What's In Killing Floor 2's Latest Update?

Tripwire Interactive, the studio behind Killing Floor 2, launched their latest update featuring the Summer Slideshow Event for PlayStation 4 users.

The event just ended for Steam users, but since the game upped it's fanbase since it's time as a free title on PlayStation Plus last month, it makes sense the Tripwire Interactive would show some love to the console community.

The update brings multiple new features that will be active for console users until Aug. 8,  2017, when the event effectively ends for the excellent wave-based zombie shooter. 

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The update also features a variety of new cosmetic items, weapons, a new map, and weekly events. Cosmetic items range from clown hats to pig masks, as well as a variety of face paints, and a HAZMAT suit. Sideshow Tickets, which are dropped post-match at random, are required to obtain some of these items. Two new weapons are available for the support and sharpshooter classes; the HZ12 shotgun, a double-barreled bullpup style death machine, and the Centerfire Lever Action rifle, a sniper-styled weapon that lets players pop heads from a distance. The new map is a disgusting, derelict theme park with a variety of traps, games, and choke points to fight off waves of Zeds. Enemies are reskinned into carnival archetypes, meaning that mercenaries can expect to be blowing away clowns, bearded ladies, and strong men, among others. Tripwire Interactive also included weekly game modes that run until the end of the event.

The seasonal update also has its own list of challenges and achievements, including objectives to play carnival games and finish a match on the new map.

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If the update is any indication of Tripwire Interactive’s future plans for first person wave based shooter, fans of Killing Floor 2 have a lot to look forward to. Updates like Summer Sideshow give players’ added incentive to put their valuable playtime into Killing Floor 2 with its limited run time and exclusive items.

It’s great to see a game like Killing Floor 2 offering free, comprehensive updates and events that make the game even more fun than the standalone product. However, it wouldn’t be very surprising to see these “limited time items” available for purchase after the Summer Sideshow ends. Regardless, Killing Floor 2 is a good, gory time; players hoping to score some exclusive gear should hop on and start popping Zed heads as soon as they can!

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