as there are hostages.

Throw in the annoying missions in which we control a character that isn't Spider-Man, and that's a lot of boring moments where we could be swinging through the world or taking down bad guys!

12 There Are Too Many Crimes!

via: eurogamer.com

We know that the whole point of Spider-Man is to look after New York City, but does anyone else think that there were way too many petty crimes going on?!

We were expected to take down a lot of dangerous drivers throughout our time swinging through the city...

The game tries to explain this away by implying that it is criminals trying to fill the void left by Kingpin, but he was a much cooler and smarter criminal than that!

11 The Police Are Way Too Nice...

via: imgix.net

Anybody who has lived within New York City and stands outside of the majority or the norm knows that the police are way too nice in the Spider-Man game. We know that this may sound like a controversial statement, but it really isn't! These people have such a difficult job, it's no surprise that they're not exactly smiling and waving every second that they're on the street, so they shouldn't be doing this in the video game either!

10 Those People Who Fall Off The Building Aren't Coming Back!

via: polygon.com

We know that the designers put in a lot of things to make sure that Spider-Man never takes someone out forever, but this one isn't perfect if we're honest...

For anyone that doesn't know, if Spider-Man throws someone off a roof, they get stuck to the side of the building by webbing.

However, it's never explained how this works! Not only that, but we would argue that anyone who is yanked that hard into the side of a building probably wouldn't survive...

9 Arkham Did Hallucinations Better...

via: vox.com

There's a point in Spider-Man where the player is forced to swing through New York City while under the influence of a toxin administered by Scorpion. It's fun and everything, but we just can't enjoy it that much because we already know that the Batman games did it much better with Scarecrow! It's not that bad, but we think that it doesn't have anywhere near as much of a punch as the stuff that Batman had to go through!

8 They Better Use Miles More In The Sequel!

via: wordpress.com

We were so happy when we find out that this young man was in Spider-Man, although we were slightly annoyed that we didn't get to play around with him when he has his powers! Instead, we were forced to walk around with him as a human being, as someone who can essentially do nothing. If you ask us, we think that the best thing would be to make the next game in the series be played from this guy's perspective, but we'll see!

7 How Does Spider-Man Heal?

via: polygon.com

The way that the player heals themselves is to hit people a lot, before pressing a button, but it's not really explained how this makes sense within the game!

We're sure that the argument would be that he's building up nanobots within his suit or something, but compared to the rest of the narrative, this seems pretty over the top if you ask us!

Maybe we should try and suspend our disbelief a little more when playing games about a man with the power of spiders... but still!

6 We Should Definitely Be Able To Go To The Statue Of Liberty

via: ign.com

One of the best things about the game is that it allows the player to swing through the world of New York City, but the sad reality is that it doesn't throw everything that it should at us! If we're honest, it always bothered us that we couldn't make our way to this specific statue. We understand that it's in the middle of water, which would make it difficult to swing there, what with there being no buildings, but we still wanted to launch ourselves from the torch!

5 Black Cat? Future DLC...

via: vox.com

Anyone that has played this game knows that the Black Cat arc left a lot to be desired, essentially asking the player to follow vibrations for a few seconds...

It was such a let down that she didn't appear in the game!

Then you very quickly find out that there will be more Black Cat action, but it's planned as DLC. Come on guys! Don't treat us like this! We bought your game after all!

4 The Crowds Of People Don't React Enough

via: kotaku.com

We know that essentially the best part of the new Spider-Man game is swinging around the city, but if you ask us, the second best part is running around and having people react to us.

In a world where Spider-Man exists, people would love to be around him and react to him, or maybe not...

What we're saying is, we wish that the people on the street reacted more to Spider-Man, maybe even attacking him if they don't like him!

3 Aunt May Definitely Would've Told Peter...

via: twitter.com

Look, there's obviously a lot of lies and secrecy that comes with being a superhero, this we understand, but there's a revelation at the end of the game that Aunt May knew her nephew was Spider-Man the whole time! We think that, of all the people in his life, May would've told Peter that she knew all along. It's out of her character to keep that sort of information to herself and watch her nephew bend over backward to keep it secret!

2 Probably Should've Checked Before Proposing...

via: vox.com

There are a lot of people out there who already know about the saddest Easter Egg of 2018, but for people who don't know, it's in the new Spider-Man game...

This marriage proposal can be found in the world of Spider-Man after a fan asked the developers to put it in.

However, after the game was released, it was found out that the couple has broken up just weeks beforehand... Since then, they've both been releasing statements about their relationship and it is just sad!

1 Get Off Twitter, Spider-Man!

via: polygon.com

Does anyone else think that Spider-Man wouldn't bother with a Twitter feed?! Not only will it likely give away where he is and what he's doing to people who want to do him harm, but doesn't he have a lot of other stuff to be getting on with? Sure, he wants to be friendly and a face that people can approach, but there's too much crime in the city for him to have time checking every mention and meme he's been tagged in!

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