What's With All The New Mobile MMO Titles?

Mobile platforms have seen a big rise in MMORPG titles as of late with upcoming releases like Warhammer Odyssey, Lineage 2 M, and Black Desert Mobile. Some gamers may be shocked by this recent inflation as the MMO genre has had a pretty poor track record on mobile in the past. So what's with all these new mobile titles?

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Previous Disappointments and New Mobile Advancements Are Opening Doors

Most MMORPG titles released on mobile have been pretty disappointing, cutting classic features like character customization, open-world, and battle strategy skill-building. That is until a few years ago when games like AdventureQuest 3D broke onto the scene, reintroducing concepts of customizable characters, a selection of playable class-roles, and cross-platform playability with friends.

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The MMO genre has seen mounting activity on mobile platforms since then, achieving reasonable success. New releases like Black Desert Mobile have even accomplished the feat of maintaining open-world gameplay and a slew of customization options, including skill selection. This allows for the sort of strategic battling that fans of MMORPGs adore.

With technology always on the rise, newer mobile devices are advancing to meet the grueling requirements of MMORPGs. These advancements have allowed for the newer MMO titles to incorporate detailed character builders and more immersive open-world experiences. It has even allowed for the implementation of strategic skill-building as opposed to simply leveling and upgrading equipment.

Fans have wanted a good MMO title on mobile platforms for years now and the frustration only grows with each title that flops. The new capabilities in technology make for an interesting opportunity to fulfill this demand, only perpetuated by the genre's previous failings on the mobile platform. It's easy money for any mobile MMO title that can meet the high customization and immersive gameplay standards. Fans of MMORPGs are among some of the most loyal gamers and they are more than willing to lay down big bucks for a game they deem worthwhile.

Times Are A-Changin'

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Times are ever a-changing and mobile advancements are constantly being made. It seems some developers had a keen sense of the changing tides and capitalized on the opportunity. Previous failures in the MMO mobile genre left an enterprising niche available to these opportunists who have taken full advantage as soon as the capabilities were at hand. Hopefully, this means fans can look forward to a wide selection of pocket-rendered MMO experiences in the near future.

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