31 Weird And Wonderful Thoughts About Dating A Gamer Girl

Dating is hard for everyone, but especially so for gamer girls, it seems. These real life stories show a different side of it all.

There's just something about being a gamer. People who aren't gamers don't always seem to understand who you are as a person, though you try to explain it to them. If you surround yourself by other gamers, you might be called anti-social. And if you surround yourself with non-gamers, they don't understand your passions.

Insecurity is a common ailment to quite a number of people. It manifests itself in a large number of ways and can force us to make decisions which might not be of sound judgement. Diffidence is a terrible feeling and we all have something which we are insecure about. We have to work hard and diligently in order to overcome the trials and tribulations that accompany this condition.

Thanks to the way that gamer girls are constructed, problems with self-image, self-worth, and self-confidence can form. To many, gamer girls are beings who exude pure and raw power of personality, but that’s simply not true. Gamer girls are as varied as any other segment of the population. They are people first and gamers second. They get a lot of heat for being too visually stimulating and being too nice. When they are more distant, withdrawn, or any way different than the previous statement, they are shunned and ignored. It’s no wonder that they may have a hard time being able to express themselves.

31 Happy Wife, Happy Life

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Having your own thing is great, cool, and all that jazz, but it really doesn’t seem to amount to much when you are constantly being ridiculed by the ones you love for partaking in your pleasures on your own time. I could not stand to be in a relationship where I was mocked and ridiculed by my partner for the things I like.

It’s really sad that she doesn’t seem to have the support system that is conducive to a fully harmonious relationship.

I hope that the same behaviors are not targeted towards their daughter. Poor woman; if she has friends outside of the home it would probably be a good way to escape the mistreatment that she is currently experiencing.

30 There's Someone For Everyone

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I really can’t tell who the author of this piece is, could be either a very lonely woman or an incredibly bitter man trying to put women down for their pleasures. All of the hobbies mentioned are great activities and skills! Cooking is awesome, it’s useful and it is a great way for people to bond. Let’s all be honest here, we love good food and good company; don’t even try and front, you know that you love good food. Not everyone loves to cook, write, or read, but those are nice ways to pass the time and create a whole new world for you. Being well rounded is an important facet of dating and staying happy in a relationship. Picking up extra hobbies is also a good thing sometimes.

29 Kids Change Everything

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First rule of parenting club: You have to drop everything just to take care of your tiny little human. Second rule of parenting club: say goodbye to the things you love because there is no time for you anymore.

Kids are a wonderful thing and you should have them if you want them, just know that it is a struggle.

This mom knows that. If we think back to when we were young, we might be able to think about all the sacrifices that our parents made for us. When thinking about them, we might come to the realization that mom likely never had a real break. Y’all, if you are able to make the decision, please just let your moms take some time for herself.

28 Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past

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This story really doesn’t seem that straightforward and rational. Why would someone just block you for dropping about $100 on them? Especially if you've been with them for some time. Something just seems to be off about this with how disjointed it feels. I know, I know, I shouldn’t pass judgement so quickly but it seems more than likely that this person said or did something that was creepy and highly uncouth which prompted the recipient to block them to prevent further harassment. That might be entirely wrong and I honestly hope it is, but we’ll probably never know for sure. Humans are weird; we do weird things often to our detriment. Whatever the case, what’s done is done.

27 The Simple Things

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We can go all day about the gamer girl part, but pretty sure we just want to know where this person is looking for love, because it really shouldn’t be that hard to find someone who knows how basic hygiene works. Sure people may forget to brush their teeth every now and then or something, but that is normal.

Might be over reacting to what was presented there.

I sincerely doubt that they've never met one gamer girl who has decent hygeine! They're certainly out there and maybe he's just looking in the wrong places. Let’s just hope that this person isn’t the most crazy about everything having to be absolutely perfect; that would be creepy and maddening.

26 Jealousy Takes Three

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There are few feelings that are worse than jealousy, especially when it is coupled with feelings of inferiority. The insecurities that we feel can take a toll on us and our relationships, so she should probably just sit her boyfriend down and talk to him about them. It isn’t easy to do, but a clear and open line of communications between partners can help make life easier for them both. There are a number of reasons as to why she may feel inferior to women who play games, yet she should tell herself that she is a person who deserves to be loved. Confidence is a major facet of self-image, something which she seems to not have very much of.

25 The Meaning Of A Message

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Threats are just plain not cool. Really, it takes a certain kind of idiot to send someone a message threatening them just because they are a woman daring to have fun in a way that isn’t causing anyone any pain. I’ve been rather removed from certain game series for a while now, but the behavior remains equally unacceptable.

It is a rather draining experience to have someone tell you something like this, and the repetition of such threats just numb you.

Once they cease to shock you, the threats just get boring and make you want to stop for that reason. My recommendation is to just soldier through and go through the appropriate channels for restitution. Keep yourself safe in case one of those clowns decides to act.

24 Looking For Attention

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Aggression, like cupcakes, is an answer to your problems, but it is pretty much never the proper answer. I know, I know, it’s more than likely hyperbole on her part, but still, it’s a bit ridiculous to state. If you can’t express yourself without resorting to this rhetoric, probably shouldn’t say it, you know? The person who wrote this is most likely young, dumb, and restless; they will almost undoubtedly outgrow these tendencies. This Whisper confession is pretty cringy in and of itself. Just do and let do, live and let live, it’s pretty simple. It is not really that hard to be a gamer and have other interests, so maybe this person should get more hobbies and stop worrying about everyone else’s lives?

23 Skyrim Belongs To The Dunmer

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People will watch anything so long as it can adequately grab their attention, ranting and Skyrim videos are no exceptions; what you need to do is market yourself in a way that will attract the viewers that you want to have.

Vanity is one of the main reasons that people try and do anything related to the media and it is enticing.

Comedic ranting, hyperactive playing, and the like are usually pretty popular it seems. Worst case scenario is that you’ll get strapped for ideas for a while, but it won’t be quite as desolate as the Sea of Ghosts. From my experience, as well, Whisper is not the place you want to try and fish for ratings on because its users can be quite unreliable.

22 A Skewed Reality

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Aren’t siblings the best? Of course they are, especially when they tell you that there is not a single person out there who will love you for your hobbies. Most guys seem to like girls who partake in some of their hobbies; I might be optimistic on this, but I like my own partner to share at least enough of my hobbies so that we can bond over things. The sister in this situation is being a jerk, no doubt, and shouldn’t have said such things to her sister; she really should apologize to her. It really hurts to be told that you are incapable of being loved simply because you do something which does not harm anyone, especially when you are a young adolescent.

21 Sleeping Away The Day

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Everyone has a life that they want to live and they should pursue it if it doesn’t hurt anyone, even if that means that you elect to completely shut yourself from the outside world, though. Why is it so weird?

Well, it’s because humans need to interact with others of their species since we are such social creatures.

There are a number of reasons that you might choose to isolate yourself from others of the species, but they don’t really amount to anything particularly healthy in most cases. If the goal is to find a long term partner, it’s difficult to do that if you won’t go out and meet them. Call me a sap, but I’m hoping that this behavior isn’t from something being wrong in her life.

20 Living In A State Of Exception

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Talking to people can be hard. Forming those bonds between others is difficult to do, especially since there is only so much that we can really know about the people who surround us. This woman is definitely experiencing that because she doesn’t have anyone to talk to about one of her favorite activities because they think she is weird or because she doesn’t fit the niche looks that they think that a gamer girl should fill. This is a perfect example of how playing games is irrelevant to who you are and what you look like. Video games are a great way to find connections, but only if people feel up to being open and receptive; they are ways of expressing ourselves and escaping life.

19 Fitting The Stereotype

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There are many problems in the world, racial and gender based stereotyping are two of them. This stereotyping leads to a lot of alienation on all fronts thanks to social pressure being applied on all sides in an attempt to force you to behave a certain way.

It’s a way that oppression affects individual people as well as the collective.

The woman who wrote this Whisper piece definitely feels it and should be free to express herself just as she pleases by enjoying whatever it is that she wants to enjoy. It should be a base freedom that you can pursue your own avenues to happiness through entertainment like this, but cultural attitudes dictate that it can only be afforded to certain people depending on the country in which you live.

18 No Girls Allowed!

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We can see how this may adversely affect the dating pool and even the friendship reserves. Many men do have their masculinity tied to being able to beat a woman in every little thing that is within the field of “masculine hobbies,” to which video games belong. This is not the most healthy as it can influence people to make irrational decisions as well as distance themselves from others. It hurts everyone when this takes place because it limits our ability to be who we are. If a woman wants to be a gamer, let her, if she wants to watch anime, let her be herself. A woman playing a game shouldn’t be considered threatening to someone’s masculinity, if it is, bro it's pretty lame.

17 The Sound Of Silence

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Loneliness knows no race, no gender, no creed, and no hobbies. It is a predator that can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time. It is just plainly horrible to not feel like you have any other person to relate to, to talk to, to love, or anything.

This loneliness can lead to other symptoms and should really be looked after.

I don’t want anyone to be hurt, I don’t want anyone to be so isolated that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy; I only want the best in everyone to be shown. So I feel terrible for this woman. I really hope that she is getting the help that she needs to properly cope with this and work on through it; the same goes for any of you who are reading this.

16 Two Can Be As Bad As One...

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To quote Three Dog Night, “Two can be as bad as one; it’s the loneliest number since the number one.” Why is it so? When many of us get married, we think that everything is going to be happiness and sunshine all the time, but in reality, a lot of folks become withdrawn and isolated from the rest of the world through any number of means; this can be exacerbated by having kids. Everyone needs friends and everyone in a relationship needs to have people other than their spouses and children (if applicable) to socialize with. It helps to reinvigorate them and possibly give them new ideas as to how best go about problems which may arise in their marriage. Besides that, friends are a great way to relax when we’re stressed.

15 One Of The Boys

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There are few creatures as cruel as kids; they are generally unable to see that far beyond their own understanding of themselves, lacking a certain level of empathy that they will likely develop later in life.

They like to express themselves in the ways that they want to, but they also want acceptance from their peers which creates tension.

That tension can often lead to a bullying problem. Many of us have experienced bullying in one form or another and have been able to move on, others, however, have not been so lucky. It goes a long way to show a little kindness, you might not change the world by doing this, but you may have just changed the world for that one person.

14 Something Everyone Wants

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You have probably noticed a trend within a number of these Whisper posts; acceptance is something that everyone wants to have. Another trend you may have found is that women of color are under a particular set of pressures to conform to society’s construction of them. It’s not really right and leads to a lot of problems, which includes mental health issues. Freedom of choice is something that we value in our Western sensibilities and when that choice is denied, it causes us to feel sad for the victims in many cases. This woman is clearly accomplished and knows how to have fun, I hope that she can find someone who will help her not be quite so alone in this world, that would be a happy ending to this story.

13 Something About Love

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Don’t know about y’all, but telling someone that you have caught a case of affection for them is hard; it feels like telling them might be terminal. We want to keep them in our lives without any awkward interactions, hoping that they will speak up first or that those affections will disappear.

Unfortunately, it is almost never that easy and we have to take the initiative.

I know that our society tells women to not be so bold about their feelings towards others, but sometimes they might just have to take it upon themselves. A lot of people do find it attractive when a woman takes initiative in trying to instigate a relationship. Unrequited love is bad for the heart, but it is better to know than not.

12 Lifting Her Spirits

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It is sometimes a bit weird to know what will make someone’s day and I’m glad this woman got to experience it. It’s always nice to get a compliment; however, there are times when telling someone that they are hot might not be appropriate. In this case, it seems fairly warranted. It is sad to think about going through your entire life never hearing a compliment like that (when you really want to hear it, that is). This woman seems to have no idea why they said it, but deep down she knows that she’s got what it takes. If you’re somehow out there reading this, you go! For those of you who feel down, just know that there will always be someone who thinks this of you.

11 Guys Can Be Extra Work

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Friendship is a magical experience and generally spawns from a certain level of commonality between individuals, usually of the same gender. This game playing woman just seems so frustrated that she can’t relate to her girlfriends in the same way that she wants, so she wants to have a go at having a male best friend.

Friendships are a lot of work and do not normally come about out of sheer force of will; thankfully, that is.

She can probably get one but she’ll need to first go out of her way to put herself in an environment conducive to making these relationships blossom. After that, it’s pretty smooth sailing so long as she doesn’t act particularly weird about it and all that jazz.

10 By Association

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Okay, so, there’s a lot to unravel in these two sentences. First and foremost there seems to be a lot of self-conscious hatred towards women who game. Secondly, she seems to want to make herself separate from “gamer girls,” while partaking in the exact same community. This appears to be some sort of identity crisis on the original poster’s part. It’s fairly unfortunate because this tension could lead to more toxicity in certain gaming communities. Whenever you join a community, you tacitly agree to accept the bad with the good; it then becomes part of your responsibility to try and improve what you see are ills within said community. Now, I will admit that I could be misinterpreting what this person is trying to say, so you be the judge.

9 Seems Pretty Normal To Me, TBH

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The subject of this Whisper post just seems like a regular person, agreed? There are a number of reasons that she could be seen as being different from others in her choice of music and the love of horror movies, but both of those are socially acceptable, at least individually.

In regards to the choice of loving heavy metal, it likely has to do with the way that the genre is constructed.

People see it as being nothing but screaming, loud guitar riffs, and all about the devil. Truly rational thinking people know that there is nothing wrong with the music or loving a good horror film, but that doesn’t really factor into the cultural consciousness that has developed in relation to them. A change of cultural attitudes might be needed to solve this and related problems.

8 Girls Do Stuff, Too

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First of all, yes, girls can do the same things that guys do; they are just people like the rest of us. Speaking to the guitar playing, this should not be considered that unusual in a world with the likes of Lita Ford, Joan Jett, and Sheryl Crow who are not only prolific in their recordings, but also highly influential on music as we know it today. Women can do pretty much anything that men can. On another note, it’s kind of surprising that men don’t believe a woman when she claims any of those things. Seriously, for what reason would she have to lie about these things which can readily be disproven? There aren’t that many reasons to lie about any of these pleasures.

7 Breaking Expectations

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It’s amazing how frequently siblings are total opposites of one another; the woman who published is a perfect example. Sure, a lot of us would expect the guys who go and hit the gym hard are going to be more extroverted than a gamer who spends a lot of time in front of a computer screen, but that is definitely not the case here.

It’s a nice change of pace for how most of this article was, isn’t it?

I definitely think so because you need to have something positive to say about someone from time to time. The woman who posted this and her brother seem to very much enjoy what they are doing, but, the sister appears to be gloating in her own surprise.

6 Not Like Other Girls

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Just as with a number of Whisper posts, there is a lot that needs to be unpacked with this one. It’s sad that jealousy can impact a person so much that they hate others that they barely know or have never met out of a misplaced fear of their partner cheating on them. The original poster of this one seems to have been wrongly accused of such and has received great nastiness. This is a very special example of how negative personal experiences with a segment of a demographic can adversely shape our perceptions of said group. It is not always the best heuristic device and it’s sad that this woman now hates a lot of people based on the actions of a select few.

5 It's Just A Phrase

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Thanks to decades of society saying that video games are a man’s club, we have come to the point where women who play these games are construed as easy or seeking attention; women who enjoy playing games often get harassed for their hobby. It’s quite unfortunate that this is out there.

I normally don’t like to take normative stances on things I write, but this exclusion of women from gaming spaces hurts our own experience.

What do I mean by that? First it reduces likelihood of innovative games from being made as different perspectives are of great value in creating a truly unique and original piece. Secondly, it continues to promote the view that the genders can’t be friends without ulterior motives.

4 What Makes You Special

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Depression is a very real danger in our world and sometimes we just need a little bit of encouragement from someone, even random internet strangers. This series of images shows why you probably shouldn’t go poking around the internet for support. This woman only wanted acceptance for who she is, but they jumped at the chance to tear her asunder; one of them even did so for something that makes up her identity as women may experience games different than men. Was her delivery off? Yes. Could it have been presented in a better way? Also yes, but that really doesn’t’ warrant being attacked for just doing what you enjoy doing. Call me not old fashioned, but people would do well to be nicer to others.

3 What's More Important

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Pain in the hands, pain in the heart; just a sad situation all round. Don’t know how many of you have thought about this, but it would be one of the worst things imaginable to be barred from enjoying one your favorite activity in the world just because you can’t physically do it anymore.

Most of us have seen someone we love lose the ability to do things they once loved.

Our own invincibility complexes make this more troubling than it might could be. We should really appreciate the nice things in our lives because they may be gone tomorrow. Let’s also take comfort in the fact that medical science is getting better every passing day; one day arthritis might be a relic of the past.

2 Just Wanting Friends

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“I get by with a little help from my friends.” Yeah, that Beatles quote is something that came to my mind when reading this. We all really just want friends, be they physical or digital. In the contemporary world, we have easier times communicating with people across the globe, but a harder time actually making those connections strong. That problem is pretty evident here because of her difficulty in getting people to talk to her for longer than brief pleasantries or vicious remarks. Loneliness is a bummer; it is a dull eternity with only droll aching. We could all do good to get by with a little help from our friends; that includes making new ones. Just be a little kinder.

1 Institutional Irrelevance

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Not particularly fond of getting to that edge of being too political in my works; I understand that a number of my readers don’t care for that, but please bear with me. One of the best things about video games is being able to relate to the characters, even the NPCs, unfortunately not everyone gets to experience this to the same degree.

Video games frequently have disproportionately low representation of people of color and women as major characters.

Like the OP, they are often times depicted in stereotypical manners. It is an institutional and often times alienating problem. Looking at it from a marketing perspective, it seems like it would make sense to expand the representation in these games in ways that make sense to the story.

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