20 Whisper Confessions From Gamer Girlfriends

For the uninitiated, Whisper is a social media app that launched back in March 2012, allowing users to post anonymous confessions that could be seen around the world. Confessions range from the mundane act of picking one's own nose to more outrageous acts such as cheating on one's spouse with one of their co-workers. While it may be seen as a way to get feedback for someone's own malicious actions that would typically be seen as not socially acceptable, it's also a huge form of entertainment for others.

Anyone has access to the Whisper app, and that includes plenty of females who are either gamers themselves or are dating other hardcore gamers. These gamer girlfriends are ready to tell it like it is whether it's venting about their boyfriends, confessing how they wish to seek revenge on a cheating boyfriend, or admit to some pretty interesting actions in the sack. With the anonymity of the social media, these girls are willing to show how they really feel about games, dating and s*x life, and simply being a girl gamer. With that said, here are twenty confessions that these gamer girlfriends are willing to share with the world... as long as their true identity is covered up, that is.

20 You May Want To Give Your Other Joystick Some Attention

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It's easy to get wrapped up in a video game, especially after purchasing the latest Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, or MMORPG expansion, but that doesn't necessarily mean that your gamepad joystick is the only one you should be touching. It seems like that in many relationships, it is typically the male who is constantly hounding the girl to do it, but that does not seem to be necessarily true, as the roles seem to be reversed in this relationship. While most men would love to date a girl with a high drive, this anonymous Whisper user claims that her boyfriend has practically no drive at all. Unfortunately for this gamer's girlfriend, her high drive may be left unsatisfied for some time as her partner seems to be more interested in his Xbox. Personally, I suggest role playing and bringing the game to bed.

19 Are Girls Allowed In Man Caves? Asking For A Friend

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It's one thing to date someone who is also a gamer, but to actually date someone who even plays the same type you do? That's pretty much hitting the jackpot! This gamer girl doesn't just want a gamer boyfriend who plays the same games, however. She also wants to build her own "man cave" that she can game in. While I'm not sure it necessarily needs to be called a "man cave," the idea of a 60 inch flat screen with all your available video game systems hooked up to it is the ideal room to satisfy anyone's gaming needs. While "man caves" are typically seen as a room for the guy to get away and do... well, man things, the idea of dating someone who loves the "man cave" for all the same reasons you do sounds like the perfect catch.

18 If Only We All Had Mothers Like This Growing Up

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We've all been there at one point or another growing up. We've entered a cutscene that couldn't be skipped, traveled far away from a save point, or played a game online that simply couldn't be paused only to hear our mothers beckoning us from the other room, completely unaware of the importance of manning our gaming stations. Regardless, upcoming generations of gamers may be in luck as gaming no longer feels like it's exclusive entirely to one gender. Gamer girls today are going to grow up to understand why maybe their children aren't always accessible at a moment's notice, having grown up with games themselves. Whoever ends up being the kids of these gamer girlfriends sure are lucky!

17 Cosplay Isn't Just For Gamers!

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Sure, not all male gamers are lucky enough to get a girl who has the same interests as him, yet there's still a lot to be said about a girl who is willing to show interest in her boyfriend's hobbies. Even though this Whisper user may not be particularly excited by the idea of gaming, she's willing to support her boyfriend's hobbies and is willing to participate in them. Even if someone isn't necessarily a gamer, it goes without saying that dressing up in cosplay and costumes is something that will probably never go out of style. The best part about dating someone that is willing to cosplay with you? All of the couple cosplay options, which is enough to make other cosplayers totally jealous. Sora and Kairi? Master Chief and Cortana? The possibilities are pretty much endless!

16 Hopefully There Is Someone Attractive Under That Helmet

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We've all crushed on a fictional character at one point or another, or at the very least wondered why such a seemingly perfect person didn't exist in the real world. While video games are very familiar to a pretty face and an attractive body, this gamer girl admits that she has a crush on the one and only Master Chief from the Halo series, sparking a bit of jealousy in her actual boyfriend. Admittedly, it is somewhat baffling as to why she's crushing on someone whose face we've yet to see in the Halo franchise and is more of a stoic warrior rather than a guy teeming with personality. Maybe it's his gruff voice? Or perhaps it's his tall stature? Either way, this girl has a thing for a guy in full body armor and a boyfriend who probably shouldn't get so jealous over a fictional character.

15 This Girl Is Either Forgetful Or...

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There's absolutely nothing more embarrassing than screaming the wrong name during intimate moments, and that includes both parties. But screaming someone's Xbox Live gamertag during it? That's a whole other thing completely. Listen, I get it. We've all met someone online and without knowing their real name right away, their gamertags can become engraved in our minds. It is an easy slip up, for sure, but it is hard to imagine someone screaming out a name like "Transc3ndantOgre" or "xXIronProphetXx" in the moment of pleasure. But for all we know, maybe this is a completely normal thing in this particular relationship and it is just another form of roleplay. The real question is whether or not her boyfriend does the same thing.

14 Cheating Comes In Many Forms

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There are a few things that are overall questionable about this gamer girl's actions. Did she meet her boyfriend before or after she was already uploading YouTube videos with someone else? What does she have to be embarrassed about? Is there more to her relationship with this other person? Where can we find these videos? Either way you slice it, keeping secrets from your significant other is never the best idea, especially since the internet has its own unique way of exposing everything you try to keep secret anyway. It is unclear whether or not she's embarrassed about being a huge advocate of gaming or the fact that she is making these videos with someone else, but either way, it's unfair to keep secrets like that from her boyfriend.

13 Someone Just Lost Out On A Lot Of Game Time

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Everyone wants their significant other to have the same interests as them. That's half the fun of dating! Yet in this particular scenario, it may have been better for this girl's boyfriend to get her into a multiplayer game. This Whisper user's boyfriend decided to try and get his girlfriend into one of his favorite video game franchises, yet probably to his surprise, she ended up liking it a bit too much. With multiple God of War games and another one coming up soon for PlayStation 4, it doesn't seem like this girl's boyfriend is going to be getting his controller back any time soon. It may be in her boyfriend's best interest to get his girlfriend a new PlayStation as an early Christmas present. That is if he wants to get any time in with Kratos without his girlfriend monopolizing the television.

12 Finish Her!

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We're all familiar with the fatalities from the long running Mortal Kombat series and the iconic phrase "Finish Him/Her!" right before ending the battle with a devastating final attack, yet this couple takes the game's iconic match's finale to a whole new level. I can only imagine what it's like for someone to scream "Mortal Kombat!" At the top of their lungs in the middle of intercourse for a group of people in the next room to scream "Finish her!" Why does this girl's boyfriend invite his friends over in the first place if he's just going to ditch them to go do it with his girlfriend in the next room over? To each their own, I suppose, yet strangely enough, this Whisper user admits to totally being into it. Even though Mortal Kombat is no stranger to graphic imagery, this is one fatality we probably won't ever see in the series.

11 This Girl Is Savage AF


While this particular confession is likely talking about Pokémon Go rather than the actual handheld games (since you transfer them to the Professor in Pokémon Go and release Pokémon in the handheld games), there's still nothing more savage than taking over someone's video game and erasing all their progress as a means of revenge. While I normally wouldn't condone this kind of behavior, in this particular case, the guy totally had it coming and got what he deserved. So a special PSA out there to all the guys out there: don't cheat on your girlfriend. You're a scumbag if you do and you may be unlucky enough to be dating a girl who will be more than happy to get her revenge on you... and you will totally deserve it.

10 Simply A Gamer

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When using the term "gamer girl," it is easy for a particular image to cross a guy's mind: a scantily clad, attractive female who plays video games. This particular girl is sick of the stigma that "gamer girls" carry and wishes to just simply be called a gamer as she does not represent the stereotype that some gamer girls tend to follow. While there's nothing wrong with Twitch streamers or YouTubers branding themselves by showing a little cleavage (what can we say, really... it sells), this girl wishes to simply be called a "gamer." Besides, while female gamers might be more of a rare breed than male gamers, we don't call male gamers "gamer guys." At the end of the day, we are all just simply gamers and gender really shouldn't be something that identifies us as a whole.

9 It's Time To Pull Out A Second Controller

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It is rather interesting to see a couple who has similar interests with one another, but does not partake in sharing said interest. While gaming can often times be a solitary thing as many games are single player or only playable online rather than utilizing a split-screen function, it still seems like two gamers would be a great match and have a lot to do with one another. This isn't the case for this gamer girlfriend as her boyfriend seems to completely ignore or avoid playing games with his girlfriend, something that most male gamers would love to do with their girlfriends. Is it because the boyfriend likes to play alone? Do the two maybe have different interests in video games? Obviously, his girlfriend wants to spend time with him and gaming is a fantastic way to do so. Hopefully, the two can resolve the issue and they find some common ground as far as gaming goes.

8 Should Have Dumped Him A Year Ago...

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Once again, another girl falls victim to a guy cheating on her and unfortunately for her, her boyfriend's cheating lasted a full year. While no one has really written a rule big on how to deal with a mate's infidelity, most people can probably agree that revenge is a safe bet? While we already looked at a girl who transferred all her ex-boyfriend's Pokémon over to the professor, this girl makes that look like child's play. Obviously, her ex-boyfriend's Xbox was one of his most coveted possessions if this was the first thing she thought of destroying. The icing on the cake? She threw her ex-boyfriend's Xbox right off their apartment balcony onto his BMW, probably causing quite a pretty penny in repairs and most likely destroying his gaming console. Maybe next time, he won't decide to cheat on his girlfriend.

7 I Would Walk 500 Miles

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Dating certainly has its challenges, but no one probably knows this more than a couple who is in a long distance relationship. Dating is difficult enough as it is, but when you through 500 miles in between you and significant other, a whole new set of hurdles appear that need to be overcome. This girl met her boyfriend playing a game online on PlayStation and whatever game it was, it allowed chemistry to spark between the two, eventually evolving into a long distance relationship. Yet this gamer girlfriend has some reservations about telling people about her relationship and understandably so. Not all people understand long distance relationships and furthermore probably understand relationships stemming from meeting someone online even less. While not everyone may understand the relationship between her and her boyfriend, hopefully she finds the courage to explain her relationship openly without any judgement.

6 Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight

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Nothing is more frustrating than dating someone who plays a different console than you. You can't swap games with one another, you can't play online together, and you'll probably never know what the other is talking about when it comes to console exclusives. This gamer girlfriend admits that she is an Xbox user while her boyfriend is a PlayStation user... she also seems to hate the Twilight movies, as she claims that her relationship is still a better love story than Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's relationship, referencing the meme that gained popularity, mocking the two lead characters of the Twilight films and books. While I can't really speak for someone dealing with the differences between dating a sparkling vampire while being a human, I can certainly express how difficult it is having an important person in you're life who clearly chose the wrong gaming console. Thankfully, love has prevailed over their differences in this relationship!

5 It Might Be Easier To Admit To Your Hobby...

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It's a rare occurrence that the guy in the relationship has little interest in video games while the girl turns out to be the hardcore gamer of the two. According to this Whisper user's anonymous message, she claims that she fears her boyfriend judging her for playing video games. Due to this fear, we can assume her boyfriend likely isn't a huge gamer and that his girlfriend likely feels like there is something to be ashamed of because of it, waiting for her boyfriend to pass out so she can get some time in with her video games while he is asleep. Quite frankly, I think she should just own her hobby like the gamer that she is and stop worrying what her boyfriend... or anyone, for that matter thinks of her. She already owns a PlayStation, so he likely knows about her secret hobby anyway. Time to embrace it!

4 Why It's Important To Level Up Stealth

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Breakups are messy. They certainly are never as easy as they should be, yet arguably one of the most difficult things about a breakup isn't dealing with the string of emotions and baggage that follows afterwards; it is getting all your stuff back! This gamer girlfriend, or gamer ex-girlfriend I should say left her Xbox at her ex-boyfriend's place. For whatever reason, she didn't feel comfortable asking for it back or he simply refused to give it back to her. So what other option did she have left? Obviously, she had to sneak into her ex's house and steal her Xbox back! Luckily for her, she had practiced stealth plenty of times in Skyrim, able to sneak in and out of her boyfriend's home without him knowing and was able to successfully retrieve what was rightfully hers. Sneak level 100 indeed!

3 A Siren's Song

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Some game achievements are more difficult than others and some of these difficult achievements often pertain to playing online either cooperatively or competitively. In this girl's relationship, playing games online with her boyfriend is a somewhat mutual affair, but not in the way you would suspect. Rather than playing with her boyfriend online herself, her boyfriend uses her female voice to lure unsuspecting players across the internet acting as a Siren, with the hope of seducing them into helping him get achievements. While the boyfriend plays online, the girl is chatting it up with random guys over the headset, leading her boyfriend to an easy victory. For whatever it's worth, this gamer girlfriend seems highly amused that her boyfriend has her do this and is more than willing to help her boyfriend in need... even though he is practically pimping her out for online points.

2 Best. Weekend. Ever.

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This almost seems like the perfect relationship, spending the weekend having water gun fights, adult endeavors, and playing Xbox. It is certainly an action packed weekend for sure, and I say kudos for these two finding one another to partake in such fun weekend shenanigans. Admittedly, this Whisper user's confession raises some questions. Doing it in every room of the house... while he was playing Xbox? I'm confused. Was it taking place while he was battling the Flood in Halo? Or did he settle for helping Marcus Fenix save Sera afterwards? Did the Xbox make its way into every room as well? I mean, that certainly seems like a lot of unplugging and plugging back in just to play your Xbox in each individual room. Either way, we can only hope upcoming weekends are just as action packed for her in the future!

1 That's One Way To Get His Attention

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It's pretty easy to get so heavily involved with a video game to the point that you eventually start to ignore the world around you. Especially when playing games online and wearing a headset at the same time, it may be difficult to get a gamer's attention. Unfortunately for this girl's boyfriend (or fortunately? You decide!), his significant other is willing to resort to drastic measures when simply calling his name to get his attention just isn't going to do the trick. This gamer's girlfriend seems to have a particularly difficult time getting her boyfriend's attention when he's heavily absorbed into a gaming session. Her method? She just goes right up to her boyfriend and sits on his face. Hopefully, his kill ratio didn't suffer too much in the process.

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