Where To Find The Secret Logo Hiding In Overwatch, Spider-Man, Halo, And More (And What It Means)

There's a logo you've probably seen in dozens of different games and either not noticed or not realized what you were looking at.

Easter eggs have been a part of video games for almost as long as video games have been around. Little items or discoveries that aren't normally linked to the game's main storyline or arc, but are pretty satisfying should you stumble upon them. Developers normally slip them in there to please the more avid gamer, those who are looking for a little extra.

There is normally a link between the easter egg and the game in some way, obviously, but not usually a direct one. It could be as simple as something like a toy or a photo from another game in the same universe showing up. It might even be a little something from a completely different game created by the same developers. What we don't often see is an easter egg in a game relating to a title that has no link to it whatsoever.


Which is why we were so surprised when we first heard about Greentooth. Chances are even if you have never heard of Greentooth, you will have seen it on multiple occasions. The trouble is, you probably wouldn't have even acknowledged it. If you did, you almost definitely wouldn't have committed it to memory as, despite the fact it has appeared in literally dozens of games, it has no real link to any of them.

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Greentooth is the official logo of a website called Polycount. As pointed out by Polygon, Polycount is an online community of 3D artists that helps those in the industry improve on their craft, connect with each other, and build up a portfolio. A great many 3D artists who are a part of the Polycount community have worked on some pretty big video game titles. Hence the appearance of Greentooth in a multitude of games despite them being created by rival developers.

In some instances, the artists who have meticulously hidden Greentooth in a game will point out the logo to other members. We imagine that's the case if the game has been out for a while and no one has picked up on it. It's no surprise if and when that does happen though, as even though the Greentooth logo is usually hidden in plain sight, they can be quite difficult to find. The hope is that a fellow community member will be the one to find it and post it on Polycount's ever-increasing list of games where Greentooth has made a cameo.

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So where might you have seen Greentooth? Well, the earliest recorded sighting to date was in Battlefield 3, all the way back in 2011. Since then, the logo has appeared in countless titles including Spider-Man, Overwatch, The Sims 4, The Division, and Wolfenstein: The New Order. Like we said, almost everyone reading this will have seen it, but probably not even realized what they were looking at.


Greentooth has started to become synonymous with punk and anarchy due to a couple of recent appearances. Whether that was ever the intended message or not, its showing up in Spider-Man certainly makes it come across that way. If you've unlocked and taken Spidey's Punk suit for a spin, you will have seen Greentooth. It shows up as a small badge on the web-slinger's denim jacket.

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As more and more gamers discover the existence of Greentooth, we may begin to notice it pop up in even more games. Polycount told Polygon that Greentooth is free to all developers should they want to use the logo in a game, and that it actively encourages its use. The only sticking point it has is if someone were trying to use the logo to create physical items in order to make a profit. However, Polycount has not encountered any issues in that arena thus far.


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