What's The Deal With Cyberpunk 2077?

News of the upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 is everywhere these days. How has a game announced all the way back in May of 2012 gained so much traction over the past seven years? The reasons are varied, each adding a bit to the overall mood of excitement felt among fans to finally get their hands on the game in 2020.

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Features, Setting, Gameplay- All Promising Great Things

There is much to look forward too in the game. To begin, the thematic premise of the story is based upon a Role Playing Game (RPG) called Cyberpunk 2020 by Mike Pondsmith, first released in 1988. There, the word Cyberpunk is defined by the juxtaposition between futuristic advances in technological or scientific achievements and some degree of a breakdown or radical shift in the social order. Often, problems are then exacerbated by inequality in power, and politically charged in the sense of who has the power, and who does not.

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Pondsmith recently spoke on the inherent political themes that are unavoidable within the Cyberpunk genre. The constant message that echoes among the stories involves examining the current state of the world, and to then show the audience that this, “is a warning, not, ‘hey, this is going to be great.’”

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In this way, the setting is perfect for a type of Techno-noir story, set in a busy, futuristic city where the people within engage in rampant body augmentation, adding technological components to make them deadlier, stronger, or able to integrate themselves in a direct manner to other hardware systems.

In addition, the developers have recently revealed that players will have their choice of three unique starting origin stories through three characters: The Nomad, the Corpo, and the Street Kid. Little is known about exactly what each character will experience, but we at TheGamer have speculated about what to expect based on the characteristics associated with each name. In any case, the initial choice is enough to make fans excited.

Keanu Reeves - How To Do E3 Right

When it comes to marketing and making consumers aware of a product, sometimes the right spokesperson can add a boost of positive attention to an already anticipated project. At the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, more commonly known as E3, a new trailer was shown to an excited audience, revealing more information about the fascinating world.

At the end of the trailer, everyone was pleasantly surprised to see that an important character had been styled after the likeness of Keanu Reeves, who also does the voice acting, and then himself appeared on stage, sending the audience into hysterics while he presented new information about Cyberpunk 2077.

Hardly any time had passed when an audience member yelled to Keanu, “You’re breathtaking!” to which he replied when an enthusiastic “You’re breathtaking! You’re all breathtaking!” The subsequent reaction from the internet was one of unending admiration for a man already beloved for his wholesomeness and history of good behavior both on his film sets and off.

Even now, a month after the event, we are still catching glimpses of the “Breathtaking” meme on the internet.

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Legacy Of The Witcher 3 - Why CD Projekt Red Is So Beloved

Aside from the general anticipation for a game that looks interesting, and the added benefit of having Keanu Reeves hype up the game, there is one other point that is perhaps most important of all, which is that the developers of the game, CD Projekt Red, has a long history of doing right by their players.

Their last big project was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which concluded that series. By itself, the base game is considered a masterpiece in storytelling, gameplay, and has an enormous amount of content to get through. In addition, two expansions have been released titled Heart of Stone and later Blood and Wine. Each expansion is described as having enough content that they could have been an entirely separate game on their own, and players loved every bit of it.

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In addition, 16 other pieces of DLC were added for free on a weekly basis, further cementing in the minds of the players that CD Projekt Red could do no wrong as developers.

As Cyberpunk 2077 inches closer to its release, information has leaked or been outright given by developers indicating that this game will be as rich in content and story as The Witcher games. This is to say that it too is already shaping up to be one if not the best games released in 2020, so it is no wonder that fans are excited.

A Large Amount of Pre-Orders And GOG.com

Another reason that Cyberpunk 2077 has been in the news recently is due to its pre-orders. Sales so far have been good for the game, but more importantly it was revealed that one third were purchased directly through GOG, which is also known as Good Old Games, a popular website that sells games and is well known for its pro-consumer tendencies and a lack of restrictive DRM.

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The sales on the GOG platform is largely due to the fact that the game developer CD Projekt Red owns the platform, and the news is subsequently part of a larger discussion currently happening about where consumers purchase and play their games. Recently Steam, a gaming platform owned by company Valve, has seen intense competition from Epic Games to become the most popular consumer choice for where to play games. GOG appears to have a fairer revenue sharing split that either of the other companies, and that may be a talking point in the future as GOG attempts to capture more market share for itself.

The Hype Is Real - And Deserved

Over the next year leading up to the launch of the game and likely for months after, one can expect to see more and more news about Cyberpunk 2077. Hopefully all of it will remain positive, but so far we have no indication that it will be anything but a game made with passion and by a team that has already proven that it considers the player experience over all else.

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