Where Are They? 15 Most Wanted (Unannounced) PlayStation 4 Games

We’re already more than a fourth of the way through 2017, and you know what that means. E3 is right around the corner! With the first press conference due to air on June 11 via Xbox, what better time than to make a wish list of a bunch of unannounced games? For this article, I’ll be going through PS4 games specifically. Playing through the entire Kingdom Hearts series on the PS4 is awesome mainly because everything now exists on one console thus saving me the time and energy in plugging in an older console. In this vein, I would love to see a Metal Gear, or Final Fantasy collection, or even just a single remaster, or remake in a single game from those series.

In this regard it would have been easy to cheat and just list a bunch of other older games I wish would get remasters, remakes, or collections, but I put a little bit more time into this project. Instead, I briefly went through all six PlayStation consoles and handhelds to track down games that are deserving of a sequel. Most of the entries below only have one game, so you’re going to see a lot of twos in there and without a doubt, I can almost guarantee we’ll be at least seeing some of these wishes coming true during PlayStation’s E3 press conference. Even if I get one right, I’ll be happy especially if my number one pick comes up at any point. Confident hyping aside, let’s get to dreaming!

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14 Bloodborne 2

I took this screenshot while playing the game.

Prior to Bloodborne I dabbled in every single “Souls” game, liked them brutal difficulty and all, but there was always a breaking point for me plus everything felt the same aesthetically. You’re a knight going into a medieval area that branches off into other environments fighting all kinds of beasts.  I know that Bloodborne is technically more of that, but the setting had me more hooked than I thought possible. It’s essentially a reboot, or (more like) an evolution of the Castlevania franchise. There is much in Bloodborne that works flawlessly, even the faster combat emphasizes counters more than defense. The design of everything, the foreboding nature, and best of all the transforming weapons all spoke to me. It’s the only game in this genre that I’ve finished, and I’ve been eagerly anticipating a sequel ever since, or I guess a Castlevania game in this style.

13 The Evil Within 2

I took this screenshot while playing the game.

My enthusiasm for The Evil Within fluctuated. Trailers made it look like a spiritual successor to Resident Evil 4, but previews prior to launch and reviews post-launch made me feel differently. It’s not like it was completely panned, but opinions across the board were middling. Thankfully I still tried it out and loved it. The letterboxed ratio didn’t bother me, and I found that the combat, while nothing innovative, was just as good as Resident Evil 4. Setting it inside a world of dreams was an interesting approach to a video game. On that note: I can’t believe more games don’t do this. Dreams can give developers an easy excuse to create zany things that couldn’t happen in reality. The only other big one that comes to mind is Psychonauts, and that’s finally getting a sequel so how about The Evil Within as well, huh?

12 Until Dawn 2

I took this screenshot while playing the game.

Until Dawn was another horror game that came out of the blue and was a pleasant surprise after several delays. It’s a melding of modern story-driven adventure games like Heavy Rain infused with current trends in horror films. Playing it was a blast, and the choices legitimately mattered, altering which characters could die. The narrative can twist into completely new directions on a whim. Yes it is very linear, these choices in some form were illusions, it was ham-fisted, but it wore all these things on its sleeve to create a campy thrill ride like no other. Sony clearly wants to continue this series as they put its name on that VR game, Rush of Blood, even though it has nothing to do with Until Dawn really. Rush of Blood is a bad game even for a VR experience, but creating brand awareness will hopefully net us a sequel, so I’m all for it I guess.

11 Vanquish 2

Via GamesRadar

Vanquish is the perfect example of a game that reviewed highly, but sold poorly, which is one of the primary reasons why there hasn’t been a sequel. That and PlatinumGames tend to pride themselves on original ideas staying away from the sequel mentality. Do they not want to make sequels, or do they actually base their decisions on sales? Who knows, but the point is there could ideas floating around their headquarters for Vanquish 2. After all Bayonetta 2 was made thanks in apart to Nintendo’s efforts so Sony should step in, take a note from Nintendo, and help a beloved hidden gem get the sequel it so rightfully deserves. Who doesn’t want to return to a game that lets you powerslide around aliens and giant robots, slowing down time, while you shoot them to hell? No one that’s who!

10 Jak and Daxter Sequel

Via The Nerd Stash

Naughty Dog developed the first four games while other companies made the two PSP spinoffs. A series with six games is kind of miraculous next to other entries on this list and while it probably should have just ended at Jak III, there’s a reason why I want another game in this series. Crash Bandicoot and this franchise were good stepping-stones for Naughty Dog before they stepped up their game into more mature storylines with Uncharted and The Last of Us. That said taking everything they learned from those two technically and applying it to a new Jak and Daxter with a more cheery tone would be a good experiment for them. Can they go back, or are grit and realism the only thing Naughty Dog knows now?

9 PlayStation All-Stars Karting

Via The Wired Fish Network

Technically you could call this a sequel to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but it’s more like a riff on that idea combined with Mario Kart. There have been karting clones on Sony’s various consoles over the years including Crash Team Racing on PS1, but there has yet to be an assemble cast of PlayStation icons in one game aside from the aforementioned fighter. Like I said in my karting article, it’s amazing that other companies haven’t aped Nintendo’s idea. As cheap as it is to wish for I’d also love to see Capcom, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, and others attempt this cloning process as well. More kart racers would make me squeal with joy, but for the purposes of this entry, ahem, first let’s get Sony on board.

8 Infamous Sequel

Via GearNuke

Sucker Punch released Infamous Second Son in 2014, and their studio has been dark for three years now. They have to be working on something big right now, and while, like Naughty Dog, I would prefer them to create something new to push this industry forward I am also craving another open-world starring a superhuman. Not in a city though because that would be too boring. What if all the powered humans, or Conduits, escaped to a nature reserve, or just somewhere lush with trees? If it had to be in another city, though, I recommend going to a new country to make it feel fresher like say Japan and Tokyo. Aside from exploring small hubs like in Persona and Yakuza, there hasn’t been a game set in a Japanese city on the scale of a Grand Theft Auto, or in this case Infamous. The possibilities have me drooling already. Oh, dear Sucker Punch please be doing this.

7 Prince of Persia (2008) Sequel

Via Shacknews

I mentioned not liking the Prince of Persia franchise prior to this 2008 reboot in my adventures games better than Uncharted 4 feature. I’m going to sing its praises again here, so that Ubisoft hears me loud and clear. Bring back Prince of Persia! Assassin’s Creed basically took its place in their action adventure mindset, but now I think it’s high time to leap back since we were left on a cliffhanger. Two cliffhangers in fact! The original game was left off on a mystery that was resolved with paid DLC in one of the scummiest deals ever, and it wasn’t even worth the payoff. Elika leaves the Prince alone to look for her people, and that was it. Yeah, that was worth a $10 kick in the groin. Make good and actually give us a resolution in the form of a beautiful cel-shaded sequel already. Whatever you have to do — just get it done!

6 Metal Gear Rising 2

I took this screenshot while playing the game.

If Konami really does intend to continue the Metal Gear series, they should do it with Raiden in the form of Metal Gear Rising instead of screwing up Kojima’s timeline with Metal Gear Survive. Metal Gear Rising is its own self-contained story taking place after Metal Gear Solid 4, developed by PlatinumGames. Yes, another PlatinumGames entry may be overkill, but that’s exactly what Jack the Ripper is all about. I love this original game so much for going balls to the wall insane with its action, characters, and soundtrack. It’s marvelously done, and a sequel could help tidy up the few blemishes I had with it. In my ranking of Metal Gear article, it nearly got into my top five, but six is still pretty good too.

5 Syphon Filter Reboot

Via New Media Rockstars

One of my earliest memories that I can clearly recall is watching my brother play through Syphon Filter 2. The three PS1 games are all fantastic, but 2, in particular, is sublime. After the PS1 it sort of went downhill with a mediocre PS2 game that wanted to emphasize an online connection, in addition to two PSP games that while good, didn’t have the same energy as the original trilogy. There are plenty of spy games to tackle on PS4, but none Sony can call their own. For awhile I thought the developers at Sony Bend were going to announce a reboot based on rumors, but last year they unveiled Days Gone, which is yet another zombie game, instead. My heart died. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean Syphon Filter is truly dead because there are other capable developers out there and I desperately want to fry someone with a Taser to a blackened chunk in 4K.

4 Shadow of the Colossus 2

Via Giant Bomb

This is the only Fumito Ueda game I like. Ico had a solid idea of leading a girl through a dangerous environment, but controlling the boy through the castle, fighting off the darkness, and having to keep tabs on said girl was annoying. That pretty much summarizes my feelings on The Last Guardian as well. Shadow of the Colossus though is one of my favorite games of all time awkward jank and all. It’s the simplicity of it all that really draws me toward it and why, above the other two games, I think it deserves a sequel. Boiling it down to its roots Shadow of the Colossus isa boss rush with some exploratory elements. This idea of climbing and vanquishing giant foes is too good of a concept to let go. While creating a sequel would defeat the narrative purpose of the original, there are ways to make another game without upsetting that balance in the form of a spiritual sequel, or something. What about Darkness of the Giants, or Silhouette of the Titans? Save your applause for later.

3 Onimusha Reboot

Via Den of Geek

Nioh has made it even more possible for an Onimusha revival now that interest in demons and samurai are at an all time high. While that game is more like a samurai “Souls” game, Onimusha was and is a samurai Resident Evil, but the horror aspects are shared in both. I can’t believe we live in a world with seemingly hundreds of Resident Evil while Capcom’s other horror franchises, like Onimusha and Dino Crisis, got abandoned with just a handful of titles. Both of those two series have gotten enough of a break deserving of a reboot, but to be clear I want Onimusha more. That way when Resident Evil does come back, it’ll feel special again as I somewhat said recently in another list of series I want dead.

2 Final Fantasy Warriors

Via Final Fantasy Wiki

Speaking of... I also wanted to abandon Final Fantasy even though it’s one of my three favorite franchises. Like Resident Evil there are just too many nauseating spinoffs; it’s hard to keep track of everything even though some of them, like last year’s World of Final Fantasy, are great. Well, I’m going to contradict myself because if I did have the power to create a Final Fantasy spinoff it’d be a spinoff, of a spinoff. Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have been churning out Dynasty Warriors games since the 90s, and it was only until a few years ago that they started making spinoffs based on other video games including Dragon Quest Heroes and Hyrule Warriors. These games are a secret favorite of mine as they’re amazing co-op experiences that make all the faults just wither away. So if Dragon Quest gets a shot, Final Fantasy should too. It’s as simple as that.

Darksiders III

I took this screenshot while playing the game.

This is another game on the list that has ended on a cliffhanger. It’s hard to say what the original vision for Darksiders was upon creation, but given that Darksiders and Darksiders II each star a different Horseman of the Apocalypse well it’s not hard to guess the developers want to make at least four games. The first Darksiders was very Zelda-like, while the second had a more combat and loot-heavy approach. Planning any game with four in mind can be tricky, and I’m surprised/glad that we at least have two games, but this story is not done yet. God willing if we at least get a third let’s make that rider a female and make it a third-person action adventure shooter sort of like Uncharted. Hopefully, those remasters of one and two have drummed up enough money and interest to make Darksiders III a possibility.

1 Mega Man Legends 3

Via Jovem Nerd

Waiting for a new Darksiders, or Prince of Persia pales in compression to the seventeen years I’ve been waiting for Mega Man Legends 3. Seventeen! When last we left our hero, Mega Man Trigger was stranded on a moon with both his friends and arch enemies working together on a plan to bring him back. As the years raged on my heart was finally renewed with hope when Mega Man Legends 3 was announced for the 3DS in 2010 only to then be canceled a year later. Capcom has been on my shit list ever since even though they’ve made some amazing games in the time between. Like they did with Street Fighter V, Sony should collaborate with Capcom to finally put this dream to bed. If you haven’t played one, or two yet and have no idea why I and other fans love this series so much then put all other games on hold, buy both games on PSN, and enjoy the experiences on your PS Vita, or PS3. Our fan base must grow if we’re ever to save Trigger from the moon!

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