Westworld Mobile Game Is Shutting Down In Aftermath Of Bethesda's Fallout Shelter Lawsuit

The Westworld mobile game is suddenly shutting down in the wake of a Bethesda lawsuit claiming Westworld stole Fallout Shelter's code.

The Westworld mobile game is making a sudden and unceremonious exit. This news comes in the wake of a lawsuit filed by Bethesda claiming that Westworld mobile stole the code from its Fallout Shelter mobile game line-for-line. A settlement was reached, and while the terms were not made public, it seems quite timely that Westworld mobile is calling it quits.

The announcement comes from the Westworld Mobile official Twitter account. Staying in-character, the tweet reads that "...the park is entering a new phase and will no longer be taking applications for new employees." The game has already been removed from the Apple App Store and Google play, and players who already downloaded it can play until April 16th.

Also in the announcement is a reminder to use any in-game currency before the game goes offline. That seems to be the biggest issue for players in the comments, alongside the game's sudden cancellation of course. Many ask how they can get a refund for purchases already made, or lament the fact that they bought anything in this now-dying game.

One user, Daniel Persing, found a way for Apple users to get at least some of their money back.

The suit was filed in June of 2018, with Bethesda claiming that Westworld developer Behavior Interactive used “the same or highly similar game design, art style, animations, features and other gameplay elements.” In particular, the code for both games seemed to be exactly the same, down to the bugs. Since Bethesda's Fallout Shelter released three years earlier, it seemed to be a cut and dry case.

The Gamer's own Sam Watanuki reported earlier this month that a settlement was reached between ZeniMax Media, Bethesda's parent company, and Warner Bros., publisher of the Westworld game.

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The two companies released a joint statement, saying they “have amicably resolved the lawsuit Bethesda brought against Behaviour and others related to the Fallout Shelter and Westworld mobile games.”

Now it seems that we're seeing one of the terms of the settlement. The question now is what plans Warner might have for a future Westworld game. After all, the show seems poised to fill the pop culture hole that Game Of Thrones is about to leave wide open after its final season. It would be foolish to not have some kind of Westworld game available. Just preferably one that's as original as the show.

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