The 10 Weirdest Villagers From Animal Crossing, Ranked

Animal Crossing features tons of villagers, but this bunch stands out as some of the strangest you'll encounter.

One of the life simulation series' most popular releases, Animal Crossing: New Leaf was available worldwide by June 2013. It put players into the role of mayor in a town full of animal villagers that they had to work to befriend and take care of. In 2016, there was an updated version released, called Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo, which brought several new villagers along with it, giving the game a total of 333 different villagers.

Several of the game's villagers are cute, funny, or somewhat normal-looking, but others were a bit strange, to say the least. It's always nice to see creepy and/or unconventional options included for players who don't want to have everything be cutesy all the time, though.

Hopefully, there will be even more unusual villagers added in with Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

10 Chadder

The connection between mice and cheese in pop culture has probably been around for as long as pop culture itself has.

Chadder is a smug villager and a mouse that initially appears to be made entirely out of cheese. Closer inspection reveals that it's simply his fur pattern, but it's still a bit strange to see a mouse with the exact markings of their stereotyped favorite food.

9 Pietro

A smug sheep, Pietro has dedicated his life to being the class clown. His name could be a reference to the famous Pietro Aretino, an Italian man who died in 1556 from laughing himself to death, or it could be from Piero, which is the Japanese loanword for clown.

Since he's a smug villager, he might find it difficult to get along with grumpy villagers, which makes absolutely perfect sense because of the fact that he is a clown, so their grumpy energy would probably be pretty off-putting.

He's a bit charming in his own way, but there's something unnerving about seeing a clown wandering around in your village. Especially at night.

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8 Ribbot

A jock villager, Ribbot gets his name from a combination of the noise frogs make (ribbit) and the word robot - which makes sense because he's a robotic frog!

His entire body is made up of metal plates that have been visibly bolted together, and his eyes are actually two headlights. When he talks, his mouth opens outwards like a chute and his eyes display pupil-like markings.

He is one of the only characters throughout the entire Animal Crossing series that isn't actually an animal at all.

7 Sprocket

A jock villager, Sprocket is an ostrich... Sort of. He's actually a machine that's based off of an ostrich. Even that seems to be a very loosely-held concept, since he doesn't actually have much resemblance to any of the other ostrich villagers. His appearance is almost entirely machine-like with a green mechanical exterior, except for the green feathers sprouting from the back of his head.

He gets his name from a sprocket,a mechanical part, but it also seems like it could be a reference to how fast he can run, given that he's both an ostrich and a jock.

He's one of the only character in the whole Animal Crossing series that isn't an animal.

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6 Tucker

Tucker is an elephant. A lazy one. In comparison to most of the other elephant villagers throughout the Animal Crossing series, he's a bit.. prehistoric. He has a floppy fringe of hair, which seems to imply that the rest of his body could very well be fuzzy too. - woolly, even, like a woolly mammoth. The coloring of his body also lends to the woolly mammoth concept, as does the Leopard Tee that he wears.

It's possible that his name is a reference to mammoth tusks, but it could also be from the Australian slang for a meal, since he is lazy!

5 Raddle

Despite the fact that he's wearing a surgical mask and a doctor's coat, it's important for everyone to know that Raddle is not a doctor. He's a frog villager with a lazy personality who has some admittedly shady things inside of his hospital-inspired home, like surgical tools, exam tables, stretchers, and EKG machines.

He's appears to be a yellow-banded poison dart frog, which could be what his North American name is a reference to, as it sounds sort of like the beginning of the word radioactive.

4 Stitches

At a glance, it's easy to mistake Stitches for just a regular bear. Like, a really, really quick glance, because the minute you focus on him, you realize that he's actually a stuffed toy! He's made up of different colored patches that are all sewn together with delicate, nearly invisible stitching, and he has two x-shaped eyes that are probably made of thread.

He's a playful, child-like character whose home is filled with items from the Kiddie and Nursery sets, as well as various toys! He's one of the only villagers who technically isn't even an animal.

3 Drago

It's common for people to assume that Drago is a dragon, but he's actually just a really dragon-like alligator.

His head-shape is somewhat different from the typical alligator because he has two large horns extended from the top of it and two frilly flaps on either side of his face. His green skin is more scaly than smooth, too, which fits with the dragon concept.

His name only adds to the confusion, and so does his initial phrase, buuurn, since dragons typically breathe fire. His character quote, "There's no room for two dragons in one pond," also references dragons!

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2 Clay

Clay is a lazy hamster villager whose appearance is based off of  Dogū, traditional Japanese figurines made from clay, which is also where he gets his name from.

His face has swirly, artistic features in a shade of rusty orange that stands out against his brown base color, with two wispy eyebrows and a set of definitive rings around his eyes, which each have three red dots beneath them. The details on his face are believed to be a reference to the Jōmon period figurines.

1 Coco

Coco bears a striking resemblance to a gyroid. Her North American name is believed to come from a coconut, which typically has three holes, while her Japanese name, Yayoi, directly references the time period of Japan where the Haniwa statues (which inspired gyroids altogether) came from. Even her initial phrase, doyoing, is similar to the noise made by gyroids.

She is the only rabbit villager with a normal personality type, as well as the only villager whose face never changes.

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