10 Weirdest Silent Hill Monsters

The Silent Hill franchise features a ton of terrifying creatures. These are the strangest of an already weird bunch.

Silent Hill is a town full of the strange and macabre. It would have to be, since it populates the streets with nightmares pull right out of the minds of its hapless victims. While traversing the foggy roads or untangling the labyrinth of a defunct hospital, you're sure to encounter some unsettling or horrifying monsters that would love to take a bite out of you.

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The Silent Hill franchise is known for its gruesomely evocative creature design. Some enemies have become so well known as to be the face of the franchise—see one Pyramid Head. But some of the beasts you'll find lurking the darkened corridors of your latest nightmare are weirder than others; some are a lot weirder, and we're going to take a look at some of the oddest.

10 Larval Stalker

These little things show up in the original Silent Hill and can't actually hurt you. They're like little shadow children and mostly composed of a dark outline and translucent body. You can see them wandering around Harry in Midwich Elementary School and parts of Lakeside Amusement park, making little squeaking noises until they fade away. They're even kind of cute. If you point your flashlight at them, they squeak and fall down. It's a little unsettling to have these tiny harmless shadow children follow you around, but at least they won't kill you. We can't say the same for the rest of these monsters.

9 Insane Cancer

These shambling goliaths are encountered by Heather in Silent Hill 3 and are some of the most formidable regular enemies you'll encounter in the game. They're vaguely humanoid but have no discernable features. No hands or even a face, just a big oozing mass of cancerous flesh. You usually see them lying on the ground like they're hibernating and most of the time it's best to just slip past them unnoticed. If you have to fight them, make sure they deflate like a balloon after you knock them down, otherwise they'll lie there regenerating health and come after you again.

8 Toadstool

These are kind of a reach when it comes to "monster" but they're named creatures and do deal damage, so that just makes them all the weirder. These are tall, fleshy fungals growths you'll encounter in Silent Hill 4: The Room either blocking your path or growing up from the corpses of other monsters. They have almost no health and can be dispatched with one good swing from a melee weapon, or even just walking into them, though that hurts Henry a bit too. There aren't a lot of completely stationary monsters in the franchise, making these weird mushrooms unique.

7 Air Screamer

These vaguely pterodactyl-shaped monsters are notable for being the monster that attacks Harry in the cafe at the beginning of Silent Hill. It might be the very first monster he encounters, depending on whether you think the intro sequence was just a dream.

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These horrible birds are hard to land a hit on, either forcing you to waste precious ammon bringing them down or else just run and let them harass you through the streets. These games are known for having symbolic monster designs, but when it comes to the Air Screamer, it's like someone just shrugged and decided Alessa was afraid of dinosaurs.

6 Memory of Alessa

The Memory of Alessa is a boss monster that Heather faces in Silent Hill 3 shortly before entering the final area of the game. It's one of the most humanoid monsters you'll encounter in any game, since it looks almost exactly like Heather, if she were corrupted and bloodstained. She even attacks Heather with versions of her own weapons. After she's defeated, a message reveals it actually was a fragment of Alessa's consciousness that just wants to prevent the birth of the Order's God and to spare Heather the suffering that would entail. In her own way, she wanted to help. Never thought we'd be sympathetic toward a monster before.

5 Twin Victim

Most of the monster designs in Silent Hill 4 aren't really anything to write home about. Dogs, weird monkeys, and men stuck in the walls. So when you encounter this monstrosity in the halls of the Water Prison, it's a real shock to your system. This thing represents the two children sacrificed by the game's antagonist, Walter Sullivan, and they've been reborn as this huge two-headed monster that stomps around on a giant set of arms.

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Weirdly, they're not even particularly aggressive. They don't attack Henry unless you come too close or show aggression first. Instead they'll stand on one arm, point at Henry, and whisper "receiver..." Creepy.

4 Slurper

One of the most annoying enemies in Silent Hill 3 is also one of the weirdest. Slurpers almost look like regular guys wearing tight shorts, except of course for their weird elongated snouts filled with sharp teeth. These things scurry around on the floor, sometimes shooting out of crawlspaces to ambush Heather, and try to knock her down. If you're unlucky, you can get caught in a loop of the Slurper knocking you down repeatedly until you die. With this game's thematic focus on pregnancy and childbirth, some think that the crawling, screaming Slurper may represented some kind of distorted infant, making it so much worse.

3 Flesh Lip

This creature's name and the fact that it appears in Silent Hill 2, probably the franchise's most psychosexual entry, has likely already given you a good idea of what this monster represents. They resemble mounds of flesh caged in a metal frame with two dangling legs...with a mouth between them.

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James is forced to face off against two of these at once when Laura locks him in a room and they can be difficult to kill, since you have to be sure to aim upwards to hit them. They're supposedly meant to represent Mary and how she was confined to her hospital bed, but we're pretty sure there's something else going on here too.

2 Patient

These are extremely tall feminine figures that hunt Henry through the Hospital World in Silent Hill 4. They're grotesquely distorted, like someone's been putting pieces of different bodies together to make a single entity. This probably stems from Walter's hatred for people and for women in general and his desire to remake the world, meaning these monsters are actually his patients, with Walter acting as the doctor. None of this sounds particularly weird, not for a Silent Hill game. But these monsters are some of the worst mood-killers in the entire game. Whenever you hit them with a weapon...they belch. Nothing sells horror like a good burp. Just wait until one of them falls down a set of stairs.

1 Numb Body

These weird little things are somehow the least threatening creatures on this list, even including the harmless shadow children. The Numb Bodies, which kind of look like pale tadpoles with legs, can hurt you but they're just kind of...pathetic. They tend to move in packs and some of them can even be larger than Heather, but even then they're not terribly threatening. They move slow and the most they seem able to manage is a headbutt in Heather's stomach. It's possible they're supposed to be like half-developed fetuses, making them that much sadder.

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