What Pokémon Can Be Seen In The Detective Pikachu Trailer?

Detective Pikachu brings Pokémon to the real world, and makes a lot of them fuzzy. Here are all the ones we spotted in the trailer.

The first trailer for Detective Pikachu dropped today, and things are a lot more...furry than many were expecting.

Surprise over Pikachu's floofy state aside, the trailer also challenges fans to play "spot the Pokémon" with several background appearances from Nintendo's menagerie of capture-able creatures.

Flabébé, Comfey, and Some Birds

via: Youtube.com (Warner Bros.)

The opening shot gets right to it, showing a wide view of Ryme City, a place the narration calls "a celebration of the harmony between humans and Pokémon."

Fans will probably recognize Flabébé, a Fairy-Type Pokémon that floats on a red flower. They start off in the center of the sky and slowly drift to the right. Next to them is Comfey, another Fairy-Type that clutches a lei. You can see just at the top of the frame looking like a little worm in the sky.

Various bird Pokémon can be seen soaring quickly through the frame. Their speed and distance makes it hard to correctly identift them, though many viewers believe Fearow is one. Braviary lands at one point. Finally, you can see Dodrio's three heads poking out of the bottom of the frame.

Charmander and Bouffalant

via: Youtube.com (Warner Bros.)

Also in the opening shot is this sneaky little Charmander. It scurries along under Dodrio, and you might miss it tucked away in the bottom left corner. Even more hidden is Bouffalant, an afro-clad buffalo that passes through a gap in the crowd behind Charmander.

Tim's Room Is Full Of Them

Soon after, we're introduced to protagonist Tim, a young man who apparently once had big Pokémon Trainer dreams but has become jaded. His room is full of posters that reflect his past ambitions.

via: Youtube.com (Warner Bros.)

A Blastoise adorns the poster at the very left. A Dragonite fought a Hypno at some point, and Articuno vs. Steelix was a similarly exciting matchup. There's a Charizard poster, a Rayquaza decoration, and...what is that poster on the right?

via: Youtube.com (Warner Bros.)

As Tim sits contemplating his life, we can see a Reshiram vs. Zekrom poster.

via: syracuse.com

And of course, the mouse of the hour in all his fuzzy glory.

Emolga and Audino

via: Youtube.com (Warner Bros.)

In this market-type area, we can see a group of Emolga perched on top of the left stall. On the bottom right, you can see the pink back of Audino. In the middle, a big red flower might be Venasaur. Also on the right are some very small Joltik, the yellow bugs next to the man with a blue shirt.

What Happened To Pancham And Squirtle?

via: Youtube.com (Warner Bros.)

Some poor trainers seem to have lost their Pancham and Squirtle. Here's the thing...

via: Youtube.com (Warner Bros.)

During the part where Tim and Pikachu are watching a cage fight (see the Rufflet?), the camera zooms in to see their reaction. If you pause just as the shot starts, you can see a Squirtle and Pancham. Hmm....

The cage fight also has one big cameo in Charizard.

via: polygon.com

This squad of Greninja also appears to be in fine fighting form.

via: Warner Bros.

Bulbasaur and Morelull

via: Youtube.com (Warner Bros.)

On the cuter side are Bulbasaur and Morelull from this shot.

Psyduck and Jigglypuff

via: Youtube.com (Warner Bros.)

Of course, they had to include these two favorites from the cartoon. We also get glimpses of Gengar as a balloon and a fight poster for Machamp vs. Primeape.


via: Youtube.com (Warner Bros.)

Well, so much for sleeping tonight...

Detective Pikachu will release on May 11, 2019.

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